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Kosurin | Yesterday, 1:01 PM
Aha, we'll see about that! :P Yeah, I guess that's what being an introvert means. xD Hyper & talkative online, but shy & quiet in real life. x3

Well, I'm hoping that it'll be officially announced soon! Maybe it'll even come out sometime this year~
Manga always takes me a long time to read, so I definitely prefer watching the animated version. :3

Haha, I'll be waiting for your list, then! But, I can give you mine in the meantime. I'm watching/planning to watch: Mekakucity Actors, No Game No Life, Black Bullet, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, Haikyuu!!, Blade and Soul, and maybe Isshuukan Friends.
Though, I don't know if I'll even have enough time to watch all that. xD

Kosurin | 04-18-14, 2:03 PM
Noo, I think we can bet on that, lol! But, I feel like everyone is pretty different online. I mean, nobody would even believe that I'm the same person online and in real life. xD

Well actually, I'd say very soon. x3 Have you seen this? You know what that means? SEASON 3 IS COMING!! xD

Oh, I do that a lot too. And I also take my time staring at the graphics with manga, which makes me a very slow reader.

Haha, glad to hear that! Hopefully you can find & play a VN you like! :3

Same here! And yeah, I've been extremely busy with school, since my exams are coming up soon, so I haven't been able to watch a lot of anime lately. But still, I found time to watch some of the anime in the spring season somehow. xD Which reminds me, what are you watching this season? :)

snufflesxx | 04-16-14, 7:44 AM
You do forget a lot of stuff >.< but can't blame you. We discussed that...err two years ago I think :P
Yeah :P they have released singles and will be having an upcoming concert. (why am i more updated that you who is living in London? lol :P)
here's some year 3000!

Its very popular to girls alright :) but there are a lot of Kuroko no Basuke fanboys as well. Please don't think that its yaoi T-T Why won't you dare?! lol
I see :) Okay, I'll give it a rest so I won't be included in that EVERYBODY. lol
Seriously?! Stop this similarity madnessss! My fave tennis player is also Novak >.<
I guess so...real life is different after all.

I thought you went home? :P or maybe you composed this before you went home. Or I'm misunderstanding stuff again? lol but that's kinda odd since you live near the university right? Shouldn't there be plenty of college students living near you?

Oh okay. I see :) So it varies...
WAA. I should do that. *peeks at google earth* Now I can stalk you! JK lol
I've been actually using google earth for my study. And I never used it to view stuff in other places. hahaha

haha. yeah it is :) At least almost everyone in the world can understand a bit of english.
Eh? Your family don't like when you speak "Chiglish"?
lol. So that's why. I thought you want to move to Germany. haha :P Well, if you really want to. You can do it :P

-Hyperion- | 04-15-14, 8:10 AM
Come join us at The Ecchi Society

snufflesxx | 04-10-14, 8:29 AM
I have mentioned that I like Mcfly before but I bet you already forgot about it :p I'm familiar with some songs of Busted but I'm so into And now Mcfly and Busted are creating a band called McBusted, just sharing ;)
Why would you get embarrassed?! lol I don't think you should :P
hahaha. I see. xD Still the same franchise though :P

Bishounen = pretty boy, we fangirls call them bishies for short. But you might get the wrong idea like someone I talk to here when I mentioned the word "bishounen", he thought its a gay guy. lol Oh. Well, basketball is the most popular sport here in our country :S You're athletic but prefers indoors! You're wasting your athleticism. :P And I like watching tennis also ^^ Fave tennis player?
haha, you should with the amount of romcoms you've watched!

lol. sounds like a house party organized by young adults xD yeah, you're contradicting yourself but just because you're an indoor person, you just confine yourself inside all the time xD Must be nice :) You're lucky!

HAHAHA. I can't do that! lol I don't know the set-up in England but here, everyone's separated by fences and walls. So I can't get inside even if I wanted to~

hahaha. that is creepy. yeah, and I couldn't do that! :P
Its fine :) I remember him by talking about it xD Then I realized, I guess he's not my crush anymore. lol

Ah, you're misunderstanding me xD I mean, not the same thing as we do. Interacting in any way in FB like posting stuff, commenting or liking. lol
I'm honored :p I can say the same actually :P Although my best friend doesn't seem to be busy anymore and we're catching up on stuff xD

I missed one paragraph last time :p I'll add it. I never thought that others would do that too XD When people from other countries speak their language, they speak it with no english...just their language straight! Funny to hear that were not the only ones. How come you've studied German? Is that compulsory?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I guess the 40mins you were talking about was spent on figuring out OTL >:P

reiicchi | 04-08-14, 12:46 AM
thanks ! ^_^ sorry for the late reply btw :'c

CherryKate | 04-06-14, 6:24 AM
Oooh yeah I always go MCM, spring and winter :) are you gonna? If you do I'll have to give you my number and we can meet up

snufflesxx | 04-05-14, 7:13 AM
Yes xD Retrieved already ^^
Ehh, I'm not really embarrassed xD I still love AAR but haven't been playing my AAR playlist...I'm too obsessed with UVERworld and School Food Punishment. haha
You're actually embarrassed? xD But your FF ost addiction won't change.

haha! Guys equally love it. Its super powered basketball with lovely bishounens so its a win-win for both genders. Yeah, I noticed that :P You are really weird!!! How could you?! You should be interested in basketball...but it seems that its not popular in your country anyway. What about tennis? :D
Wait, I noticed're really opposite in your real life interests and anime interests! You love sports but you're not interested in sport related anime/manga. Also, you're a sucker for romcoms but you're not interested in that. haha :P

haha. Peaceful places with only a few people huh. That's hard to find, I'm excluding your house of course :P I know! We don't interact with neighbors that much(or at all) too. >.< How would I do that(switch their power off)? lol Oh well, just make myself tired so I could sleep. haha

Why would you be labeled as a creepy guy? So I'm a creepy girl now? :S
What. I didn't tell my family. XD oh some of my cousins of them is actually schoolmates(same course, same year) with him but fate is cruel since they never become classmates in any subject. This is so funny! I always forget that I have this crush but talking with you about this reminds me of him. xD Maybe I'm over him

LOL. You should! :P That would be really embarrassing in a serious way. And its funny that I don't interact with 90% of them...I just have that tons of highschool and college acquaintances.

Just look at it normally! ack. I'll try to draw it next time! hahaha

CherryKate | 04-05-14, 5:23 AM
Nah I'm doing my adult nursing degree at Greenwich (I'm back lol) but not at Medway obviously :)

Its great that you know what you wanna do, nothing worse than finishing and then being like 'now what?'

Anime, hmmmm... I've been so busy that I've really let it slip, though I'm making an effort to get back into it. But I always look at what's coming out, I've just not seen many I liked the look of for a while.

You managed to keep up with anime during your final year? Must be tough :/

CherryKate | 04-04-14, 3:29 PM
Haha I'm a student nurse, not a receptionist XD That really made me giggle! Thanks again for the Congrats! It is really crazy, three years have flown by, you have any ideas what youre gonna be doing after you graduate? And yeah, its a bit of a mission getting back to Medway >.<

CherryKate | 04-04-14, 11:23 AM
Hey, long time no see! Hows it going? x

snufflesxx | 04-01-14, 8:52 PM
Oh haha, you found it. All that's left for me is to retrieve the password... xD
See :P Oh that period when I was obsessed with all american rejects and punk rock.

Why would Kuroko no Basuke be a girly anime?! lol Maybe because most girls love it...because bishounens are everywhere~! :3 and a fujoshi bait series. but its about basketball.

What about parties? :p Our neighbors are actually insensitive and have karaoke til morning. Times like those give me a hard time to sleep.

hahaha! so Chi-glish(half chinese and half english)? lol Actually Filipinos do that a lot, combining Tagalog and English in daily conversations.
You actually tried to learn german and spanish? Not too late for you :p I should learn spanish, plenty of Filipino words have a spanish origin so I might be alright with it. Oh one day!

Yeah, so you can focus on your studies! :P haha. you can't do that :P

Do what? Tell them about my crush? I did. and they just, "ooohhhh. that glasses guy." and "10+ years is long! forget him!" haha

Oh right xD I remembered that FB incident about photobucket. Then that's good :)

Why can't you? :( O is the head, T is the upper body and the hands doing some kind of push-up. lol and L is the leg kneeling. voila~ OTL It means despair

SirJoker | 04-01-14, 10:19 AM
ahahahaa seems like u are having a hard time over there xD

snufflesxx | 03-30-14, 1:10 AM
Oh! Just a few months left :D Goodluck~

Maybe...I really forgot :( That lastfm was synced with my playlist on my laptop and I've already disposed it :/ I should just make one again :P

Oh those are good ones! :D
I like Grandrodeo's OP themes for Kuroko no Basuke, ClariS's Click from Nisekoi and Ebb and Flow from Nagi no Asukara. For the ending theme, I like Kill la Kill's ending theme sung by Sayonara Ponytail and Noragami's ending theme sung by Tia composed by Supercell! :3

I see xD Well, we've never tried to play loud music before...I'm not really sure. But I think ours is not xD

That bad? :/ Aw. Maybe you don't talk to your Nan and Mum that much since you didn't get to practice :P And that's true :S But you're still young! It's never too late xD Any language you want to learn?

Yeah, you seem to have more time on your hands now :P And ugh. Maybe I'm clumsy after all :(

Oh...that may be true for some~ xD My crush for my past crush hasn't diminished yet. lol they'll just give me an "oh, okaaaay" and "why don't you find another?" for sure.
Then its safe then xD haha

I only show it to my family >:P I want to act like a reliable and responsible girl to others xD Although me liking anime/manga gave the people an impression that I'm a kid. lol. Another day huh? Try >:P


fezakyuu | 03-29-14, 9:32 AM

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snufflesxx | 03-27-14, 7:30 AM
Sorry for the late reply xD The past month was too stressful. :l How's things going for you? xD

I don't remember my username in Lastfm :/ ack. I should make another xD

Oh...even if you like the song? xD Anyway, favorite ost from winter anime?

Oh right...but our house is not soundproof and neighbors might complain. lol Is that how you do things in Britain then?

Haha. Makes sense. Your chinese is not that good? Maybe because you don't use it at all...but do you like the language? Is it hard to learn?

And you've got plenty of time on your hands eh~ but you're not that busy with staff work for clubs lately right? xD Oh no, I'm not that clumsy :p

Yeah, I agree. Although some might argue that its going too fast to switch to a new one. Its like, was your affection for your past that transient? Oh yeah, I haven't. Since its hopeless. Plus they haven't seen him in person, haha.
Aw. Facebook friends. I bet you don't socialize there that much...
Don't have a single mate(your real life friends) in MAL? :p

Oh yeah...haha. I act mature on the outside but I'm a kid at heart still. lol Can't help it, we do have to act according to our age when out in public.

HAHA. how would you do that xD and still can't see the OTL? XD OTL

snufflesxx | 03-26-14, 5:53 PM
Juliaaan :/
Can I pm you something?

Heiwajima_Mayu | 03-14-14, 11:01 AM
No idea xP


Heh xD
Glad you like so many ^^
I also like Magi, but I didn't mention it since it started in the Fall season, so I didn't count leftovers from back then xD

Btw, an extremely late Birthday present xD

Also sorry for the late reply xP

SirJoker | 03-12-14, 2:43 AM
most ppl work better understress even if they ... end up being u know.. stressed and having an eventually mental breakdown so im testing if u are most ppl or not shishishi ^w^)

Renkurana | 03-11-14, 5:32 PM
★ Delivery from Myouren Temple ★

This batch is the OMCs made by Chiikyuu-n.
Due to school and other stuff, she became really busy.
So she gave me the PSD files for the OMCs.

If there's any errors, I'll get to it as soon as I can.

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