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AndrewSmith | 05-06-14, 3:17 PM
Hi, what's your name?

Kiur | 05-09-13, 11:45 PM
Happy Birthday!!

Smaster | 01-07-12, 2:27 AM
Or by transformers you mean Gundam ?
Gundam is the leading mecha anime series, similar to transformers.

Not impossible to catch up with 300+..How can many people start One Piece and finish the episodes quick then!! Just need to have patience and enjoy what you watch..not just watching because others watched it..for competition >_<
You said it !!

Greg_Wrecksauce | 01-05-12, 6:39 PM
haha its ok. ill add ya in a min. im doing ok, just kinda down...havnt told alot of ppl i know but ive been flirting with this girl alot the past few weeks (she works where i eat at). ive been planning on asking her out but shes going into the navy. in 2 wks she'll be leaving

Greg_Wrecksauce | 11-02-11, 6:23 PM
hey, how you doing

Smaster | 10-06-11, 10:15 PM
Are they new anime ?
Okay I'll check the profiles myself.

Yeah not many can get into them and I'm sure a reason is the amount of episodes to watch that made you feel bored.

Of course man..some of the best I can say are Sora no Otoshimono, Kiss x Sis, HOTD, Yosuga no Sora, Motto to Love Ru, B Gata H kei...awesomeness!!

Greg_Wrecksauce | 10-06-11, 11:59 AM
haha yup yup...any good suggestions?

Smaster | 10-03-11, 1:17 AM
Haha..I see..comedy then. mean Transformers is anime adapted ? I didn't know !!

I watch practically every anime genres with the exception of yaoi and boys love. Less of horror and psychological. Most favorited are Shounen, comedy and ecchi. :D
One Piece, Gintama,.. are some examplary anime for me ^ ^

Greg_Wrecksauce | 10-02-11, 4:22 PM
haha yeah, i should have some more time so i expect to see more

Smaster | 09-28-11, 7:27 AM
Of course. He must be a pro. ^ ^
You said it. Everytime I see things like that..I'm left amazed.

I never asked you before...what are your favorite anime genres ?

Greg_Wrecksauce | 09-27-11, 2:19 AM
yeah, its good. kinda reminds me of haruhi alil. haha need to watch that too but been too busy

Greg_Wrecksauce | 09-17-11, 6:28 PM
haha yeah, cant just change who you are

started watching angel beats lol, i would if i could lol

Greg_Wrecksauce | 09-14-11, 9:36 AM
haha well thats great, idk what id do if i lost mine

well glad school is nice but yea, i feel you on the grades. luckly ive been coasting off my natural iq and passing without studying lol

Greg_Wrecksauce | 09-09-11, 11:57 PM
aww, well that sucks

hows school?

Greg_Wrecksauce | 09-07-11, 6:58 PM
haha well i think id rather have a forest lol

so whats new?

jurrasic10 | 09-07-11, 12:37 PM
more like buses lol

ah I see. Hmm idk it's just when you throw you're whole shoulder into it mine starts stinging after doing it for hours.

School's too crowded this year >.< we seniors need more space to relax xD

Smaster | 09-07-11, 7:42 AM
I prefer talking about virtual things than complaining about real facts.
I mean they already happened..what the use of making fuss one of the aspects of
Yeah, you can have blog entries in which you can post everything though.
Make it like a clean album. ^ ^

Yeah, not hours, the person did it in minutes.
I believe they were promoting the release of the software.
Technology progess is the best thing that can happen and is happening every day ^ ^

Smaster | 09-05-11, 11:42 PM
Not all...most of them.
I have more girl friends than boys here at
MAL is my facebook, msn and you can see.
This is how I was able to say it easily.

3D is awesome. I was looking at a video how they created a human face just with a software and was like..o.O..OMG!!

Greg_Wrecksauce | 09-05-11, 2:43 PM
haha yeah, my only hope is when i go out to the mall lol

Smaster | 09-04-11, 11:21 PM
Yeah, chatting a lot with them make you learn them and their tastes easily..xD

If you try to edit something already made, it's easy but now trying to make your very own creation from a scratch!! I'm not at that level..>_<
I can just look at the results and

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