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dadnaya | 07-31-14, 2:23 AM
thanks for spoiling me though .... (i think)

dadnaya | 07-21-14, 10:56 PM
About ao no exorcist and Sao you said: - Both main characters lost their loved ones. Well, you should watch SAO again cuz he didnt completely lost asuna...

Otasan | 05-25-14, 3:05 AM
^^Glad that you could finish your busy schedule.

But why arent you intelligent because you dont know where the things are? I mean you never worked before right? Then I think its ok to not know much and ask very often. They cant expect a new worker to know anything. But yes workin in stores is hard. Before i began my School Training i also worked in a papeterie store. It was more easygoing there but i remember that i also felt myself uncomfortable around People. (I mean i feel even now uncomfortable around short they annoy me.) But when you ask(even when your Seniors are annoyed) you will learn more and become with the time more confident. I dont know where i heard it but there is a saying that goes like this...perhaps...: "If you ask you will feel ashamed for a Moment, but if you dont ask you will feel ashamed for your whole life." or something like this xd Sure its not good if you ask something that should be clear, but in your case its ok. you are new. Even People who worked for a Long time have sometimes to ask when they begin to work in a new place. In other words dont worry to much(a Little is ok) with the time you will know more and become better.^^ How Long will you work there? life? Its now great!^^ like you know i worked until recently in neuchatel. But it was was temporary( until beginning mai) and know i am searching for a new workplace. ^^ Sure its hard without much Money but i love the times when i have to apply for new Jobs. Because in the time where i dont work i can watch and read as much Anime/Mangas than i want. Its pure Paradies. But i think it would be good that i could find work after some months(even tough its really difficult to find work it could really happen that i dont find any work even after a year...happens also in swiss often xd)
The reason why i want to work fast has just one reason, I want to save more Money so i could make a spoke stay in Japan for a month. If it wasnt for that i wouldnt really care how Long i wouldnt have to work. haha really irresponsible right?

But have you been in Japan? If yes how Long? And was it for vacation?

Otasan | 04-22-14, 1:26 PM
Haha, then i have to say more sry because i was just too lazy to write back. But you are very admirable, i wouldnt bother to write back a Long answer when i was as busy like you. I would be too tired.^^' Because of that i have no Problems when you can't write back fast. Dont worry. ^^

But if you dont have that much time for a time wouldnt short Animes be a nice Option? (Like 5 or 10 minutes Long?) It doesnt take too much time and you can have your Anime dose. Or another Option are the new Animes that Comes weekly. This season I began some of the Shows that Comes weekly and now i have the Feeling i have a Little bit more time.

I know just that what you write about you but i think you arent unrealistic. Event tough you are younger than me you know your Goal(to become an Anime animator) and also works towards this Goal even tough you hate shool. A unrealistic and spoilt Person would give up to go too shool when he wouldnt like it(yes like me When i was Young i didnt know what i wanted do with my life and let myself be swept with the wave. Such a waste...*sigh*)In this regard you are much more connected with reality than myself. You know that you have sometimes to go trough hardships to realize your dreams and dont give up. If you would be unrealistic then you couldn't do that.
And to say the truth, i believe that Anime/Manga fans are more realistc and have a more open mind than the ones who dont watch or read it. At last the ones in switzerland...But it seems like swiss is not the only Country that is like that. The fans in your country are realistic too.^^

But just a Chance of 20% for such Jobs? Wow seems like i have to think more better about swiss(but am to lazy and spoilt to appreciat it.) But I believe you will be able to realize your dream. I mean if you become a famous animator i can brag about you(Like i could Exchange comments with someone as intelligent like you.^^ for me all the People that have to do or work with Mangas and Animes are highly intelligent and something to be admired)

Congratulations!^^ A easy teacher? the he must be skilled. I like the easy ones the best.

No i didnt read the novel and the Mangas. just watched the Movies and am waiting until the novel is completely translated.

So seems like i have written so much...I wish you good luck by deciphering my writing. >-)
And also dont despair over your homework.

Otasan | 04-02-14, 4:01 AM
thats ok. I am also not the fastest answerer(my englisch is becoming more bad...) But you mean you couldnt watch for a certain time? That would be the Horror for me.^^

Haha, somehow I understand that. Luckily People respected my wish to be in my free time alone but its annnoying when they force themselves on me. Sure its not mature of your friends to be mad at you but you can see it so, that they like you so much that they want to hang out often with you.^^ But your friends dont watch Animes right?

Is that so? Is it so difficult in your Country to become a normal Job? I mean even in switzerland i had to go to college when i want to become a animator... but its nice i hope you will be able to let your dream come true.

Wow why did you took lessens of so many languages? Chinese and Japanese could I understand but French? Did you have it in Shool? Or are you just interested in this language?

Hm...I think the Kara no kyoukai is complete...I mean the 7th movie is the end. The 8 Movie is just an epilogue(but a great one) and the 9 Movie just Shows some things of the past that affected the future...But I am not sure if more Movies would come out, thats always possible.^^ but the novels are complete, just the manga is ongoing.

Otasan | 03-22-14, 3:55 AM
^^ Thank you. Wedding Peach is one of the Animes that I watched as a kid. Because of that it is nostalgic to me. I will watch it when i finish some other Animes that are nostalgic to me(Dragon Ball, Digimon usw)

Yes I am really glad. Like I said at the time where I worked and lived there I wasnt able to watch or read new Mangas/Animes. That was the pure Horror for me. Sure after some years there I bought a iphone and Laptop but the pain of not being able to watch Animes/Mangas for more than a year is engraved in my sensible heart. After that i became like a shut in and avoid contact with other People in my freetime so that i can watch or read. I mean for me to be with other people isnt as important than be with Animes or mangas. sry for my boring rambling.

You dont like School? Wow then how can you go on with College? Thats amazing...I mean I couldnt do it. I hate School too and because of that I didnt go to on to School and began to work.
My favourites subject are German, Englisch but I hate French.-.- Event tough i had it for 5 years in School I cant even understand and speak a word. Seems like this language is not compatible with me...I dont know why People like such a language. What language can you and which is your favourite?

^^Yes but you have to watch more movies to know what really happenend and why shiki is so. I think its quite interesting and realistic(the character Setting). i didnt read much from Nasu Kinoko(just Fate stay night and Tsukihime) but i think kara no kyoukai could become my favourite from him after i read his light novel.

Otasan | 03-16-14, 10:55 AM
The place where my WorkTraining was was something like a place where People with psychological Problems go for a therapy. I always wanted to work in such a place. and at first i also thought village life could also be a good experience for someone as lazy like myself!^^ But i dont work there anymore and am back in the City and can watch in my free time as much Anime as i want. I am so happy!

That is hard.I am happy that i don't have to go to School was really tough to stay awake during the lessons and do homework(not that i did any of my homeworks... But the thougt of homework is annoying) Because of that I think ist amazing when someone has the will to go trough that. Do you have a favorite subject?

I saw now that you watched the second movie of Kara no kyoukai. That was one of my favorites.^^ I really like the relationship between the both main heroes and have a weak Point for such characters.

I saw while checking which movies from KnK you watched that you want to watch Wedding peach? Do you watch them in with engl. Sub? I also want to watch them but I didnt find any Subs...Do you know where they have Subs?

Otasan | 03-11-14, 6:46 AM
Yeah the japanese entertainments are for me the best in the world xd

I wasnt very fond of this village...couldnt watch animes or read mangas and had to drive with a vehicle every day 1-3 times up a mountain(it wasnt much just the half of the mountain...) just for work and much more inconvenience. I dont know how we call it in english but I work in offices, secretariat, etc. and do administrative works (perhaps its called office lady? ^^)
What do you do? Do you go to school?

I think too that it isnt needed to reveal you actual birth date I was just astounded because i thougt that i would become replys that would be like older men and then it wasnt so.^^

Did you watch kara no kyoukai? Just watched yesterday the epilogue and was a little bit taken aback. Never thought that they would make something like this.

Otasan | 03-07-14, 11:43 AM
Yeah I am glad too that we two were saved from Animes! That shows how great Mangas and Animes are. ^^

Ouran High School Club? Ok seems like I have to watch this Anime now too(read a Little bit from manga but its a long time since then so I dont remember much.)

You mean my work Training or the workplace where i am now? My work Training was 2-3 years before and it was in a village(really remote) in switzerland and now I work in Neuchatel. It's also in Swiss.

But what I read from you, you seem much younger than me...thats surprising!^^ I mean you wrote that you were Born in 1930(in Profile) Haha, is that a fake date?

Otasan | 03-04-14, 4:18 AM
xd thats odd. When I read your comment it remembered me at my past that is in many way quite similar but also different to yours. I began to watch anime(Sailro moon was my first) when I was 8 Years old and 3-4 years later I began to read much mangas. At the time I also wanted to die and had always suicidal thoughts. But Thanks to One Piece I was saved too. Since then I started to be more interested in Mangas. Our family bought a PC 2-4 years later but I was at the time quite sceptical und didn't want to read or watch anime in engl. subs. until I had to leave for my work training somewhere where i didn't have a tv and wasn't able to buy mangas. I was so starved for mangas that I began to read and watch them with englisch subs...After that I wanted to do something for mangas and animes too...but to say the truth I dont know what. I will have to find my way of repaying exhausting...^^
Which anime saved you? Or were there many?

Otasan | 02-25-14, 11:16 AM your introduction. And I feel the same(can't be without anime and its the only thing that touches my heart.^_^¦¦¦) because of that I had to leave a comment.
but really great! we have a good anime compability. hope its not to personal but how did you beginn to watch anime? I am just curious.

Kannei | 02-24-14, 8:08 PM
vomic- seiyuu fanclub!

would you like to join us ?

iMole209 | 02-07-14, 7:05 PM
That's.....quite surprising really. Considering you had a MAL account for quite a while. Well, thanks for the add.

Xenograft | 10-13-13, 2:19 AM
No problem. Keep up the good reviews and enjoy MAL!

Xenograft | 10-06-13, 8:02 AM
No reviews are permitted after only one episode

If you read the guidelines on MAL, you should leave your thoughts on the episode discussion thread and not create a review. Reviews are not allowed until at least one third of the show has been aired.


Snakes | 10-06-13, 3:24 AM
Hello iNinjeek, I would highly recommend you have a read of the MAL review guidelines here:

Reviewing an anime which has 26 episodes before the 6th episode aired is actually breaking the review guidelines, as stated in this extract from the review guidelines.

"Review text should not be submitted until the:
4th episode has been viewed for TV series one cours (~13 eps) in length;
6th episode has been viewed for TV series two cours (~26 eps) in length;
10th episode has been viewed for TV series four cours (~52 eps) or longer in length."

I hope this helps when you write future reviews, thanks.

Baddie007 | 09-15-13, 10:27 AM
Yep "Bro Con" is as poor as it is.

Avato-chan | 07-16-13, 5:47 PM
No problem :) I am happy to help in any way! Your English is not bad at all~

MaskingTape | 07-07-13, 9:32 PM
Your reviews are plagued with irrelevancy. It isn't so exactly irrelevant, though, as it is trivial... or empty. The response is important, but the review shouldn't consist completely of just that alone.

Give detail and explain. Why should we give trust in the words you've written? Your other reviews consist at least a semblance of reason, but they're not the slightest bit adequate. I suggest you read a /thorough/ guide on the matter before attempting to write anything else.

Gotta stop for now, though. This block of paragraph might dissuade you from actually reading it.

Axel17 | 06-27-13, 11:19 AM
Your recommendations are amazing! Helped me sooo much! :D

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