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NorthPole | 12-16-10, 9:16 PM

zStorm_Dukez | 09-09-09, 7:36 PM
Ah, thanks. My friend recommended it to me, saying it was one of his favorites, so I decided to watch it. It's pretty good so far, so i think I'll like it.

MedliSage | 04-15-09, 2:11 PM

Vizard | 03-18-09, 2:39 PM
My Photobucket died, here is your card again:

Vizard | 03-15-09, 11:22 AM
Your Fate member card:

Hope you like.

Lynk-Harkonnen | 02-27-09, 12:28 AM

zStorm_Dukez | 12-24-08, 12:01 AM

Merry Christmas! Sorry for the amateurish work, still on the road to mastering PS. XP

zStorm_Dukez | 11-28-08, 5:33 PM
Haha, its okay, I don't mind. :D
And you're a fan of Luminous Arc too? :P

zStorm_Dukez | 11-28-08, 4:02 AM
Random friend request...? Never mind, I'll accept it anyways. :P
Thanks for the invitation!

Sivii | 11-09-08, 2:36 PM
(Answer to PM)
You mean Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru? I've seen it long time ago, so I don't remember it well, conception may be interesting, but realization isn't so great. I'm keeping it in
on-hold, but it's almost like dropped (I don't think that I'll ever return to it, I have many better series to watch for now) ...

Killuan | 10-02-08, 9:29 PM
Here is the next match of International Saimoe -

8 characters -
Shana vs. Kyou
Yuki vs. Haruhi
Tomoyo vs. Kagami
Fate vs. Kotomi

Lynk-Harkonnen | 09-07-08, 8:10 AM
haha nice avatar!!!

Killuan | 05-13-08, 1:56 PM
Nice review, usg. ^^

Killuan | 05-02-08, 8:31 PM
Here is the next match:

Just make sure to vote in atleast four arenas or your vote won't be counted... Other then that, It's as simple as clicking and voting.

Killuan | 04-30-08, 6:29 PM
A reminder to vote in the next match of International Saimoe.

Again, don't forget to vote in atleast four arenas or your vote won't be counted. :)

Killuan | 04-29-08, 8:41 PM
Thanks for voting. ^^

Killuan | 04-28-08, 5:28 PM

DivergentKarma | 04-26-08, 9:30 PM
Friend request accepted -^^-

Killuan | 04-25-08, 11:31 PM
Next round in International Saimoe. Vote for Nanoha and Feito. xD Just make sure to vote in atleast three other arenas, or your vote wont be counted.

Killuan | 04-23-08, 5:38 PM
Hey, thanks for joining the Fate-chan club. :)
...accepted your friend request. ^^

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