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colderduck | 10-05-10, 9:55 PM
i have tried reading the manga but didn't get very far
what I amlooking forward to is to aru majutsu no index 2!
but also checking out

ukonkivi | 03-01-10, 10:35 AM
He's banned, he died a martyr for the good cause, go to his site: it has some contact details there.

Palettes | 01-19-10, 11:27 AM
hi, do you mean my sig ? i'm not really sure myself but you can take this pic. here's the link : and post here: to ask. i'm sure someone will answer. hope this helps(:

AironicallyHuman | 01-19-10, 1:54 AM

First of all, cheers for the comment. It pleases me to know someone read one of my reviews and found it helpful. It's very rare for someone to comment on my profile like you!

Yeah: I prefer anime heavy on realism. If an anime can hit me where it hurts, then I tend to think highly of the title in question. That's how I differ from others who want to escape into other fictional worlds via anime.

If lessons on life are what you desire, then anime isn't really the way to go: manga is. A lot of the more realistic manga never get adapted because the stories aren't mainstream/dumb enough to sell. There are rare anime gems, like NieA, but they are few and far between.

Since I'm currently in manga mode and reading Ikigami, even though I'm aware you aren't a manga reader per se, you should check out Ikigami. It's about how humans spends their last 24 hours when they know they're going to die. Some go down a violent path, others a more peaceful one. If reality and lesson about life interest you, then seeing a good examination of human nature might just do it for you.

...or, if you just want a random anime recc, how about Ocean Waves? I have a review up for it. Ditto for the Black Jack OVA series. :)

Pucky19 | 01-07-10, 9:48 PM
Hell yes! Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 already on your top 5! It was truly amazing

Teddy | 12-23-09, 2:56 AM
Merry Christmas to you and a happy new year!

Krio | 11-21-09, 7:40 PM
Thanks for the recs ;] I'll def. check them out.

Pucky19 | 08-05-09, 9:28 PM
lol, for some reason im surprised rolo is on ur fav character lol

Teddy | 06-09-09, 7:38 AM
As a fellow Koi Kaze fan, I hope that you are willing to accept my friend request. =]

HawthorneKitty | 06-05-09, 3:58 PM
It was the complete opposite for me for Itazura. I thought it would be another romantic comedy where she chases him all over the place, but I just love how far their relationship gets.

All I'm wishing for is a NANA Second Season... I'll have to settle for the manga for now though.

colderduck | 06-05-09, 9:31 AM
idk if i got papaya, but im watching something else right now
aishiteruze baby lol

qseft | 06-05-09, 12:53 AM
If you have even the slightest interest in the series, I highly recommend that you actually give it a try. There are 3 seasons and a number of OVAs and Specials, so you'll be doing a marathon :)

Looking at your list, it is difficult to say whether you will come to enjoy the series. One thing for sure, there are no exploding actions or major plot twists in this anime. However, if you are a rather emotional person, watching Aria will not go wrong. Light, relaxing, cute, heart-warming and touching. That is how Aria is like, and the reason why I was captivated by the series and love it.

The main characters are very interesting and are very well developed. There are many funny moments and they are very likeable. The story places emphasis on human relations, attributing to the many heart-warming and touching parts. Often, your emotions will flow with the anime. Graphics wise, there are many beautiful and memorable scenes, and I still have a deep impression of them. The music also fits in very well with the mood and pace of the anime. The overall feeling is just... superb. I fully enjoyed the anime.

After stating all the good points about Aria, I'll need to tell you about the bad part too. The only problem with Aria is probably how slow paced it is. There are people who find it boring so it is really up to the individual. Other than this, I don't think there's anything else to criticise.

You should watch a few episodes and see how you feel about the anime. Hopefully you will come to enjoy it too :)

HawthorneKitty | 06-04-09, 11:10 PM
Wait a second...why do I see Rolo's smug face!?

HawthorneKitty | 06-04-09, 8:46 PM
I found it extremely amusing when she always yelled Ichij┼Ź's name in her funny accent and she just delivered so much for me in the anime despite her supporting role. xD

Pucky19 | 05-03-09, 10:43 AM
yup. i never even heard of jyu oh sei.... idk lol, we prolly hav very different tastes

Pucky19 | 03-05-09, 6:18 PM
i warn u, if u ever watch totoro again, it will ruin ur childhood memories...... rewatch value is like -10 haha

Jb1528 | 03-03-09, 9:54 AM
Wow that is a pretty high compatibility.

colderduck | 02-03-09, 2:04 PM
lol. dude not everything has a manga or i can't find them

colderduck | 01-19-09, 7:34 AM
dude i know lol... at least it didn't feel THAT short this time

colderduck | 01-13-09, 10:45 AM
honey and clover....
oneouts too

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