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uran10 | 06-12-14, 7:52 PM
I don't like to mix older anime with the ones I watch for the season so I tend to watch them on days where anime for that day are a bit weaker on that day. On tuesday I have nothing from this season since I gave up on Soul Eater Not, I plan on watching it sometime in the future though.

Finished Bakemonogatari, twas good. I wont say I enjoyed it as much as say Oregairu or some others but its a solid 8 for me. I wasn't surprised as to the reason for her stress in the end. It felt pretty obvious to me.

Kannei | 06-12-14, 9:43 AM
~~VOMIC CLaim jun 2014~~

pick them up here ~~

save and rehost // deleted in 2 days !!

orimura_kun | 06-12-14, 6:07 AM
wah jadi agan suka rias nih?? sungguh kenyataan yang mengejutkan hahaha...... jadi agan sukanya yang kayak gitu toh XD

orimura_kun | 06-12-14, 12:46 AM
hahaha beda fetish mungkin(??) ane kurang suka char yg offensive dan kelewat vulgar macam 3 orang itu kayak nggak tau malu soalnya...-_-

ayo gan jangan mau kalah XD

uran10 | 06-11-14, 2:39 PM
I'll probably do it but the only days I really watch anime right now that aren't a part of the season are tuesday and thursday. Nintendo's e3 last throughout all 3 days so I will barely get to watch anything. I just narrowly snuck in No game no life and Chaika today.

orimura_kun | 06-11-14, 7:25 AM
hahaha iya ane yakin bakal tetep bagus jalan ceritanya cuman ane males ngeliat fanservicenya....ditambah ane gak suka sifat chara macam rias,akeno,asia yah paling yg normal cuma sih koneko doang tuh XD

orimura_kun | 06-11-14, 6:45 AM
hahahaha yg paling bikin ane nggak enjoy itu maken-ki sama DxD juga sebenernya cuman ane masih ngasih apresiasi buat ceritanya DxD yg season 1 cukup bagus tapi season 2nya nggak tahan ane........

orimura_kun | 06-11-14, 5:36 AM
hahaha ane waktu itu iseng nyoba eh ternyata plotnya kayaknya gak ada dan yg palin bikin ane risih itu........"itu"nya gede banget jadi ane gak lanjutin kayaknya
anime yg paling gak enjoy pas agan tonton anime apaan gan??

uran10 | 06-11-14, 5:15 AM
I'll eventually get though watching "to heart" and "to hear 2" but that will take time.

I'm taking a short break for monogatari for now. I like the series but Its not somethign I can stream through like Oregairu was.

orimura_kun | 06-11-14, 4:47 AM
hmmm ahahaha yg kayak neptunia juga ane demen eh cuman itu dari game juga yah hahaha cuman kalo moe itu kayak sonico the animation ane pas deh-_-

orimura_kun | 06-11-14, 2:06 AM
heh kalo kyoani yg bagus cuman k-on,kokoro conect,sama clannad tergantung emang kalo ceritanya bagus dan nggak terlalu moe ane gak bakalan bosen macam escha&logy ane demen tuh XD
agan sendiri??

FireHeart | 06-10-14, 9:17 AM
Yeah you have a point but I'd still rather download it in high quality and delete it after that, if it's not worth keeping. I guess everyone likes doing things their own way ^_^

uran10 | 06-10-14, 4:57 AM
lol, just seeing what I missed out on since I grew up with medabots, sailor moon, DBZ and all that toonami stuff. the old animation + it feeling kinda a harem that's not a harem makes it weird.

The monogatari series is really good so far, the conversations are what makes it good, add in the power of SHAFT and it just gets better. I've come to the conclusion that Shaft can make any anime have a creepy vibe to them without trying. Well maybe not nisekoi but any other work I've seen from them is kinda creepy and the headtilts just make it feel even creepier.

FireHeart | 06-10-14, 2:52 AM
Oh, I see. Makes sense.

orimura_kun | 06-10-14, 2:32 AM
hmm tergantung sih anime moe kayak gimana dulu nih?? tapi kalo terlalu moe ane juga kadang malah jadi gak suka.......

orimura_kun | 06-10-14, 2:18 AM
"~,~ hahaha iya nih ane blom bisa akur sama animasinya Shaft cuman ane lagi berusaha buat suka juga kok XD

FireHeart | 06-09-14, 8:49 AM
I guess so but it ruins the whole experience for me. Personally, I'm investing time to watch anime cuz I enjoy watching not cuz I need to watch high amounts of it. Quality over quantity is better any day ^_^ As for the money part, I completely agree.

uran10 | 06-09-14, 8:11 AM
lol don't get me wrong, I tend to enjoy the boobs unless they're just too big (aki-sensei Maken-ki). I'm trying to watch "to heart" but my god is it hard to watch something from 1999 after watching an episode of nobunaga the fool.

Finally got around to watching the 2nd episode of the monogatari series and I enjoyed it quite a bit now. Reminds me of Yukino and Hachiman's conversations with a touch of supernatural.

uran10 | 06-09-14, 4:36 AM
As far as I'm concerned almost every anime is aimed at adults. Too much boob/sex jokes in almost every anime, and if they aren't joking they be groping. I can barely find any without one or the other.

I don't see how it could wrap up properly, 2 episodes left and too many plotpoints left to fit into there.

tsubasalover | 06-09-14, 2:39 AM
I don't know about the rest of the seiyuus than the ones I mentioned. Even for Suwabe-san, I heard him saying it by accident. I'm not interested in World Cup, though.

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