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HMS_Lolibutt | 4 minutes ago

Look at the source code. Penguins do it again.

HMS_Lolibutt | Yesterday, 2:31 PM
Wow, it seems MAL are finally getting their shit together and fixing bbcode.

HMS_Lolibutt | Yesterday, 1:59 PM
Rainbow Rasengan was best filler one.

HMS_Lolibutt | Yesterday, 1:34 PM
Naruto could probably do something like a spirit bombsengan now. Think the only times he's fired beams where when the fox took over though.

HMS_Lolibutt | Yesterday, 1:16 PM
Have been looking forward for seeing Dofla go all out. Not disappointing.

Eyes sure are plug and play in this series. Oddly enough I'd actually thought Kakashi might lose that eye, although noy like this. Best part of the chapter was the rasengan vs chidori throwback. Oh and Naruto getting another movie style special rasengan.

Maybe Bleach could show us a relevant fight next. Probably not.

HMS_Lolibutt | Yesterday, 9:46 AM
Hope you didn't die in the thunderstorm.

HMS_Lolibutt | 04-22-14, 3:15 PM
5 hours is plenty for me, especially on days where I just sit around all day. 4 or less I probably could only do once a week though. Fine margins.

HMS_Lolibutt | 04-22-14, 2:08 PM
I start late tomorrow, 8am, so I can stay up till about 1 or 2. Although I often stay up to that time and only get 4 hours sleep. lel

HMS_Lolibutt | 04-22-14, 1:57 PM
I started a new game about a week or so ago because the update patch came out. Am about quarter of the way through my second season. I should probably call it a night on this soon. Need to shower and eat.

HMS_Lolibutt | 04-22-14, 1:27 PM
Football Manager, of course. I actually took a fairly big break from it but I'm back now, it seems.

HMS_Lolibutt | 04-22-14, 1:10 PM
Nah, not babysitting tonight. The lot of them just came over for a couple of hours.

HMS_Lolibutt | 04-22-14, 12:59 PM
I read some Kenshiro at work but haven't logged it yet. Have had my nieces over and been playing games instead today.

HMS_Lolibutt | 04-22-14, 12:42 PM
Never got into playing it as a kid and find it even more boring to watch. I don't mind Rugby though.

HMS_Lolibutt | 04-22-14, 10:28 AM
Canada have produced a few good players, but like in America with American Football/Basketball/Baseball a lot of the athletic, sports minded kids play hockey.

America has the potential to be a superpower in European Football. 300+ million population and can afford good coaching at a grass roots level. Is just a case of getting keeping kids interested, I do hear soccer is popular up until a certain age.

HMS_Lolibutt | 04-22-14, 9:14 AM
The Premier League is pretty much the global league, managers and players from all over the world. It isn't prejudice really, it's that rivalry that comes with being in a similar part of the world. The US football team would consider Mexico their main rivals because Canada are pretty awful.

HMS_Lolibutt | 04-22-14, 8:32 AM
7 out of 20 managers in the Premier League were Scottish this time 2 years ago, now there is only 1 left and he'll probably be gone soon. This is pretty much the same as if Canadian coaches were getting fired from the NFL.

HMS_Lolibutt | 04-20-14, 5:58 PM
Yup. Seems like another good season.

HMS_Lolibutt | 04-20-14, 5:50 PM
It was.

HMS_Lolibutt | 04-20-14, 4:34 PM

Jojo time.

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