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_Celestia | 08-01-14, 11:30 PM

Royal Medley
Spend Summer Vacation with Special Claim
Blue Weekly Claim
Crossover Weekly Claim
Purple Weekly Claim

Konoe's Card Shop
Claim a Couple July
Claim a Male Character July

Claim a tsundere!
Claim a Waifu

Anime Research Club
Appearence Claim July: Pink Hair

Sakura's Dreamland of Cards
Go on a Date with Weekly Claim
Marry a MAL User Weekly Claim

Thanks for requesting. Save and rehost, deletion in two weeks. If I've ever screwed anything up, check here. I'll be uploaded missing or corrected claims and cards there from now on. Let me know if I've made any mistake or forgotten anything, and I'll add them asap.

Senzu15 | 06-13-12, 1:24 AM
light blue comming up

WcDucks card is still better but i hope you will also enjoy this one

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