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Baddie007 | 09-11-14, 12:06 PM
Sweet "SD2" review, muchachita.

That's cute girl in Spanish.

FGAU1912 | 02-14-12, 6:19 PM

Otaku-Ninja8 | 01-02-12, 7:43 PM
I usually try to at least watch the first 3 episodes of an anime before I decide to drop it or not...but Full Moon o Sagashite has like 50 episodes!! lol

itsvero | 01-02-12, 2:27 PM
You're actually hilarious. How are you retarded, you ask? You blatantly ignore the rules stated at the beginning of the thread. Calm yourself. Nobody is trying to "control" you for "stupid reasons". Frankly, the reasons aren't stupid at all. YOU are the one who is in the wrong, breaking all of the rules. Please, you're just making people feel bad for you.

Also, don't think you're so important that we're all trying to - how did you put it, "bully or manipulate" you. Nobody cares if you're a hot head or a nice girl. Don't come on the thread if you're going to make minimal contribution and act aggressively towards other people.

RenaPsychoKiller | 12-13-11, 6:14 PM
Eh, I loved the movie.

CB is not very Christmas-like at all, so any month is fine to watch it.

Sorry, but I don't accept random friend requests.

Moklyop | 07-28-11, 8:14 AM
Welcome to MAL!

_laz_ | 07-27-11, 6:06 PM
I said COMPLETELY UNBIASED so I fully support logical reasoning.
That is why the majority of the anime titles in my list are 4-6/10.

Regardless of the quality of my reviews, it is somewhat objective and I do act like a critic.
Read them at your own risk.

Shoryuuken | 07-08-11, 3:12 AM
Sorry for the crazy late reply, I blame school.

That movie changed my view at Children, just an little bit. O.o

Ow Btw, part 2 is announced! :)

Random_Cross | 06-16-11, 4:42 AM
At last there's a person who agreed with me about the badness of Pokemon 4ever!

Shoryuuken | 06-13-11, 1:35 AM
Really, that kid in the dispicable me. Really did something to me O_O

Shoryuuken | 06-12-11, 11:58 AM
That kid, tooo cute XD

MrsSpooky | 06-09-11, 6:34 PM
Hi pinkarray! Sure! A friend of sonicfan's is a friend of mine. :)

Nice to meet you.

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