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Pxi2 | 05-02-14, 3:18 PM
Are you a boy?

Buria | 05-01-14, 7:56 AM
Happy B-day !!! :D

snuffless | 05-01-14, 7:56 AM
happy birthday ^^

Kari-Haruka | 12-07-13, 3:06 AM
I'm now using Shiina Mashiro :3

Oh and I've stolen all the cookies from you again :P

LisaMona | 12-06-13, 6:02 PM
Glad you were able to find some! ^^ I'm happy to lend a recommendation if you're ever in need~

the-black-knight | 11-18-13, 9:18 AM
Hi Miss Kisses its nice 2 meet u im the black knight *bows*

Zelot | 11-13-13, 6:47 PM
Our compatibility rating went up!

Navizel | 11-07-13, 12:35 PM
Late reply orz

Actually, I'm a Filipino. I'm just currently living in Canada atm.

Can't remember the name of my avatar but I'm pretty sure that it's from the game Pop n' Music

Saybarnet | 11-06-13, 10:03 AM
Idk...random comment ! LOL

Alter_Entity | 11-06-13, 7:08 AM
Yo, you have quite a funny about me section :-) haha

Saybarnet | 11-05-13, 10:51 AM
i see what your doing over there ! stop that !

lVlOON | 11-05-13, 10:48 AM
Doesn't your cellphone, computer time, change the time automatically? That's how I knew something was up. I got to stay online for an extra hour :) Oh, how about this? If you want my opinion, you can upload the pics and I can rank them. Well, I kinda got spoiled by wiki, so I find out about some things about Sena :x We should encourage each other not to be so lazy! lol.

Haha, I know, I got that charm (; You can tell I'm quite the ladies man lmao. Yeah, I know what you mean. I never complained when I was little. I thought the animation was amazing. But that's how it is for everything. Can you imagine using a CD Player in today's day? I would look silly walking around with that lol. I still think Sailor Moon, which I'm watching right now has great animation for its time. The characters are so much more carefree in the earlier days. It brings back memories watching these classics. But its okay, bring out your jokes! Haha, I wanna hear you rant about how much you hate these cheap animations xD

Haha, nothing admirable about it! I should be studying actually haha. Been procrastinating non-stop. Story of my life lol :| Are you in college? Btw, what happened to your profile? I was gonna check it out again, but instead I get the "Too lazy to update" message :[ Aha yeah, tumblr makes anime look so good. SnK had one of the most epic gifs. I don't even have a tumblr and I end up going through countless pictures and gifs.

Oh, are you not supposed to drink any dairy products? Well thank god I didn't drink any milk!! I feel a lot better know, thanks :D I actually prayed last night, "God, let me get better. I'm skipping class tomorrow, but I wanna watch anime. It's been tough not enjoying anime cuz I'm sick." LOL, one of my random, silly prayers hahah. They work though! Ah, that sounds fun! I would ask you if I could see some pics, but you might find me weird for asking lmao. But looking young isn't necessarily bad. I wanna look younger for a change. I think my bad health over the past few years made me look a lot older. Being young forever is never a bad thing, so cheer up buddy xD 5'3 isn't short! That's an ideal height for a girl imo. Well, I would want my gf in the future to be around 5'3 or 5'4 haha. I'm not so tall myself :p

How are you doing btw? I hope all is well~ And don't worry about the late replies. That really sucks though. Didn't you lose motivation after the first few times? LOL. I would just slam my laptop and call it quits after failing multiple times. I suggest after typing your response, you copy or cut what you wrote. That way if you get disconnected due to your Internet or MAL, you can still paste it once everything is settled. Or in the worst case, type your response on Microsoft Word or something o.o lmao.

lVlOON | 11-04-13, 2:05 PM
Hahah I had a feeling this would happen. Long comments take forever to respond to >.< lol. Well, take your time~

Inflaze | 11-04-13, 5:10 AM
Thanks so much!

Yeah, Biribiri is awesome! I love the Railgun & Index series! I'm still looking for ways to improve this design though, some people's designs are really cool!

llPhantom | 11-03-13, 2:37 PM
Shiroku✰Highschool is starting the new term!

Dear member of Shiroku✰Highschool,

It has certainly been a long time since the club was last active. We all know that those
times weren't that pleasant as we watched the club drifting into a deep sleep.
However, summer vacation for the students is over and the school has reawakened to greet
the start of a new term. This new term will provide a fresh new start for both old and new
students alike. Enjoy your school life once more and click the blue sentence above!

We all look forward to role-playing with you!

- The Community of Shiroku✰Highschool

Don_Don_Kun | 11-03-13, 1:39 PM
During the past year or so, I just happened to go on a huge anime watching binge and completed around 300+ titles. Wouldn't recommend it, since one tends to get burned out after that, but what happened happened. :3

Haha, I know the feeling. When I see people who have completed over 1000 anime, I basically think the same thing. :O

Cleaye | 11-03-13, 11:56 AM
296?! You watched all of them? O:

I sure wanna visit Japan! And i wanna speak japanese sooooo badly O: Also i think i wouldn't mind living there ^^

subpyro | 11-03-13, 11:14 AM
Meh, I cannot decide which PP to have at all. :/
I'll keep the Lollipop Girl for some time now, I guess. ;)

Haha, thanks. :P
Gotta love them both~

Don_Don_Kun | 11-03-13, 8:43 AM
Hehe, thanks!

I guess I have watched quite a bit over the years. Probably why I'm slowing down now.

subpyro | 11-03-13, 4:51 AM
I wonder why are all the Sena profile pictures around so amazing. *__*
Funny and cute About Me, btw. :P

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