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chisaihoshi | 06-28-12, 5:25 AM

Arinya | 05-03-12, 4:19 AM

visenna | 12-17-11, 11:43 AM
hi, there are a few episodes on youtube, for ex. here:

Dr-Faust | 12-15-11, 8:50 AM
~הולך לפינה לבכות~
יותר טוב ככה?

Dr-Faust | 12-14-11, 9:52 AM
הו זה הרבה זמן היה במועדפים
משום מה הורדתי את זה
טוב נו לא נורא @___@

Dr-Faust | 12-13-11, 9:32 AM
@___@ כי זה יותר כיף מצד אחד
מצד שני

Dr-Faust | 12-13-11, 2:15 AM
oh a women that has the one piece ova in her fav
thats rare

anissinakeiko | 02-03-11, 10:46 AM
did you read "crimson spell" by yamane ayano? it's a GREAT mangá^^ one of my favorits :P

Bara_Rock | 12-31-10, 5:54 AM

To find your card press CTRL+F & type your name.

jackdevils | 09-09-10, 5:35 AM
Please join and invite your friends!

Eryx | 07-15-10, 4:20 AM
Hello.. :)
Just want to ask where did you watch Koisuru Boukun? Was it subbed?

tabiglows | 06-21-10, 12:32 PM
BoKu Kimi subs are out! YAY!
I posted jdramas community link at the club but if you can't see the post tell me and I'll pm you the links.
I just finished watching the movie and I loved it. Actors were great and everything. Although there's one thing I'm not happy with. I won't tell you anything more! Watch it!
Enjoy bye bye!

Emiey | 04-24-10, 2:39 PM
Hi! We have a lot of manga in common. ^^

AnticCMiku | 01-12-10, 1:23 AM
Your welcome^^

AnticCMiku | 01-10-10, 11:24 AM
The Love & sex manga is pretty good. Has a lot of smut in it.
And REN-AI SHIJOU SHUGI has a lot of smut and sexual harassment in it.
Both of them are pretty good.

AnticCMiku | 01-09-10, 9:25 AM
No smut in Skip beat. There are acouple os kiss scenes, but the only kiss with the main character so far is a kiss with her (rival?) and a kiss on the cheek by the other main character. Though there was on sexualharassment scene too.

I´ll send you an club invitation^^

AnticCMiku | 01-09-10, 6:09 AM
It is definetely worth too start reading Skip beat.
The first 3 chapetrs are so so but then the story becomes great.
It´s one of my favorite manga now^^
I love Mars and W-juliet. I even have an W-Juliet club that I made last week. So far only five members but thats probably becuase I haven't sent out that many invitations yet.

AnticCMiku | 01-08-10, 6:24 AM

Things we hav in common:
Music: YUI, Orange Range (Love them)

Books: Harry Potter series (Read them 7 times each)

Dramas: I have watched Kimi wa petto, Hana Kimi, Romantic princess, Mei-chan no shitsuji and prince of tennis from all of your dramas on your profile.

We share 25 animes and 44 mangas.

Eryx | 12-31-09, 4:39 AM

Eryx | 12-31-09, 4:38 AM
yay.!! me too, i just became a yaoi fan this year.. :D

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