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marmar04 | 07-01-08, 4:35 AM
Also all Marines bitch... It's the ones that don't you gotta watch out for.

Also hurry up and leave for boot already... I wanna make fun of someone that's hating life more than I am right now.

marmar04 | 07-01-08, 4:31 AM
Doing nothing... absolutely nothing. Getting a laptop as soon as the Marine Corps decides to pay me... If they ever do. They think I'm volunteering my time or something.

marmar04 | 06-28-08, 3:36 PM
Nice fucking variety in your fav characters too...

marmar04 | 06-28-08, 3:34 PM

Sandbar | 06-26-08, 3:27 AM
Oooh, sorry I only just noticed you requesting to add me as a friend. I wasn't trying to be unfriendly or ignore you. lol - I hope we can still be friends. :-) I don't get on here much, but I do occasionally just to update my anime list.

Cheers dude. See you online sometime!

NomadicWriter | 06-24-08, 2:25 AM
gaooo gaooo gaoooooooooooooooooooo

NomadicWriter | 06-20-08, 11:17 PM

Sandbar | 06-08-08, 12:34 PM
Hi there! Just wanted to say hello to a familiar face!
I'm still finding my way around here. But it's good.

smetske | 06-03-08, 4:15 AM
Gah, I'm at school... So bored ;( The teacher wants to correct our tests, but it's just plain HTML... How's you? I'm making up from marmar's comment you're leaving us soon? When's that? :O
I'll miss you ;<
xD See you soon! ^^

marmar04 | 05-31-08, 10:47 PM
Semper Fi! Here's hoping you get stationed in Iwakuni or Okinawa as part of the air wing! :drink:

marmar04 | 05-31-08, 10:38 PM
Oohra poolie! Pretty soon you'll be hating life! Switch to reserves before it's too late!

marmar04 | 05-29-08, 9:35 PM

NomadicWriter | 05-18-08, 9:20 PM
RAWR *steals cookies*

Kurdy | 05-15-08, 8:19 PM
Heyyyy! Im the 3rd "person" to comment :o sup man.. lets play some StepMania soon :)

NomadicWriter | 05-15-08, 7:11 AM
YAY Value has entered the MAL world!! and you put up your Avi!

Merleawe | 05-15-08, 6:22 AM
and i get to be your second comment!!!! (but i don't like the one that took the first comment from me. -.-) welcome to MAL!!!!

NomadicWriter | 05-15-08, 6:08 AM
Rawr! i get to be your first comment *glomps*

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