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KeiranShikari | Yesterday, 10:51 AM
Pretty pointless to hit a single torrent site when there are plenty of other options. Oh well, people will have their fun.

KeiranShikari | Yesterday, 10:34 AM
Yeah, there were like 500 items on my list with changed names. Will take thee database mods quite a while to fix it.

Yeah, Nyaa came back for a while but then went down again. Oh well.

KeiranShikari | Yesterday, 4:25 AM
Seems like a mod account and a script was used. Seems it's under control this time.

KeiranShikari | 08-29-14, 1:01 PM
International friendly games are the worst, players risking injury for almost meaningless games.

When a game is so multicultural clubs do have a lot of stuff to deal with. Does the NFL have any Muslim players? I remember we had one guy and his performances always used to dip during Ramadan.

KeiranShikari | 08-29-14, 12:41 PM
These specific international games are friendly matches. There are international games throughout the season and most of them will be qualifying games for summer tournaments, for our players mostly European Championships and World Cups. There are of course other tournaments in other federations. The most annoying one is the African Cup of Nations which takes place during the middle of our season, basically players go off to that for a month of the season potentially missing a lot of games.

Luckily we have a very deep squad in comparison to most in the league. As long as we steer clear of injuries to key players we should be ok. Can see how momentum is so important in this league.

KeiranShikari | 08-29-14, 12:24 PM
Instead of league games next weekend there are international matches. I think about 10 of our players have been called up for their countries.

Because of the international break the second half of the month is cramped. We play on the 13th, 16th, 20th, 23rd, 27th and 30th.

KeiranShikari | 08-29-14, 12:05 PM
Shame it'll be a couple of weeks before we see him play, got here too late to play in tomorrow's game and then there is an international break. Suppose the extra week of training isn't bad as there will probably be a couple more new players bedding in as well.

KeiranShikari | 08-29-14, 11:39 AM
Not sure why exactly in his cases but there are loads of reasons a deal can break down. The player could fail a medical, the club could fail to meet his contract demands, the club could simply change their mind at the last minute, there could be work permit problems and any other number of personal reasons, I remember reading once that a player rejected a move to a big club because his girlfriend didn't want to live in that city.

I doubt he was signed with the intention of profit in mind but it's only logical that if a club spends a decent fee there should be potential to get that back later on. It's very rare that we will actually spend money on a player over 30.

KeiranShikari | 08-29-14, 10:58 AM
Widely regarded as one of the best players in the Belgian league. Has almost joined Premier League clubs on a number of occasions. Adds to our already way above average midfield. He has had some consistency issues apparently, but I have faith that our coach can work those out of his game. Got him for a fee of up to £4m but only £2.5 of that is up front, the rest comes with appearances and if we get promoted. A couple of good years in England and his value will rise a lot.

Sort of surprised we pulled this one off.

KeiranShikari | 08-29-14, 9:35 AM

Signing 7 of the summer complete. Pretty exciting, this one.

KeiranShikari | 08-27-14, 1:11 PM
Goalkeeper and the rest of the defensive positions don't tend to attract huge fees. Considering that the Goalkeeper is arguably the most important player on the pitch it has always felt a bit strange. With our ever so slightly gung-ho approach this year Ruddy has already proved very important on dealing with the counter.

KeiranShikari | 08-27-14, 12:45 PM
The attacking midfielder shares a fair few attributes with the QB. Most importantly the ability to see and play the incisive pass. For a youngster it is often the most difficult thing to do so the introduction to the first team is often more gradual. It's also one of the positions where good players are most expensive, in fact all of the top 5 or 6 world record transfers are attacking midfielders. After that most of the records are strikers, I would guess that after quarterbacks the runningbacks and wide receivers are the money men in gridiron?

His ability to work hard non stop throughout the entire game, so it was endurance related.

KeiranShikari | 08-27-14, 12:08 PM
Can't see him being a starter but he should get some game time. It appears he is an attacking midfielder that likes to play through the middle, that would make him direct competition for Wes Hoolahan. Scottish football is weaker than English so I doubt he's totally ready yet anyway. Hoolahan is 32 now so by the time his legs give out on him this new guy should be able to naturally take his position.

Everything I'm hearing about him is good, apparently he has a great work ethic and attitude. He also is very composed on the pitch which is very promising for a young player. I also like that our first team coach, the guy that was his manager last season was the one that recommended him. This coach was one of my favourite players as a kid, he was nicknamed 'three lungs' because of how much effort he put in on the pitch.

Never used mobile MAL. Sounds stressful.

KeiranShikari | 08-27-14, 11:35 AM
It seems that kid had been attracting interest from bigger clubs but he picked us because he knows a couple of our staff. We took their manager and first team coach a couple of months ago. Wasn't expecting he'd sign so soon but he is also in the 6 ft and over club.

Has certainly been a busy summer, and we'll probably sign a few more before the window closes on Monday.

KeiranShikari | 08-27-14, 11:12 AM
Just announced a new signing, an 18 year old that has already played 82 pro games up in Scotland. Can't say I knew of him before these rumours started a couple of fays ago but their fans are devastated to see him go. Always a good sign.

Forgot to mention, I think the Shounen Jump manga will be on Fridays from now on. Going back to how it was done years ago.

KeiranShikari | 08-27-14, 8:37 AM
We have a pretty good chance of winning the next game. Next month starts with a really tough away game with Cardiff, if we won that I'd probably start getting really confident about our chances. The rest of September doesn't involve any really tough teams but there are more away games so I doubt we'll win all of them.

Our first month of our season was far tougher on paper.

KeiranShikari | 08-27-14, 5:24 AM
4 wins in a row now, pretty much played our b team last night and still ended up winning 3 - 1.

I've also noticed how big a side we are becoming physically. I mean when a player isn't tall and powerful he's lightning fast. We've never been this sort of side in my 12 years watching. It seems the next two players we will be signing are 6 ft 3 and 6 ft 5.

KeiranShikari | 08-24-14, 2:03 AM
It's the League Cup, the prize is qualification for this. Not very likely that we will win it but I do feel that under the current manager we could have a good run in the cups.

ZombiePsycho | 08-23-14, 7:30 PM
But with 72 million dollars in the bank, he can pay people to read for him.

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