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MuhRin | Yesterday, 2:05 PM
Next episode is the beginning of the longest arc, I think it is 62 episodes long. Hunter Exam, Heavens Arena, Yorknew and Greed Island are the ones I have seen so far.

MuhRin | Yesterday, 1:18 PM
Yup, I use my bike to get everywhere.

Nice, perhaps I'll watch that weekly again now.

I've picked up Hinter x Hunter again. Last couple of arc were great fun, much better than the 1999 anime.

MuhRin | Yesterday, 12:46 PM
Not a 4wd, or my own car. Still don't really have much need to spend money on transport yet.

Hasn't been a particularly cold first month of winter here, just below freezing right now apparently.

MuhRin | Yesterday, 12:06 PM
Had my first experience of driving in the snow today. Didn't die. Didn't kill anybody.

MuhRin | 01-26-15, 4:51 PM
Nah, remember Pain's final show of power before Naruto shows up in his arc. I remember that actually catching me off guard.

Not sure if the war did any damage to Konoha. The command center was blown up by the 10 tails but I don't know if we were given a clear location of that.

That is actually pretty okay reasoning, although you would think the rest of the konoha 12 would have passed earlier. Perhaps Iruka just let him take it because he hated him back then and knew he would fail.

MuhRin | 01-26-15, 4:31 PM
Tsunade let the village get nuked on her watch and she was a better hokage.

Even if his methods were off Danzo was all about protecting the village. I can't see how letting one kid with the kyuubi and one kid with uchiha brain problems alone would be a safe thing to do. They said a lot how Naruto could have easily turned out like Gaara. I guess over thinking this is silly.

On the topic of over thinking. Naruto was supposed to have failed his academy test twice but the genius Sasuke was somehow still in his class and the same age. That was right at the beginning and Kisi was already fucking up.

Can't remember the last time in the manga. In the film they go there and he and his daughter attend Naruto's wedding. Imagine how happy he was to get invited.

MuhRin | 01-26-15, 3:57 PM
I had totally forgotten about Hiruzen. Can't remember him ever being shown as being particularly close to Naruto. It seems as if he did the bare minimum with his upbringing, obviously having him looked after for a while, giving him a flat and living expenses. Considering he was the son of the hokake who died protecting the village you would have thought he'd say something. It should have been obvious that his silencing order was counterproductive.

Same with Sasuke. Why on earth did he let him live in the place where he witnessed the slaughter of his entire clan.

Always thought it was weird him being shown as some super compassionate guy. I mean behind the scenes he lets Naruto get away with shit but a bit of attention and the truth would have made the first 12 years of his life a whole less painful.

Ramen guy was closer to a father figure imo.

MuhRin | 01-26-15, 3:22 PM
He blamed Orochimaru a lot more than he really should have, especially when most of the Sauce misdoings were after he left him. You are right though, he did enable right when that inferiority complex hit critical mass.

I think Oro is pretty much out of the picture as a villain now though. He said that instead of making things move he'll just watch them go on their own, we also saw Sauce say he could see a reason why he wanted to get rid of Konoha.Of course he was always pretty whimsical, they could quite easily make him the villain in the Bolt film. Bolt could encounter him on a mission, get hurt, Hokage Naruto would then obviously go and wipe him off the face of earth for good. A full Hokage Naruto fight would be nice.

MuhRin | 01-26-15, 2:52 PM
We haven't seen it happen yet but I see no reason why Naruto wouldn't want to name his kid after the ''coolest guy''. Even if he killed his parents and Hinata's cousin, his organization killed his master and God knows how many other Konoha guys. Yet he only seems to hate Orochimaru.

After finding out that the name Bolt is a homage to Neji it grew on me a little.

MuhRin | 01-26-15, 2:33 PM
Kishi has said that their relationship is ''refreshing'' as opposed to the usual shounen jump marriage archetype of bossy girl and stupid guy. Can't really see too much drama there, can only really see Naruto getting angry if she were to put herself in danger and her when Naruto suggests naming their kid Obito. Considering she slapped him in front of a world army it is safe to say she isn't going to be a doormat. So leader of the village and leader of the best clan, truly a power couple.

He also said that the drama couple was Ino and Sai. Considering he wasn't even in the first few hundred chapters Sai sure did do well.

MuhRin | 01-26-15, 1:58 PM
They were both a lot younger in the film.

SP design bolt seems to be rocking the Hyuuga crest. I wonder if that means Hinata took back her place as next head of the family.

MuhRin | 01-26-15, 1:37 PM
He has the sand sluts, there was that one girl that picked him for weapons training if I remember correctly. I wouldn't be too annoyed if he got somebody new though.

I'm pretty sure both Bolt and Himawari's hair were designed to look like leaves. Kind of like how Konohamaru was named after the village.

MuhRin | 01-26-15, 1:09 PM
I think it'll go back to being regular shounen. It was just showing how Naruto and Hinata finally got together as a one off. Some of the novels coming out over the coming months will probably have some romance, there is a rumour that the Gaara one will. I guess he decided to like girls when he saw that Naruto did.

Would be fun if Bolt made a thing about romancing Salad. Would be much better than the rival relationship they will obviously end up with. Of course Bolt's hair looks like a leaf, leaves are in Salad, deepest lore.

MuhRin | 01-26-15, 12:39 PM
Welcome back.

They didn't explain why he appeared but I guess with bits of moon randomly falling he probably thought he could go and be an edgy hero again.

MuhRin | 01-25-15, 9:06 PM
The main team was Shikamaru, Naruto, Hinata, Sakura and Sai. They threw the 4 man cell thing out of the window because the mission was to save Hinata's sister and I guess the studio didn't want to shaft Sakura. Sasuke just showed up out of nowhere to destroy a meteor heading for the village, this is 2 years after chapter 699 so he was supposed to just be out wandering.

Quality was at least better than the phone recordings of scenes we got from Japan. Not sure we have a date yet but it'll probably be early summer. Or maybe earlier if one of the cinema blurays gets leaked.

MuhRin | 01-25-15, 8:15 PM
No lilies but both sparkles and bubbles, they worked them into the plot so they aren't just penned in for mood. Not only that though, we get a seemingly pure and perfect 'rival' who is actually evil, he's even voiced by Fukuyama Jun and of course plenty of MISUNDERSTANDINGS.

Away from the shoujo part we actually got some nice hand to hand combat scenes, Sakura and Sai were fun and it was quite nicely animated. Looking forward for watching a non camrip in a few months.

MuhRin | 01-25-15, 7:35 PM
Naruto film was even cheesier than it sounded, it really did go full shoujo.

MuhRin | 01-24-15, 9:59 PM
I think I've read some of that on some /a/ thread a long time ago. I presume it is the where the famous ''multi track drifting'' scene comes from. Funny little parody.

MuhRin | 01-24-15, 9:11 PM

MuhRin | 01-24-15, 1:27 PM
Ghost, it is safe to say Bleach was influenced by that one.

The main group in that one has a nice mix. Power fighter, beams and 2cool4u edgy guy, goofy rival character that is actually useful and a tactical fighter. Whilst it isn't particularly strong in overarching plot it was all fun.

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