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MuhRin | Yesterday, 8:33 AM
We're pretty good now. 3 points off top, 1 off second with both of those two teams still to come to Carrow Road.

MuhRin | 02-28-15, 2:49 PM
Not sure, might have been Galaxy Angel.

To be honest I would have passed 1k ages ago if I had all of the specials/ovas added. I guess 521 series is still pretty impressive though.

MuhRin | 02-27-15, 4:20 PM
Pretty boy is best bro. Yeah, I was surprised as well. Only relationship drama with him is MISUNDERSTANDINGS.

MuhRin | 02-27-15, 4:06 PM
It isn't really an underdog story, not that serious. The main couple end up dating pretty quickly, and it is just about their silly antics for the most part.

Watched the preview for Trigger's show ages ago and it looked like some fan made shit. Let us hope it isn't that bad.

MuhRin | 02-27-15, 3:42 PM
Nah, that was a typo. I make that same one fairly regularly actually.

Not read that. For new anime that are actually new anime, not sequels, I'm excited about a couple. Ore Monogatari and Shokugeki no Souma next season. I've read the first one and it is great fun.

MuhRin | 02-27-15, 3:24 PM
Symphogear is the beat anime in the world.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to that as well. Still have Macross Frontier to watch yet actually.

MuhRin | 02-27-15, 3:00 PM
Symphogear s3 in Summer, probably.


MuhRin | 02-26-15, 10:06 AM
Heh, felt more like it was parodying that type of situation to me.

MuhRin | 02-26-15, 9:48 AM
No less bullshit than captain mystery aids recent reveal. Mayuri can do anything.

MuhRin | 02-25-15, 2:04 PM
Finally, an external result goes our away. It wasn't totally a wasted round then.

MuhRin | 02-25-15, 11:47 AM
Indeed,there are 12 Norwich games in the next two months and I'll be listening to games from the teams around us on the radiolong as we stay in it.

Starting with Forest vs Bournemouth now.

MuhRin | 02-25-15, 11:20 AM
Old director is certainly better at slapstick but in general I think I like the newer one more for his non MH work. Not seen much of this season's toons yet.

MuhRin | 02-25-15, 10:55 AM
Our last manager was extremely easy to predict. New one constantly chops and changes, he's finding his preferred 11 but he changes things a lot more tactically to suit the opposition. I guess the perfect example for that is the last two games where we have perfectly countered two totally different styles of play. Our last manager seemed to be under the impression that we should win even if the oppo know what we are going to do.

I saw that, should be fun. All of that idol hype has obviously served the series well.

MuhRin | 02-25-15, 10:36 AM
We have knockout competitions and of course the playoffs for that sort of excitement. We like our leagues to be about consistency more than anything else.

On the topic of consistency or season has been really weird. Brillint for a couple of months, shit for the next two and then we've been improving ever since. Would be wonderful if we sneak into the top 2 like we did in our last Champs season.

MuhRin | 02-25-15, 10:17 AM
10 points from the last 12 available, 3 per game. I'm thinking you'll probably kick yourself after reading that.

Goal difference is the initial way of ordering teams on the same amount of points, rarely need to use anything other than that so I'm not sure what we use next. Probably goals scored or head to heads.

MuhRin | 02-25-15, 9:44 AM
Remember points and goals are different things. 3 wins and 1 draw in 4 games, scoring 14 goals in the process. Going away to a team in form like that, in a night game, would be tough for anybody in this league. inb4 the opposite happens and Bournemouth fuck them.

Nah, loads of goals please. We might need them come the end of the season.

MuhRin | 02-25-15, 9:06 AM
That really sucks, sounds like you are being ripped off. Is the parking private? If so you might be able to appeal it, although I guess that'll depend how much they are demanding.

Doubt it'll be easy for them, Forest have been much improved under their new manager and have picked up 10 points from the last 12. A draw or loss for them would certainly make their fans sweat a little more, being within stiking distance of both us and Watford, and then there are 2 more teams just behind.

Hopefully it'll be as anticlimactic as the last time the came here, we gave them a good thrashing that day.

Kino_no_Tabi | 02-24-15, 8:18 PM
How have you been? It has been a long time since I've seen you in the threads.
At least in the spam threads xD

MuhRin | 02-24-15, 3:08 PM
Darn. Second goal was an absolute rocket. We've actually scored loads of great goals this season, our goal of the year competition sure will be tight.

Massive pressure on Bournemouth to win their game tomorrow now everybody else in the top 8 won theirs. Obviously hoping for a big Forest win as that would help us claw back some goal difference.

Going into the derby game on Sunday with them only 1 point ahead of us. Truly is the most meaningful meeting of these two sides in a lot of years, certainly in my time watching.

MuhRin | 02-24-15, 2:46 PM
This was the league at half time -

Then this happened in the 65th minute -

After a lot of nervous moments we finally did this in the 84th minute -

Then after that it was all last ditch defending.

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