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toridoshi | 03-29-14, 11:02 AM
Slice of Life Club Newsletter

PandaPudding | 12-09-13, 3:42 AM
Hello there! If you're interested, then please join us! It's not the greatest club there is, nor is it one of the most popular ones, but the people are friendly and nice, and we would like you to have fun with us! (o´ω`o)ノ

Join us at the
ƸӜƷ ~*Cho Cho Empire*~ ƸӜƷ

paramita | 01-14-13, 4:41 PM

paramita | 01-14-13, 4:35 PM

paramita | 01-12-13, 3:38 PM
that's okay

paramita | 01-06-13, 9:15 AM

paramita | 01-06-13, 8:50 AM
2 meaning u can talk to me like a best friend and u can be there

paramita | 01-05-13, 2:16 PM
Thanks again for the secret santa u get a one (or maybe 2) :p way to my top friends list

toridoshi | 12-31-12, 9:41 PM

The Slice of Life Club is having a banner making contest. The grand prize winner will get their own special card SE of choice.
For more information on the contest, click the banner above.

The Slice of Life Club is in a desperate need of card makers. Apply [here]

Our official member cards and badges are now open.
Visit the club to get yours!

VegeMayos | 12-25-12, 9:36 AM
~Secret Santa Delivery~
Sorry for the late delivery

Pookykin | 11-10-12, 7:49 PM

Stark700 | 10-06-12, 1:00 AM
Sort of a fan but not too much of it as the manga only has a few chapters. I like the premise and artwork of the series so far though.

TaquishaJohnson | 10-03-12, 8:52 PM
5 cm/s isn't a romance, exactly. Can't blame you for expecting one, though, since it is tagged as one on MAL.

AznHero | 07-09-12, 9:57 AM
I guess thats enough information for me, and i have not seen or heard any of those scanslators before, are they new?

AznHero | 07-08-12, 5:51 PM
How long does it take for simple scan's chapters to release onto other manga sites?

AznHero | 07-04-12, 11:51 AM
Cool, I might check out the anime, is it almost similar to clannad?

AznHero | 07-04-12, 9:19 AM
Well i cant really explain it well, but its great that u get to do something with manga. And dont you enjoy your work?

AznHero | 07-03-12, 6:40 PM
Nice, Look forward to reading it, also I didn't know that u were with Simple Scans, I'm impressed

AznHero | 07-02-12, 6:46 PM
Thats good, I look forward to the release of the next chapter ^.^

AznHero | 07-02-12, 1:58 PM
Really ^.^? I have been waiting a while for the release, i enjoyed the chapter when they were at the pool. It was great

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