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Kannei | 03-04-14, 11:00 AM
vomic- seiyuu fanclub!

would you like to join us ?

ReinaSatou | 06-10-13, 12:50 AM
i just buy a DVD of anime called Guilty Crown and i found it so amazing ^^
and i listen to all of its song..but this song is the most amazing.. :D
can i wish on you? can you sing this song like you uploaded on youtube..i think its suites you this was like you are the one who sing this :)

ReinaSatou | 06-04-13, 2:16 AM
ohh i heard this movie before but i dont watch it..well ok if you say so i will watch it :)

the word in the first picture was June then the others are July, August and September :)
the picture represent the weather here but in the 3rd photo i dont know :D
in the last photo i think it says that school in september because in september the school here all resume after the summer vacation :)

ReinaSatou | 06-04-13, 2:12 AM
ohh that was need a sleep too :)

ohh i see..well i just hope that relation between you will be fine :)
dont say like you are not you know that every friend is important even you dont really talk to her or have arguments..the best memories are from those time that you are with your friends :)
well it is just concern with you two :)

ohh..why is it like that? here many boys are rude..i dont like them :D
nice cosplay! ohh..the girls love you :D
haha..why? you are a girl and you should be..i like you the way you are :)

uhm well in the game..not much..i just do BG and do Nexus to buy things for weapon..i was too bored with my berserker character because i am not very well good in tera japan i played sorcerer and archer but i try berserker in tera europe..i dont know why :D

well i play Dragon Nest before but i dont like it..also i played Chocolateto Land, Bravely Default and Arad Senki but i found Tera more interesting so it is the game i played now

ReinaSatou | 06-01-13, 8:37 AM
Yes i do miss you a lot ^^
I just hope that all of your requirements in your university will done! :)
ohh i also have 2nd character name Hatsumiko and she is a sorcerer ^^

Ohh why what happen? It makes me feel really sad if i read a news like that :(
I love you both..i dont want to have an arguments to each other..i the arguments between you and Naruko be fix..i dont want to see both of you like that :(

Yeah make a takoyaki is just very simple^^
ohh i want to taste the sushi you make :D
Yes i will recommend you some sometimes ^^

Ahh i is your job :)
Dont mind them..but do not make them so rude to you
Here we have many good people too ^^
but sometimes they are rude..almost all boys are rude

ReinaSatou | 05-31-13, 2:40 AM
ohh yes, i do miss you a lot! (´>∀<`)
ohh i see..i just missed playing with you (;′Д`)
but i always play with Naruko and we do Nexus was so fun! i really dont do chat when in nexus but with Naruko it is so fun..if you were there too it will be so much fun! (´>∀<`)
oh i know that game :) but i dont have that.. :D

i am just fine as always..i just have a little cold but i am fine..i dont really go out because the of rain with strong wind sometimes..i just make a takoyaki when raining because im bored :D
how about you? how are you right now? ( ˆᴗˆ )

ReinaSatou | 05-30-13, 4:25 AM
i miss you so much! ( ˆᴗˆ )

ReinaSatou | 05-07-13, 8:39 AM
Here is he..he is looking at you :)

ReinaSatou | 05-04-13, 8:43 PM
Aww..Edo is so cute <3

ReinaSatou | 04-27-13, 5:29 AM
this is my dog Moko :)
He is saying hello to you :)

ReinaSatou | 04-23-13, 5:59 AM
hello Oshiirion-san! :)

ReinaSatou | 04-22-13, 10:21 AM
私も嬉です (*^_^*)

ReinaSatou | 04-22-13, 9:40 AM
Arigatougozaimasu 「ありがとうございます」 (^^♪

taka_aya | 12-24-12, 3:52 AM

Wesołych Świąt!

yuzu-san | 03-05-10, 5:05 AM
bedziesz na magni?^w^

xOlciq | 09-03-09, 9:22 AM
Łaaa! Nareszcie wzięłaś się za uzupełnienie profilu 8D teraz w końcu wiem jakie serie oglądałaś i w ogóle xD
a poza tym co słychać? ^o^

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