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DrinkYourMalk | 04-14-14, 2:26 PM
I like both. My favourite are probably the slightly more fantastical real robot things. Vifam is one of those, not hard military like logh but very human. LOGH got a bot more personal as it went on mind.

Think the anime is a few months into Dressrosa now. I'm only just done with FI though. Was planning to catch up around the turn of the year but never got around to it. Do have them all downloaded ready. Perhaps when I'm done with UY.

DrinkYourMalk | 04-14-14, 1:59 PM
Yeah, real robot tends to be military type things where as super is combining and super shounen attacks.

Not really, just been enjoying some older things over the last couple of days. Monday to Thursday doesn't see too many shows released so I have plenty of time to catch up on those days before the busy weekend. I only have 9 episodes to catch up on atm, I think. Well, that ans 16 or 17 months of One Piece.

DrinkYourMalk | 04-14-14, 1:48 PM
Nah, from Vifam. Not too many years apart though, I suppose.

DrinkYourMalk | 04-12-14, 5:47 PM
Have fun.

DrinkYourMalk | 04-12-14, 5:35 PM
She mostly plays bad point and click games like CSI but I suppose the odd good one slips through as well sometimes.

She was the one that told me about Grim Fandango.

DrinkYourMalk | 04-12-14, 5:23 PM
Books for her Kindle and the odd game as well. She was playing The Longest Journey last time I went over to see them.

DrinkYourMalk | 04-12-14, 5:05 PM
I always got told it was full of viruses, never got one from it.

Pretty sure my mum uses torrents. They've probably upgraded.

DrinkYourMalk | 04-12-14, 4:51 PM
Back up to my regular 3.5-4 now it seems. Torrents from Nyaa and Bakabt are rather different sometimes.

My parent's broadband is worse than that. Was suffering when I was a youngish teenager trying to get things from limewire. For their sake I hope they got that upgraded or something.

DrinkYourMalk | 04-12-14, 4:34 PM
Noice. I'm actually downloading a bit slower than usual tonight, still 2.7 megabits p/s though so I'm sure I'll survive.

ZombiePsycho | 04-12-14, 4:19 PM
He still got the job and he still says it as a joke.

DrinkYourMalk | 04-12-14, 4:10 PM
Nichijou had just started airing 3 years ago. Now that just feels like yesterday.

Trying to summon some Gunsmith Cats announcements.

ZombiePsycho | 04-12-14, 4:09 PM
Now he can stop asking everybody for their urine.

DrinkYourMalk | 04-12-14, 3:50 PM
[anon] Kenzen Robo Daimidaler - 02 (1280x720 x264 AAC).mkv


DrinkYourMalk | 04-12-14, 3:48 PM
Never cared about firearms so yeah, anything like that tends to go over my head. Lucky in cases where the mangaka clearly don't know what they're talking about.

Think HOTD was one of the first things I watched weekly after 3 or 4 years of just downlaoding complete series. Think it aired just under 4 years ago. Time sure does fly.

I'm waiting for Kenzen Robo atm, will get started when I have that. I have about 10 downaloded already.

DrinkYourMalk | 04-12-14, 3:28 PM
Watch Highschool of the Dead. I remember that was pretty fun to watch weekly.

Purple best grill.

ZombiePsycho | 04-12-14, 3:22 PM
My brother might need some of those.

DrinkYourMalk | 04-12-14, 3:16 PM
To Love Ru was one of the first anime I ever saw so I'm pretty biased towards it. I suppose the later series are near the top of their genre though.

DrinkYourMalk | 04-12-14, 2:57 PM
That's the thing, live action doesn't get censored in the way anime does. Of course their porn is but that's totally different to cinema or tv series.

To Love Ru is amazing, especially for a series that started in Shounen Jump. It got moved to a seinen mag so they can do whatever now but still. The amount of times I've seen that mangaka use creativity to get things past censores is amazing. Using things like reflections in eyes or water leaking from a tap. He gets paid to do this stuff.

Don't open gif if anyone is standing behind you. Involves ice cream.

DrinkYourMalk | 04-12-14, 2:26 PM
I few series have done that actually. I think it was To Love-Ru a while ago which whited out the screen for like half the episode.

They are a bit weird with anime and stuff as far worse live action stuff airs on a nightly basis. You can kind of understand with the western streaming services as a lot of kiddies get that but when it's a midnight airing thing on tv.

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