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Chocolate_Chibi | 07-04-13, 1:17 AM
Hiiiiiiii!!!!!1 I know I know, first thing is first you must be thinking this gurl is crazy how can she be still awake at 4 something in the morning. *cough cough* I just want to declare it is not my fault it is my bodies for making me stay up late (or early xp).

Well, now for the real reason I am here is just to say "Hey, howz it going?" lol

Seriously, I'm bored and I just thought hey lets bother Pokelucelop at 4 in the morning jk

..........And again the main reason I am here is because I wanted to ask how do you find Steins Gate and is it interesting?? And also how has your summer been so far??

Well, that is all Chocolate_Chibi OUT!!!!!!!!! lol (^o^)/

Chocolate_Chibi | 08-05-12, 8:23 AM
Ohh ok First I have to find out with reina if the time is good, and she can also do it, because she was still trying to find out with her mom, if all goes to worse then we'll just do it in my house. Um about all the info of the house address and stuff I'll call u about it when I figure it out. XD

Chocolate_Chibi | 08-03-12, 4:45 PM
Now I caught you this time hahahahahahahaha, um Reina's house is in north miami is that ok with you.....

Chocolate_Chibi | 08-03-12, 1:49 PM
Omg you logged off whn I was about to catch you online not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Chocolate_Chibi | 08-03-12, 1:03 PM
Caught you too hah!!!!! amazing this is the first time. lol,

Well it might be Reina's house and you don't want to go earlier like around 11 or 12

Chocolate_Chibi | 08-03-12, 12:30 PM
I know I know tear to dying comments.

but what time to what time should I make it

Chocolate_Chibi | 08-02-12, 5:52 PM
no i missed you being online by 40 mins

Chocolate_Chibi | 08-02-12, 5:51 PM
Now the comments are getting shorter, but I like to go to people's house but idk if we should go to reinas or joels

hmmm this is a tough decisions........

so did u get the phone yet

and bacon at 2 am is amazing

Chocolate_Chibi | 08-02-12, 1:40 PM
Sorry to inform you I don't watch -->

Bacon at 2:00am now that is amazing I applaud you for that.

I spoke to Reina and she said her only free day was the 11th. So if your up for it I am too.

I am thinking of inviting joel and kristen too. Every1 else busy.

It's either we go to the aventura mall or hang out at either Reina or Joel's house play and watch FMAB. Which ever you choose just tell me.

And I am glad my links helped you choose the phone you like.

Chocolate_Chibi | 08-01-12, 7:44 AM
True dat true dat about the AP work,


I all depend on the price range you want -->
This is the website for all the phones

If you want a complicated Android that every day you learn a knew this about it you can pick. . .
Let me warn you this are fairly pricey

If you want a phone that is good not so complicated but work wonders. . .
11] <--did someone say bacon jk

And them there are your ones I forgot to put in the first category. . .

And then the ones than are not complicated but it will suffice. . .

I tried to break it down for you . . . NOW IT'S ALL UP TO YOU teeheehee
Hmmm..... I still have to ask Reina & every1 about the get together. . .. I need a reminder
This message is so long. . .
I want to put emojis but I'm to lazy T_T <-- aha first one interesting. . .
and now your probably wondering what more can I do to make this comment longer.................
This School Days anime idk why are you only recommending violent ones
Well I want to recommend you one you should really watch TRIGUN I loved it and it was amazing. . .

Chocolate_Chibi | 07-30-12, 6:49 AM
They get even longer by the minute.

Chocolate_Chibi | 07-30-12, 6:49 AM
WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT IT WAS REALLY FUNNY XD. . . I LIKED IT. . . STOP PUTTING YOURSELF DOWN! And you saw them on Friday that is so cool. \(^_^)
Is the Magica one the one with all that violence really OMG I would have never guessed it. Strange. . . (o_O)
And your buying the anime and manga now do yo know how much they cost. But, if you lie doing that, that's good, might just sneak to your house one day and steal some but that's all good. (*_*)
I see that you like going on your youtube account more than MAL why, why!?
What have I been doing hmmm. . .
1] I am volunteering at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
2] I am doing AP work [or trying]
3] I am doing online schooling for guitar & Spanish
4] Trying to read and watch all the manga & anime I can find.
5] I have not gone to any places. . . But I have to say my week days are very busy. Which I like because I don't like to be lazy at home.
Should we meet up either this week end or the next. . . I can talk to Reina, Joel, Kristen, ummm and other people.
I just notice I'm the only one in our comment box [cool] I dominate. (^_^)/
And I too am sorry for the long comment. (~_~)

Chocolate_Chibi | 07-27-12, 10:49 PM --> nice and lol funi. Did you notice the Trex landscape on 02:43. And love the intro.

Chocolate_Chibi | 07-27-12, 10:26 PM
I understand I understand, but OMG so cool you went to so many places cool. Yhea, and with the AP work OMG JUST KILL ME ALREADY *_* . . . . I can't find the last book it is just killing me and so far I have only finished 1 book FML -_- . Soooooooo, it's been to long we all have to schedule a date to meet up again. I miss everyone. T_T. . . . I know I write a lot I understand. If you every need any anime or manga recommended I have a lot to share. Also if you have any you want to share with me I will greatly appreciate it but I still won't watch that Madoka Majica or what ever you call it o_O. Ok, it's almost two and IDK what to read as you can see I am just spamming your comment box ^_^. Sorry, XD I think it's time for me to go to bed before my eyes turn like this --> 3_3
End of spam. . .

Chocolate_Chibi | 07-25-12, 11:00 PM
Omg I haven't seen you log in since a long time. WOW cool. Howz it going? (Idk right now I am kinda bored.) Howz your summer been? Did you do anything interesting? (I am so sorry I am bombarding you with questions!) n_n I should stop. Then your going to be thinking I have no life since I'm up at 2:00 AM just on MAL.

Chocolate_Chibi | 10-25-11, 11:46 AM
Ahha now I c it cool, cool thnk u!!

Chocolate_Chibi | 10-24-11, 5:11 PM
Omg where did ur reply go i dont c it anywhere

Chocolate_Chibi | 10-22-11, 10:36 PM
What was the anime you told me about in class again?

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