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thomtinuviel | 12-26-12, 6:09 AM
Apparently you sent me a friend request sometime last year and I never ever saw it. Anyhow, it's nice to be friended. XD

Better late than never, right? Happy Holidays.

MoonXArtemis | 02-14-12, 2:17 PM

PrincessMint67 | 01-20-12, 7:50 AM
Thanks for the friend invite!

wolfenswan | 11-27-11, 11:54 AM
you're welcome. UvU

Tanshaydar | 11-23-11, 7:14 AM
Oh my God. I'm screwed. Sorry, I completely misunderstood you. Sorry, my bad.
But hey, thanks for answering me, it's clear now.

However, I still couldn't understand the reason behind making something like that. For example, you cannot add an anime twice, however many people in your list might watched it; whereas, there is a possibility only one person watched it. This way, both animes will weigh same.
Or you are just trying to create a more general profile?

I hope you don't mind my curiosity behind my stupidity.

Regards, Tansel.

Tanshaydar | 11-23-11, 4:40 AM
If I understood you correctly, you will watch anime or read manga from your friends' list; and rate them according to your taste, which will nullify your first justification, because your rating will be according to your taste.

If you don't have your own taste, then your justification will be nullified again because every anime/manga we watched/read has something special to our tastes.

What you can do is, merely to see if we have similar tastes. Your rating is your subjective point of view, and mine is mine.

There is a chance that I might've been misunderstood your first statement, in that case, could you explain it to me? Because I'm interested, and want to know more.

Regards, Tansel.

Tanshaydar | 11-22-11, 5:24 AM
You are null or you have your own tastes.
Either way it will be ultimately incorrect.

-White_Rabbit- | 11-06-11, 12:05 AM
Yo! So if I am understanding you correctly, and feel free to correct me if I am wrong - Your experiment consists of you reading manga from the lists of the people who've accepted your random friend request and then determining, by your own judgment, whether their judgment of said manga is correct? Isn't this all a little redundant? I mean, if it was a true experiment wouldn't you have to research from each 'participant' why they ranked a title the way the did? Not to mention there is such a diverse population on MAL. There are so many factors to consider. How many are taken into account in your results? Is there some model you are testing your results against or simply the MAL ranking system? Unless you have some other model wouldn't it just be "Title X deserves 9 instead of a 5 because I think it's awesome look how many people agree with me". I don't know, just seems rather pointless unless your goal is some kinda notoriety.

kate89 | 10-03-11, 2:37 PM
hi! thanks for the request

LadyLirazel | 09-25-11, 8:29 AM
Thank you for adding me :3 I love your nickname!

-Animewatcher- | 09-20-11, 10:58 PM
Hi~ I'm -AW- nice to meet cha~

kamitsure | 09-16-11, 2:46 PM
Hello :3

amukid08 | 09-15-11, 10:30 AM
umm hello =)

kona-chan2000 | 09-10-11, 6:18 PM
Thanks for the add (⌒▽⌒)

Mitsumix33 | 09-10-11, 6:46 AM
I still don't get it but OKAYYYYYY XDD
//is weird

I seriously don't get it :/

ChopperMugiwara | 09-09-11, 7:02 PM
Thanks for the add! ^^

xCute_devilx | 09-08-11, 2:37 AM
Hi ^^ thenk you for the add
how are u? :3

amukid08 | 09-08-11, 1:22 AM
Hey thanks for the friend request although I don't accept requests straight away, I'd rather talk to the person for a bit first, hope you don't mind :) and how are you?

AvidRobot | 09-07-11, 6:11 PM
Thanks for the add C:

animelvr | 09-07-11, 4:54 PM
hey! thanks for the friend request ^^

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