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Orion1 | 12-21-13, 4:24 AM
Hi Lately: I noticed you nominated Gungrave and also noticed it was in the nomination list, but after further review it did get more than 10 no votes on it's last resurection which means it will need to be nominated during the resurrection nominations again. Sorry for the inconvenience. Let me know if you want to nominate another title at a later date and I'll add your vote to the list.

frontwards | 10-25-13, 6:15 PM
>Most other people don't post as well and vote no on shows I believe are worthy of induction, but tbh I don't really care.

"other people r bad so it is okay if i am bad 2"


Bacchi-gu-Sama | 08-02-13, 7:49 PM
Glad you liked it! The next few only improve!

Bacchi-gu-Sama | 07-30-13, 10:56 AM
What do think of the first episode of GTO?

Bacchi-gu-Sama | 07-30-13, 10:54 AM
Happy birthday!

Cyferz | 06-11-13, 12:47 PM
Oh now I know why she's familiar. Another fav of mine.

Cyferz | 06-11-13, 2:38 AM
Hey what character is that from Ergo Proxy on your sig? I watched the anime years ago and it remains one of my top 5. I forgot which character that is though.

Savor Pino. She's a jem, not many little girls like her :d

RediceRyan | 03-17-13, 11:23 PM
You rate a bit too strictly for someone who has only seen 187 anime.

Don_Don_Kun | 12-17-12, 4:09 PM
Thanks! Glad you're finding them to be of interest!

Dunky | 12-10-12, 2:00 PM
Hey, just wanted to remind that you the Simul-Watch Club will begin watching Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran today, please join us if you can!

battosai-01 | 11-20-12, 12:46 PM
Just wondering what your profile pic was, thx in advanced.

Gonzo-nyan | 10-28-12, 5:59 PM
One more quick question: How come you say that Ghost in the Shell was to philosophical for you? How is that a negative? :P

Gonzo-nyan | 10-27-12, 11:06 AM
I see. I can understand your point of view of why you liked AS more than the first season. I didn't think Clannad was a great show, but most of the characters were charming enough to make it entertaining than most high school comedy shows. After Story on the other hand was just trying to hard to become a melodramatic romantic series that just became more eye rolling as it went on. Although I did love the relationship between Tomoya and Ushio, I thought Nagisa was such a bore throughout the entire show. So I guess that's my reason for my low score on AS.

Gonzo-nyan | 10-27-12, 10:16 AM
I want to finish it so bad but I've been busy with school and there are so many games I want to finish off of my backlog. Eventually I'll be able to finish it when the time comes. But I know lots of people who loved the movie and hated the shows for some reason.

Here's my question: Why did you give Clannad a 5 but you gave After Story a 9? And you gave Tomoyo an 8 but Kyou a 5?

Gonzo-nyan | 10-26-12, 8:16 PM
I know that feeling, I failed my Literature midterm not too long ago. XP

Well the only shows that the scores are more far apart are:

So yeah we don't have the same tastes. XD If you want to discuss any in particular I'm always here to listen. :)

Gonzo-nyan | 10-26-12, 5:41 PM
Hello my fellow critic member, how are you in this fine evening? :)

Kyo- | 08-10-12, 3:13 PM
Thanks ^^
I agree :3

Kyo- | 08-10-12, 11:41 AM

Would you like to join us? :3

Rosa_FOEtida | 08-03-12, 1:52 PM
Hi there,

I'd like to welcome you to the "Critics and Connoisseurs" club. Please feel free to take some time to familiarize yourself with the club rules posted on the club's main page and in the FAQ thread.
We'd like the members to stay active by reading/watching the spotlighted entries as much as their time allows them to and also by participating in the discussion threads and most importantly by voting in the weekly polls. I hope that you enjoy your time at the "Critics and Connoisseurs" club as an active member.
Should you have any questions regarding the club please feel free to contact one of the admins or refer to the FAQ thread.

FauxAzn | 07-13-12, 6:35 AM
Wow, thanks a ton for such a thorough reply! Doesn't happen 'round these parts too often.

Darn, I wish I had read this yesterday. I had just finished Black Lagoon and was looking for a new anime to watch, and ended up with Dennou Coil (which actually ended up being a very good choice, but I'd more like to see what all the hubbub with GitS is). Honestly, except for Katanagatari, I haven't enjoyed too many episodic anime, but SAC is definitely my next watch now thanks to you.

Your first paragraph on the movies was almost exactly how I felt. Honestly, all I got out of them was great visuals, animation, music, and I guess the characters were alright. A work being intelligent is great, but when it scrubs enjoyable content and development for slow frames mixed with philosophical ramblings (especially evident in the second movie), I find it boring pretentious fluff more than anything honestly. If the 'intelligence' factor was presented more like Death Note's first half, side-by-side some engaging content, I'd find it far more enjoyable.

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