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Crowlage | Yesterday, 5:06 PM
Thank you very much for trying. ^-^ You're awesome just for that. I'll do my best not to miss any from now on. :)

naruse_ | Yesterday, 9:25 AM
hehe i'm glad you like it XD but right now i don't have any gifs T^T hehe it's okay if it's not anime related, sometimes it is even funnier XD like those of the movies. and yeah i find them just the time i am about to reply comments XD

wow you already have a job T^T what job is it? :) i'm doing pretty much the same as before, i've usually spent my time now in clubs which affects the time i can reply comments T^T

btw, i have created my first club, and you are pretty much welcome if you'd like to join o///w///o

Hibiki07 | Yesterday, 7:10 AM
Thanks for the club invitation~

Thaelyth | Yesterday, 12:59 AM
Lol really it's okay xD don't beat yourself up about it. At least you did eventually check o-o although I could have been dead //cough

Yeah I bet it's a good feeling! :D I am almost done as well, but I kinda don't wanna be done haha, cause I am scared to move up in life lol. Technically, I'll be doing more school, but getting closer to finishing what I'm doing atm :P.

Now we can make up for all the lost time right!?? Except, I start classes really soon, so I'll be back to being extremely busy and replies might get later o-o; I'm going full time again as well so schedule will be hectic ;_; took a Summer class, been on break for a few weeks, playing games in the mean time and watching some anime... didn't watch as much as I had planned to :/ spent most of it catching up to everything I got behind on and spent the majority of my time playing games so I lost a lot of anime time =-= and now my time with games has seemed to ease and I'm watching anime again (still catching up, sadly lol..) but now my break is almost over, grr T_T. It's been a very rough break for me honestly. There's not much new with me honestly, still taking classes lol. I've been keeping my grades up and I'm really proud of myself, except I don't really absorb any of the information, so I am not sure how I manage :| I just do all my work and somehow pass lol.

Yeah exactly haha...

It was anthropology and it was a bit boring IMO. I don't have much interest in science courses in the first place though lol. I didn't invest as much time in it as I could have, but I got a good grade. Although, I slacked off so muchh lol =/. Never have what there? I'm 20 so I'm not exactly young haha >.>.. feels like I've been in school forever ;_; ^ as I mentioned earlier, it was a rough break for me.. Didn't go exactly as I had planned and some other personal stuff :(


Ramen | 09-14-14, 11:39 AM

I went out on my bday to the Viking party but didn't do much since I was having an emo night lololol. Globophobia, eh? I've never known of such a phobia until now but it's understandable. Well I don't eat at McDonalds anymore but back in the day I used to get freaked out going down the slides because of all of the static which would shock me, so that was my fear. :P

Until somewhat recently I was a bit preoccupied with things off-MAL but now I'm able to have time for anime and browse MAL etc.

In the Summer I work at a fairgrounds near where I live and for how long varies but last year I worked there for a few months. I make a good bit of side money but eventually it would be nice to get something more consistent that also isn't too taxing. :>

How have you been, man? Working full-time now, huh? It's nice to see that you still have time for anime also. :)

AiCon | 09-13-14, 5:20 PM
Wow, aren't you popular. :/

I did the exact same thing with my club... until I got fed up with it all and simply gave up. :(

Someone is psychic~ :O

I'm going on hiatus for a while, so this will be my last reply to you. It's been nice talking to you, Alfyan. Goodbye~ :)

Siion | 09-13-14, 4:14 PM
I don't think anyone wants three jobs willingly... I think if you stick with one hobby your fine, its when you start trying to keep up with them all that you eventually realize its just not possible. Any airing/recently finished anime that is standing out at the moment by the way? I am kinda out of touch with new shows... Sometimes on minimum wage, depends what i am doing but yeah the places i work pay very poorly ¬_¬

Yeah that's like a full time MMO for a few years worth of time o_o ... I didn't get on much with the tales series, its kinda fun but something lacking in the battle and story, the story is way to nicey nice and your not missing much on Final Fantasy atm, still fun games though but not great...

I think men are just more openly stupid then women about that stuff, i am sure there are women who like male avatars. MORE CLEAVAGE! *Cheers*

Basically i will always be good at stuff and never happy *Thumbs up* Please kill me ^_^

Blue-Cat | 09-11-14, 9:38 AM

I N V I T A T I O N ☆ C A R D

" Why Should I Join C.S.S.C ?!? "

C.S.S.C Is A Blue Sky , Full of Shining Stars , Every Star In The Sky Have
TO Find Her Own " Star Spackle " ノ*:・゚✧ , That Make The Blue Sky Shining ☆ ~
It Mean That With Out You , The Sky Will Be Just A Sky & That is Why You Should Join
, To Find Your Own Spackle & To Know Other Stars Like you
& The Most Important Thing is To Have Fun ^^ ノ*:・゚✧・゚:*

Chiikyuu-n | 09-10-14, 7:21 AM

Thank you~<3
It's alright, I've now got the chance to learn how to invite by myself, and I think I nailed it somehow haha~

Siion | 09-09-14, 7:24 PM
Could switch it up for a night shift job like i am doing at the moment but it will make you weird-er. Yeah, if you haven't done full time much then wait to you realize the hit your hobbies will take, no more average Anime now it has to be AWESOME or its not worth the free time you'll have to give up for it... Call center i would never take up but the investigation job i had was actually quiet fun, i got to pretend i was the lowest paid minimum wage detective ever *Cool pose*

I think if you play a game for 40 hours you've made it worth the money, i think if you spend 5 years playing it then they should probably somehow start to pay you money. I try to buy games i know i will sink 50 hours into because like you said its worth the money more, hence why i have been playing Dark Souls which i got for 20 pounds and have spent 30 hours on so far and i am close-ish to the end.

Maybe its the other way round and i am actually a hot girl right now role playing as a guy, wait...are you a hot girl? You'd tell me if you was a hot girl right Alfyan? So i could hit on you, you would do that right? You have to tell me if you are, its like the law or something that you have to announce stuff like that... Well most people just fall for the idea of a perfect women in their head, internet makes you generally image people in their best possible form. Its even worse though because some MMO's are trying to make the characters sexy and i don't have time on a an MMO to chase someone around looking up their skirt (i should probably be above that type of behavior but alas i am not)

Its okay, all things reach a peak maximum velocity at a certain point so they all end up falling at the same speed from my height.

It really is an issue you know, if its a girl i don't like they like me because i am at my best with things that don't interest me, if its a game i am great at it, a sport i am great at it but as soon...AS SOON... as i start liking it, it all goes to shit O_O

AiCon | 09-09-14, 5:46 PM
What do you mean 130 pending requests? You mean you actually have that many friend invites. @__@

Well at least they were kind about these things. It's not like you'd actually remember all the hundreds of people you've invited over the years. I know because I've sent invites before and it's a real pain having to individually check and send invites to every single person on a list. ;__ ;

So does this mean you're close to them?

Nah, I'm already pulling back on ordering cards, so I really don't need to know when the next edition is coming out. Thank anyways.

prez-anna | 09-09-14, 3:14 PM
Okay, I will ^^

AiCon | 09-08-14, 9:45 PM
That didn't have anything to do with me, did it? :P

Accepted friend request. :)

Those responses sound exactly like the people in MAL. LOL

You sound like you were there in the irc. If you were, sorry I missed you.

I never look in the staff discussions, since it's always either random stuff or simply talking about what the next card edition would be.

PinkPetals | 09-08-14, 3:45 PM
That's because you're a man ^^ if you were a girl that would be a different story

I don't particularly do any sports, I'm more of a freestyle kind of person (I only swim breast stroke :D). So if there is anything that interests me then I usually look into it.

PinkPetals | 09-08-14, 3:42 PM
Yes I have requested some :)

Siion | 09-08-14, 2:00 PM
Well at least you've had experience so you know what i am on about already but it is true, i would rather not do it then do it. Yeah cold calling isn't great, i had to call people and A. explain who the hell i was because no one has ever heard of this dumb company and B. try to get information out of them to see if they are a lying asshole. Neither is easy, both result in phones being hung up.

You and your Team Fortress, you've been playing that for years at this point right? Its almost as bad as an mmo addiction at this point, remind me to never play it to be safe =P

Yeah but i always hate the inevitable issue if your talkative on an mmo and your playing a female character and some dude just falls for you, its super awkward and you really don't wanna break it to them but you know you gotta. Its not a problem i like having in life o_o

Oh i always drop my phone but its so crap that it just safely falls into 13 different parts and i just put it together again ¬_¬

Its my specialty, i am only good at doing things i dislike ( i wish that wasn't true) as soon as i stop taking an interest or a liking on something i get good at it >_<

prez-anna | 09-08-14, 9:18 AM
No worries :3 I don't want you to feel guilty. It didn't show up anyway this time so it's fine :)

naruse_ | 09-08-14, 8:58 AM
gifs shows more effort. hehe XD

so how are you doing these days? :)

PinkPetals | 09-08-14, 7:38 AM
Haha thanks :D

Lol yes i like bishies xD but he just happens to be one of my favorites *g*

Of course I don't swim as often anymore but when I have the time I go :).

Crowlage | 09-07-14, 6:33 PM
Wow really, you would do that? I wouldn't want to get you in trouble for breaking any rules and such though.


But before so remember it was my own fault for not checking the club regularly. You have no idea how awesome that is for you to do something do generous for a stranger. ^-^

I wouldn't want to take anything from you that you may want also. If you wanted anything from there it's all yours, I missed my chance. But if you could request on my behalf I would be so very grateful!

Thank you again!!!

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