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WeShootBurglars | 09-18-14, 10:10 PM
Looks like the no campaign is about to win, it is weird that country would vote against their own freedom.

Suppose the Scots will be gaining more power though, although it seems a bit pointless as the core government can overrule anything that Scotland does anyway.

They might have saved themselves from a crappy financial future....or of course they could have shot themselves in the foot. Some small countries do really well.

And yuuuuuuuuuup, Scotland has voted nope.

WeShootBurglars | 09-18-14, 9:07 PM
UK politics is certainly pretty busy, there are only about 2 - 3 parties with a reasonable chance of getting in power though.

Scotland of course have a few of their own parties. The ones pushing for independence are the SNP and pretty much everybody else wants to stay. Usual Labour voters were expected to go with the SNP on this referendum but that actually doesn't seem to be happening.

SNP and BNP [British] voters tend to be somewhat easily swayed. They are parties that get votes through controversial issues like immigration. Those and of course UKIP [UK Independence] are often considered racist. They certainly have the 'bloody foreigners, coming over here, taking our jobs' vote.

I've never really been able to get excited about politics, I'm yet to be truly won over by any of the main parties. Local politics is slightly different, I do like what Green say. National I've voted Tory in the past but honestly they only edged it.

WeShootBurglars | 09-18-14, 8:16 PM
Nah, it isn't really surprising. Mecha is generally aimed at the shounen demographic so naturally the main characters are male.

Yeah, they have always been labor, lets just say those people are more likely to buy into what the SNP were saying. It was a big win for them although apparently they were expecting bigger.

WeShootBurglars | 09-18-14, 7:56 PM
Yeah, it is pretty rare for a female to be the lead in a mecha series. Can only think of about 6 or 7 whereas there are hundreds of male leads.

Nobody knows for sure what the positives would be. There are predictions but nobody really knows. Yes just got their first win, although it was one of the few p laces that would be the obvious win for yes.

WeShootBurglars | 09-18-14, 7:10 PM
lol, that was pretty crazy.

There was actually a pretty famous series where the mech was a dragon. Escaflowne was pretty cool.

First 4 polling locations have all gone to the no for independence campaign. They weren't massively important areas though.

WeShootBurglars | 09-18-14, 6:24 PM
Depends on your definition of streaking, I've seen people run onto the pitch but I don't think any of them have taken off their clothes. Seen it on TV plenty though, hell it even happened at the recent World Cup. At a Norwich game the most notable case was a coupl eof fans running up to the manager and throwing their season tickets at him during a 7 - 1 loss on the opening day of a season.

My favourite fan of the season so far.

I'll be watching a fair few things next season actually, much more than the 3 or 4 this time. Two different Gundam series, that other mecha thing with the dragons and all of the famouse seiyuu, KyoAni and Gibli things and the sequels to Chaika and Log Holrizon. I haven't read most of the chart so there might even be more.

WeShootBurglars | 09-18-14, 5:43 PM
Yeah, seats are good. Top tier of one of the end stands. I think we'll win big if we can grab an early goal, if not I think they will try to make it a scrappy game and hope they can snatch something. Should be fun anyway.

Ouch. Bet those are knackering. Certainly with what you are studying.

WeShootBurglars | 09-18-14, 5:08 PM
If you got them mixed up with the English then they would be annoyed.

I passed my test a few weeks ago, have no real intention of buying a car right now though. Work is work. Literally nothing exciting has happened in my life recently. Should be getting down to Carrow Road for the first time since pre season on the weekend, so that's good.

Guess you have just been busy with school?

WeShootBurglars | 09-18-14, 4:48 PM
Good stuff, hope you get a nice rest on the weekend.

Not Ireland, Scotland. No, the English public don't get a say at all. Most of the English public don't really care but those running the country would rather everything stayed as it was. My own personal opinion is that we should stick together and address the issue in a decade or two. Our economy has really been on the mend recently and this could potentially fuck it up.

WeShootBurglars | 09-18-14, 4:23 PM
Looks like I should have put some money on both of those managers getting sacked. Were both confirmed today. I'd imagine our board right now are feeling a little smug about how well they have adapted to the relegation.

Nice Sui-Feng.

ZombiePsycho | 09-17-14, 6:21 PM
I can't even download iOS 8 cause I got no more space on my phone.

ZombiePsycho | 09-17-14, 6:04 PM
>Jonathan Dwyer charged with domestic violence
Goodbye 2014 football season.
My NFL news just turned into forensic files.

WeShootBurglars | 09-16-14, 11:10 PM
Not really surprise. They know it can happen but they still have to risk it in order to win the game. Counter attacks are probably the hardest thing to defend against in the sport.

WeShootBurglars | 09-16-14, 10:33 PM

The goal that starts at about 1.45 is a perfect example of what we should be doing away from home a lot more now. Also when we get a goal up at home and the other team are forced into attacking. So not used to attacking quickly.

I don't really follow any celeb madness now MJ is ded.

WeShootBurglars | 09-16-14, 9:43 PM
Against the poorer and more average sides I have a feeling we might start finding it easier away from home. At our ground their fans won't mind if they sit behind the ball and play for a draw, at their grounds they will be expected to attack, that of course leaves holes at the back to exploit. We have quite a few fast attacking players so they are perfect for that.

Sexuality is a weird thing. Obviously he never felt confident enough. I don't think people suddenly just realise stuff like that.

WeShootBurglars | 09-16-14, 9:07 PM
It is a pretty strange run we have against them, haven't beaten them in 16 tries and only twice since 1974. It isn't even like they've been really far ahead of us in terms of quality in most of these games.

Pete Burns is a strange creature.

WeShootBurglars | 09-16-14, 8:42 PM
Fulham have tried to be reliant on young players. Champs is way too physical for that, really surprised their manager even tried. Whilst we aren't rivals per se, as a Norwcih fan, it sure is nice seeing Fulham get rekt every week. That being said if they are still bottom and we are top when we play I'm sure they'll still beat us.

70s Bowie was slightly more ambiguous.

WeShootBurglars | 09-16-14, 8:15 PM
Would be really harsh if Cardiff sacked their manager. The Championship is one of those league where teams often pick up their forma after Christmas. Unless they really wanted to be challenging for the top 2. Fulham, well, they've just been shocking and their manager still doesn't play their best players. He's know for running his teams hard and I simply think these aren't the type of players that respond to that.

I was listening to something from the same era.

WeShootBurglars | 09-16-14, 7:52 PM
A draw or a Forest loss will see us stay top as our goal difference was boosted again. Either of those results seem unlikely though considering Fulham's form right now.

Can see both of the other recently relegated sides sacking their managers this week.

WeShootBurglars | 09-16-14, 7:37 PM
Top of the league.

Well, for a day anyway.

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