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HatandClogs | 05-25-11, 9:31 AM
Diego Brando?

HatandClogs | 05-16-11, 1:57 PM
Joseph Joestar versus King Bradley. They fight on the top of the Flying Pussyfoot. Bradley has all five swords.

TheSubtleDoctor | 05-16-11, 7:47 AM
So, this is an interesting question.

In this story, it's the Empire for me, no contest. Essentially all of the most fascinating characters (bar Wenli) and the most intriguing storylines are on that side of the fence. I also am a fan (in fictional stories, mind you) of much the ethos of the Empire: the nobility, the flourishing of the arts, hierarchy, etc.

However, if the question is do I prefer democracy or aristocracy/autocracy in terms of either practical life or political theory, my answer would be different. Even though the Empire is governed far more efficiently and often more fairly than the Alliance, too much depends on the personality of the ruler. As much as I have a fondness for cultures that are fertile ground for high art, as aristocracies tend to be, I cannot condone a regime that would force people to give their lives up for ideals. If the citizens decide via their own rational, free will to forfeit their lives that is one thing, but, as you well know, that usually isn't the way autocratic governments function.

TheSubtleDoctor | 05-12-11, 7:40 PM

HatandClogs | 05-10-11, 7:39 AM
Look at my manga list.

You should be proud.

TheSubtleDoctor | 05-07-11, 8:16 PM

TheSubtleDoctor | 05-06-11, 11:55 AM
LoGH 82.

I absolutely cannot believe it.

Confucius | 05-05-11, 2:15 PM

HatandClogs | 04-11-11, 2:06 PM

I found something for you.

HatandClogs | 03-30-11, 8:17 AM
You need to change your scores so I can be obsessive about what everyone likes.

TheSubtleDoctor | 03-08-11, 5:32 AM
Happy birthday, bro.

TheSubtleDoctor | 12-26-10, 12:10 AM
I'll just put this here.

TheSubtleDoctor | 12-02-10, 1:30 PM
I too am new to the romance/comedy (not romantic comedy) and slice of life genres of manga, so I really got caught up in Ohki. Granted I wanted more, but what was there was good, well to a n00b like me at least.

shenttel | 12-01-10, 7:34 AM

shenttel | 11-29-10, 3:18 AM
hey i was searching for a review of Baccano and I stumbled to your piece.
i find it really helpful, i just watched 1 episode of it and i found it interesting, so i tried to find comments and reviews about it..
your review made me want to finish the anime,
it was a nice put there, its like i'm reading what exactly i'm thinking regardless of the fact that I'm just starting to it.
i just finished the durarara and i really liked it, and so i think the Baccano will also be..


TheSubtleDoctor | 11-08-10, 6:52 AM
Actually, your previous answer wasn't all that bad. You claimed that you rated it a 7 due to a sort of "head vs. heart" issue: you enjoy it immensly but is it objectivly a 9/10? I do respect that, as it is how I feel about shows like Fist of the North Star and Heroman and books like Hunter x Hunter.

Your current answer, though, is quite forthright and explanatory. I haven't minded the fights up through vol 6. I plan to buy some more very soon, so we will see if I come around to your point of view.

Vensito | 11-06-10, 2:03 AM
The haps are happening my friend. What have you been up to?

Vensito | 11-05-10, 5:35 AM
Yooooooooooo~!! How's it going!?

ich1990 | 10-28-10, 5:19 PM
Maybe I should keep an eye Tagami Bachi's manga-ka's next series then? It sounds like he/she has potential that just needs polishing.

TheSubtleDoctor | 10-18-10, 12:17 PM
...or perhaps not?

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