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punkvolume1 | 11-22-12, 4:27 PM
thanks, but you really didn't have to go out of your way to tell me thank. :3

punkvolume1 | 11-05-12, 5:32 AM
haha, don't mind it. I never actually used that design so it's pretty much ok.

punkvolume1 | 10-31-12, 8:42 PM
thanks. :3

stikboy17 | 07-01-11, 8:04 PM
thanks you!!!

sankar | 07-01-11, 11:22 AM
This is my favorite profile !!.Rin looks so nice.Good job man i really really love it.

Smaster | 06-16-11, 11:41 PM
I said it like that. You like rap ?
I prefer more rock, electro and DJ type musics like LP and SHM.

When they talked to me later on, tell me what they said..xD
Thanks god that your virginity is still here..I was like...o.O

Reversify | 06-16-11, 1:53 AM
Yo! I just changed my anime and manga list's styles, so you can check it out if you'd like ^_^

Smaster | 06-15-11, 11:33 PM
Haha..well said. I still remember my first alcohol event where some friends had to bring me back home..lucky that on that day one of them had a transport with him or else dunno what would have happened xD. I drank more than my body could hold that day..must be around 60% of alcohol.

Lol rap lost nothing right?
No need to worry then..haha..or your pride as a rap dancer was taken into ridiculous.

marius_marquise | 06-15-11, 3:09 AM
Easy the card may have its Thermal Compound, which is called thermal paste, scattered around the chip of the card all you have to do it to open the card (take out the heat sink) wash the existing thermal paste with Methylene (it can be used instead of alchohol to wipe stuff clean) put a little of it on a cotton swap or a cloth, wipe of the existing thermal compound, put some of the thermal compound (bought from the market) put it in the middle of it (the chip) press the heat sink with a little more force than normal to fix it on the chip and viola your done :D

Here this will explain the phenomenon to you more better than I :D

thatbakaboy | 06-15-11, 2:48 AM
nm just some cod

thatbakaboy | 06-14-11, 8:36 PM
thanks for the friendly greeting.

Reversify | 06-14-11, 1:56 PM
Yeah definitely

Smaster | 06-14-11, 6:11 AM
Haha....the same happened to me earlier.
Someone put in her birthday date just the month and date and lol I told her:
"You were born in 2010 at that date"....xD

Alcohol is fun to drink but it's a remedy to make you spit every truth you're hiding. They should introduce it in courts..xD

Reversify | 06-13-11, 1:30 PM
Yeah, I'm just waiting for a bunch of other shows to come out this year

Smaster | 06-13-11, 5:45 AM
No no..I meant in games, usually you don't have to collects objects so that you get the achievements at the end of the game. I doing the same just that I was watching some guides so that I don't have to play the missions again just for the collectibles :D
You understand!!

Dunno I'm not a Ao no exorcist fan. I've not watched the anime yet..haha
Just happen to find a LE card on him and posted my request ..just like fill the space...xD

marius_marquise | 06-13-11, 5:20 AM
yeah XD.

Easy, had to apply "thermal paste" to control its temperature (its a whole lecture if you wanna listen holler me)....:D had to open the GPU though XD

Smaster | 06-13-11, 12:57 AM
Ossu I'm fine :D
Watching some collectibles gameplay for castlevania atm :P
I'm already on the hardest mode....don't wanna play it again for the collectibles ;)

Reversify | 06-13-11, 12:55 AM
Oh no D: lol

I'm getting really bored with anime :|

Reversify | 06-12-11, 2:26 PM
Just listening to music.
Thanks :P

How about you?

marius_marquise | 06-10-11, 8:36 AM XFX service center in Pakistan? are you kiddin' me? HAHAHAHAHAH I can't cause there are non here !.....a new one costs a fortune.... and I am a poor guy T_T....I found a solution though :D

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