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Marcusthemad | 12-09-13, 2:32 PM

I miss you sis <3

Strukla | 11-04-13, 2:12 PM
Da ti pravo kažem, pojma nemam jer ne znam ni lurkaš li inače tu i tamo ili uopće ne dolaziš.
Ali nije ni bitno, nisam te zato zahaltala već tako malo zjakah po profilima drugih ljudi i naletih i na tebe, pa rekoh da se javim i prostalkam šta se gleda. >_>

Strukla | 11-04-13, 1:34 AM
Pa ti's živa!

PnkRxPrncss | 08-19-13, 6:02 AM


You old as F now. Enjoy

PawnDa | 07-13-13, 7:57 PM
I've heard that Shaman King starts out awesome and then just evolves in a bad way until finally becoming unbearable and ending. For that reason I haven't watched it yet although I probably will at some point. Do tell me if what I heard is wrong, when you get further into it. I hope it is.

Huh, I actually started to like Ryuji at some point.. Although my first impression is the same as yours. My favorite character from the series is the model girl. She was by far the most interesting character and grew the most as a person imo, in the end I liked her personality a lot more than any of the others.

Mizutani is indeed awesome. The way she approached the whole business of love was in my opinion the most grown up and rational way to do it and she was always right about where the line is (or atleast after a bit of soul searching) I agree that Haru is great but he's superhuman which makes it less special. He of course had to be fabulous so that people would sympathize with Mizutani's crush on him but despite falling so hard for him she still didn't just let him do whatever.

I must admit however that I only put her in my favorite characters because I wanted to remove luffy from there, he's more of a plot device than a character at times and his most notice-able features are stubbornness and (charming) stupidity so I just replaced him with the character I was most smitten with at that moment which happened to be her. But I think I'll let her stay as a representative of a strong female lead character type that I like.

I'm very adept at avoiding spoilers, this failure is a disgrace to my good name as a spoider (spoilavoider, also sort of like spider with a scottish accent). Must say though that now that I know why people hate on it that my interest is piqued I am totally gonna watch School Days, I don't mind 'bad' ends.

For the past two weeks I have had basically 24hrs a day of free time which I have squandered on anime. I also started to use this site a lot more than I normally do and joined to have some sort of community thing to obsess over. Then I started Higurashi and my friends started planning an anime marathon so I basically started at the worst time possible since I've just been watching some other stuff for the past few days with some of those real life people.

But I'll get back to it as soon as that's over (next day or two, we've been doing a lot of 'thoning ...). I've seen the first 8 episodes but I wanna watch them again and marathon all of it at once because I wanna figure 'it' out before 'it' is revealed (whatever I am talking about... I know there is some 'it' that I can figure out!!). If you'd seen Hyouka then you would understand the reference I want to make but you haven't so you won't and I can't. Therefor I will be forever doomed to un-understand-able-ness (derstandableness? the -dere part is the good one though so I guess that isn't so bad).

Anyways before I go full retard I'm going to end this post. Sarabada.

PawnDa | 07-10-13, 9:39 AM
I think I understand your relationship with naruto. My first anime (Technically) was dragonball Z although it isn't on my list (or rather it is but only because I watched dragonball recently and Kai doesn't cover the whole of Z) I used to watch marathons of it on cartoon network when I was tiny and not understand the plot because I was always watching from somewhere in the middle... I think I've seen some arcs of it like 10 times but I don't remember it that well. I just think shonens are great when you're small for example my 'first' anime was Bleach and I also totally loved that (even though I was 17 or 18 or something), I guess shonens are just really great for the first time and then get worse since they're all the same anyways.

Toooough question. Clannad is just a typical slice of life harem, there is no real plot to worry about having holes in and the characters are pretty normal and sometimes can get a little tedious.. Though I really enjoyed watching it. When its over you've been totally immersed in the world and the characters have gotten very familiar so you'll probably be excited to start after story thinking it will be more of the same.

After story is a bit more ... more? There are gigantic crater sized not necessarily plotholes but ... inconsistencies? in it but I dunno I was crying to much to care really. The reason I compared it to code geass is because they also pull the same trick with the ending covering up all the small grudges you've accumulated through watching it. Although its a bit different because I think the ending is my biggest grudge with AS. Now that I think about it I've forgotten most details of the story but Key basically takes a shit over it anyway so it doesn't matter, the characters are what make the story cool and they sort of live on.

I think it is definitely worth watching but then again it has everything you don't like about Key, I haven't really seen anything else they've made partially because I have a feeling it will be the same experience as watching your second or third or nth shonen and partially because I have a feeling they just got sort of lucky with Clannad. It IS cliched bullshit and AS has an amazing story shattered to pieces but imo they got away with it.

I have no prejudice for/against any -dere I think I just generally have a harder time accepting stories with yanderes than tsunderes but I always end up liking yandere characters more by the end (somehow they always start seeming strong and independent rather than the fucking crazy lunatics they start as) maybe it's because they undergo such enormous growth in short time or something? It's probably some literary device taken to an extreme.

Funny how you say the only tsundere you like is Taiga because I fucking hate her (overstatement) I have literally no idea why he would choose her, I wanted to punch something at the end of toradora (understatement) resulting in the aforementioned hatred. I think if I'd watch it now though, with more harem love story experience, I'd like it more. I don't really keep track but if Mizutani Shizuku can be considered a tsundere then I guess she's the tsundere I like most except maybe Makise Kurisu (from steins;gate). BTW is it true that Tonari no kaibutsu-kun won't have a second season?!

Yup, sense made. I'm the same, maybe I'm just a tiny bit less whimsical but I also just start stuff because I feel like it I've tried all sorts of things to get myself to watch the stuff I know I'll enjoy but I just feel like I'm doing work if I have some sort of 'watching regiment'. Besides you can put pretty much anything in front of me and I'll find a way to enjoy it somewhat (although I have been forcing myself to be more judgmental as of late and violently drop stuff or atleast put it on hold). I used to only watch one finished airing thing at a time and then a lot of weekly shit but I now am able to have a few series at a time and watch what I feel like (although most of the time I marathon the rest as soon as things start getting very interesting).

I've only recently started to pay attention to upcoming seasons but I was very disappointed with the lack of serious series. The thing is that letting your mind go blank is just so much easier than watching something truly engaging. I was going to complain about action not being exciting due to uncertainty with getting another season causing them to speed everything up and skipping all the build up for 'action' and ending up with an empty shell of special effects but I just realized that I haven't seen School Days and now I know how it ends (I think?). Damn google, I wanted to know if I knew who Makoto and Katsura were but didn't remember. Oh well, it isn't even on my PTW so don't worry.

Oh and btw I am starting Higuarshi no Naku Koro ni in this exact moment (Just finished Kare Kano, don't watch it unless you're going to read the light novels the ending is basically just before they resolve all the complexities they'd been building for the last 9 episodes (which is almost half the series!! :@ ))

Shrabster | 07-10-13, 6:38 AM
It's hard to explain. Since his movies are more in line with Disney films where they're fairly simply (not that that is a bad thing) they tend to polarize you. For example, I love the Lion King but could careless for most of the other Disney films, and with Pixar it's the same for Toy Story. I guess Spirited Away and Ponyo just have that something that pushes them a little bit further. Now that I think about it, those two are definitely my favorite when it comes to the art style of Miyazaki films, so maybe that's why. I guess correct wording would be that his films aren't lacking, but rather certain ones just have what I look for in an anime. Also remember 7 is nowhere near a bad score, it's actually quite good.

PawnDa | 07-08-13, 3:23 PM
Ah I should've noticed the morbidity theme in your completed section now that I think about it. As for shippuden you are most definitely making the right choice although I don't understand how you can be so determined in not watching it when you are just as determined to suffer through naruto fillers which are certainly worse than shippuden non-fillers I guess that netto you are saving a lot of time though since imo the whole naruto franchise isn't worth it.

Added LovCom to PTW, I might watch it at some point especially since I think you're right about Clannad falling into the category of cliched bullshit with an amazing story that then gets shattered into plotholes and stuff (although I think the reason Clannad has better ratings than the rest is that you don't really mind the plotholes - in the same way as Code Geass gets away with a lot of plot holes or inconsistent character behavior) so maybe I've been approaching the dramatic romance genre from a wrong angle. Also I think that if I had seen everything I want to see then almost all of your list would be a subset of mine so I should probably use you as reference on how to approach certain genre's on my quest to finish everything I'm interested in.

Yanderes unlike tsunderes don't make sense at first since there is normally something in their backstory that causes them to behave like they do. Tsunderes can however be explained away by first impressions or something... thus I always feel like yandere based stories are really unrealistic until I see the backstory because I can't think of a reason why someone would behave like, for example Gasai Yuno. However I do like yandere stories even though my ratings don't really say I do it's just that my criteria is biased against them since they only really get good imo when all the cards are on the table and you've seen the twist.

Literally everything I recommended except Shinsekai Yori, Hyouka and Chihayafuru (basically recent stuff) was on my PTW for a loooong while before I watched it. Getting yourself to watch guaranteed good series can in my experience be surprisingly difficult. My advice: don't think about the synopsis or the setting or whatever, just try to trust the community and then watch it thinking you will hate it because it has a stupid setting or is based on a weird concept.

Even now I'm watching complete shit (in the 24hrs where I wrote your list comment I watched Chunyuubi <whatever>!, Yahari ore no seishun <long title> and Sakurasou <girl who is painter and can't take care of herself series>... so around 50 episodes in a row) and I know that ef, serial experiment lain, nodame cantabile, hachimitsu to clover, higurashi, NGE, Monster, Haibanei renmei, GitS:SAC, mousou dairinin and more would all get higher scores from me and have more impact on me. Still right now when I'm writing this comment I'm about to start watching something completely different most likely. It's just easier to start watching something less 'heavy' which is why most of the anime community doesn't appreciate something like Ergo Proxy (although to be fair it isn't underrated or anything)

Oh and I like discussing anime just as much as watching it (although I hate episode discussions which are all "omg that was amazing X was so badass and Y was so annoying") but yeah analyzing lists where there are comments is really fun imo.

Shrabster | 07-08-13, 3:22 PM
I'm kind of funny about Miyazaki films. While I do enjoy them, they don't really give me that "wow" factor nor do I feel the need to watch them more then once. The exceptions being Ponyo and Spirited Away, I love those. Hopefully that helps explain my 7s.

PawnDa | 07-08-13, 6:40 AM
Hello, I just finished commenting on your list. Here's a link:

I am sorry for the wall of text and all of my assumptions on your personality. I didn't really read the about me so it isn't really based on anything.

If you want to respond in any way then you are more than welcome to post on my wall in response or send me a message (nobody likes it when the thread gets cluttered).

I guess that's about it. Oh actually in the end with the ptw stuff I didn't comment on some stuff (like for example ghost in the shell) which is also in my opinion worth picking out. Point being that I wasn't giving an end-all-be-all opinion.

Aiit, Bye then.

ibrahim2712 | 07-04-13, 4:11 AM
you do know that ep 136-219 is all filler in Naruto... you can just skip to the last 10 minutes of ep 220 and then go to shippuuden ......

PnkRxPrncss | 06-03-13, 3:49 PM
Psssss Stella...hi -runs-

Marcusthemad | 05-07-13, 12:43 PM
O.o Success with the entrance exams? :P


Marcusthemad | 03-26-13, 2:58 PM
I wuv you <3

FreakyHarmony | 03-16-13, 9:25 AM
Ne znam, navika... i sa Markom isto tako u private chatu :D

FreakyHarmony | 03-15-13, 5:21 PM
Why? That song is awesome...

<3 for Serbia

PnkRxPrncss | 02-05-13, 6:38 PM
I wanted to tell you soemthing, then i forgot....oh thats right. WATCH SHINSEKAI YORI!!!!!! DO ETTTTTT FORRR THE CHILLLEEENNNSSSSS!!!! also, good to know youre still alive , oh ho ho ho ho

Marcusthemad | 02-04-13, 12:22 AM

PnkRxPrncss | 02-02-13, 2:51 AM

highfyrebright | 01-05-13, 6:21 AM
That cat. Last Christmas. It's.. difficult to describe how similar the two were, haha.

SWWWAAAG. Good to hear! I'd have gone out for a bit if I wasn't such a little baby when it comes to cold weather.

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