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KeiranShikari | Yesterday, 5:42 PM

KeiranShikari | 07-20-14, 12:30 PM
We got beaten my a 5th division side at home a couple of seasons ago, in a cup game. Funny times.

KeiranShikari | 07-20-14, 11:59 AM
Haven't been paying attention to other sides really but I would expect they are doing what we are, beating much smaller teams. Teams in the top few divisions usually start their preseason with some easy games to ease their way in and get some fitness back. In the entirety of preseason last year we only scored 9 goals, we already have 20 this time, in 3 games.

Our next game is against a team that got relegated from the top Italian league last season so they should be a pretty even contest.

Only thing you can really take from a 13 - 0 win is the fact that the players didn't ease off after a while, considering it was always an almost meaningless match I thought we might just sit on 4 or 5.

KeiranShikari | 07-20-14, 11:33 AM
Good to play worthwhile games during preseason.

KeiranShikari | 07-19-14, 4:05 PM
Nah, just somebody that should be coming back into the side after being frozen out by the last management team. Bit of a strange player tactically but easily one of the most natural technical players I've seen at Norwich.

KeiranShikari | 07-19-14, 3:34 PM
That cheek bounce.

ZombiePsycho | 07-19-14, 12:16 AM
I see you're moving on up to hentai.

ZombiePsycho | 07-18-14, 11:54 PM
I'm not a fan of it.
He should've stayed and they would've fixed the team.

ZombiePsycho | 07-18-14, 10:42 PM
He's with the Lakers now so I bet it'll come up again.

ZombiePsycho | 07-18-14, 10:17 PM
Technically yes, he fighting for a roster spot.

ZombiePsycho | 07-18-14, 7:19 PM

Cowabunga | 07-15-14, 1:25 PM
I'm watching a sports series atm: Kuroko no Basket. Pretty alright so far. Has a Slam Dunk feel to it.

Cowabunga | 07-15-14, 1:11 PM
How is Eyeshield 21?

KeiranShikari | 07-14-14, 3:34 PM

Still not seen those Dark Knight films. Not sure I ever will. Lots of films ahead of it on my plan to watch list.

KeiranShikari | 07-14-14, 2:57 PM
He felt too much like a comic book villain. The whole rivalry between the two of them is just so superficial, really didn't do the character justice.

I didn't actually know that but it isn't too surprising. As it is so different it might be easier for me to let things go. Think I'll download some episodes of that tonight.

NCIS and Bones certainly. Think she might like Criminal Minds as well. I liked Bones as well but I found I was only watching it for a couple of characters and then I stopped.

My favourite US shows would be The Wire and Homeland. I lie plenty of other things as well but not many get close to those.

KeiranShikari | 07-14-14, 2:25 PM
Nah, not pretentious, the opposite in fact. It felt gimmicky and wrong, it was almost as if they had given it to the CSI writers to produce. I also didn't like what they did with Professor Moriarty.

The actual concept of the Mind Palace is pretty interesting but it was just implemented in a silly way. Much better when Hannibal used it in those books.

That was another show I saw the odd episode off when my mum was watching it. She likes all those American crime dramas, just not the ones that are too gritty.

KeiranShikari | 07-14-14, 12:49 PM
To me the British Sherlock felt as if it was being made for a primetime American audience, or at least those Americans that pretend to like British things for some reason, all a bit overly polished for my liking. I wasn't a fan of the direction in general, overabundance of text flashing up on screen and ugly montages. I am a fan of Martin Freeman though so I guess there is that.


KeiranShikari | 07-14-14, 12:13 PM
Nah, 2 seasons seemed like enough. Would have probably gotten too repetitive with any more. Serial cop dramas are made to go on and on but the twist on this one would have made it difficult. Also with the way it ended made it imposable for it to get rebooted, which I'm pretty happy about.

I've seen a few adaptations of those books, never an entire series though. Thinking about giving the recent American one a go, I hear the Dr.Watson is the Asian woman from Kill Bill.

KeiranShikari | 07-14-14, 8:41 AM
Whilst it wasn't explained in words it was pretty obvious what happened. I think they give a dictionary explanation in the spin off series, Ashes to Ashes. Will watch that next.

Think there were only about 6 episodes of Sherlock, wasn't impressed with the mysteries and the characters were so so. I am a fan of the books though so I was always going to be a little bit hard to impress. Doctor Who is very character driven, yeah.

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