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AiCon | 17 minutes ago
Merry Christmas Alfyan! C:

Estarlia | Yesterday, 12:30 PM
All you gotta do is keep trying! :D I haven't got any either but I did receive a merit based on my academic performance. Good grades really does pay off.

It might just a little :P

That's when you should use your computer haha.

Are you now? Good to know :D

Estarlia | 12-21-14, 12:38 PM
Lol don't say that. I'm sure you're smart enough to get one :)

Yes of course~ just make it so no time passes haha. I don't think it'd affect you too much if time stopped.

Ooh makes sense :p

That is a good thing I suppose haha xDD

Yes, indeed it does~ good for conversation too

Siion | 12-17-14, 6:59 PM
Don't you have to do pretend family stuff on Christmas? Unless you can gather the family around Fate/Zero *Laughs* ether way i shall be working *Nods*

That's every job, you have to learn allot of bullshit you really don't care about and you spend the next year or so finding new ways to fake it and make it look like your doing your job when really your not. The real job is not doing the job while looking professional *Nods* but i imagine more so then anything a bank would have a ton of rules attached to it o_o

I don't have headphones on, i just hope people don't walk in while cute anime girls are going "Kawaii ^_^ ☆♥" and if they do then i swiftly chase them down and figure out where to bury said body. Unfortunately that cool site is ending soon but hopefully i will find another cool place like that where i am left alone, then you can be my sub guard (i think that is a thing?). The place i am working at the moment though is just 12 hours of me trying not to kill myself since we don't get breaks.

Maybe not but perhaps your family does? Mostly get in through a friend of a friend of a friend *Laughs* ... and yeah its all stupidly boring, even websites and such make the jobs sound WAY harder then they are and WAY more technical then they are and its all stupidly stupid. Its worrying when we get to the point in our lives where we realize the thing we will have to do for the rest of our life is hugely flawed, boring and mostly fake *Laughs* ... Just do what i do, just jump around professions, maybe if you get that job as a recruiter you can recruit yourself some work or even get more of an insight into other jobs and find something you like, hell at the least you'll meet people who can get you jobs because it'll be your job to do that for other people. I dunno if i can be bothered to keep doing security, 12 hour shifts not doing anything at all slowly becomes the worse thing ever ¬_¬

Haha yeah but you'll always want another gap year, while your at home just try to find something temporary or part time, you only need something full time if you have responsibilities that need a full time wage, i say enjoy the freedom while you can. Should only ever live within your means anyway, its not like ya need a bigger house or a bigger car for a family so some small job will do right? o_o

Estarlia | 12-13-14, 7:11 PM
Well that's certainly nice haha :P. Don't ever have to think about studying again :)

RIP the trees :( indeed it is! If only I could pause time lol.

So a PC in disguise.. xD isn't it hard to play on a tablet though?

Well stop >:(!

Yeah haha. I'd do the same thing, no worries

Renkurana | 12-11-14, 1:44 PM

Siion | 12-07-14, 5:19 PM
Tell me what you think when you do.

*Laughs* Was working in the bank that bad?

If a random homeless guy wanders onto my site and stabs me while i am watching Anime? Not that it matters much since I'm changing to days soon. Also it was the managers that TOLD me to watch that stuff at work in the first place O_O

Every job i have gotten is through knowing someone else *Laughs* there's that old saying of "its who you know, not what you know" which is fairly true, its allot easier to find work if someone who works their recommends you. That or you can join an agency and get sent to a place and prove yourself and then maybe they will hire you, past that its just boring searching the web and paper for job ads and going to interviews.

Final Fantasy 10 was my first *Blushes* its a shame that the new FF's aren't as good. Good game play wise and look wise but terrible TERRIBLE characters and stories.

Estarlia | 11-23-14, 2:57 PM
Yeah I think it'd be pretty hard xDD I would get distracted :(
What you do is dedicate some time to studying then reward yourself after~ :3

I hate it ;_; I'm pretty sure it'd save the people who go through that paper work some time as well so everyone wins. Well I am a girl so can't blame me.... XD I need clothes. I dunno what else I would spend on either. If I buy a bunch of games, I'd have to make time for them, which would then eat up my time for anime, so I have to choose one or the other :(

I do.. I think it'd be better to actually get a PC though.. The games eat up my memory as well, so I can only download a couple games at most and I don't think my graphics card is the best, but it's manageable..? I like the laptop cause I can lay down with it and all, though my side starts to hurt after a while :/.

Ahh well you shouldn't look at it like that!!

Hmmm.. I know what you mean. I'm usually reluctant to try new things too.. Eggnog is a holiday drink. It's a sweetened dairy-based drink usually made with milk and/or cream, sugar and whipped cream. I actually never knew that. Looked up the description on Google cause I wasn't sure how to describe it LOL.

Siion | 11-20-14, 8:01 PM
You just have to hit the point where you accept that not much of what your seeing makes any sense and that even when its explained it won't really make sense anyway *Nods* ... Fate/Zero i enjoyed way more then i thought, i guess Kiritsugu is just my type of character though.

I've watched almost all of Nichijou at work *Cool Pose* One day you to will get to live the dream and watch Anime at work *Nods*

Thank you, i also hope i don't die at work *Crosses fingers* if so i will roll into a ball or something...

That must be a pain in the ass to commute so far to work everyday, i only really get jobs that are in biking distance or walking distance if i can, would hate to commute that far. That's fine, you can reply whenever *Shrugs* or even better reply to me while your driving *Nods*

Haha my food pattern is more messed up then my sleep pattern, i eat dinner for breakfast, then breakfast at like 3am in the morning so i eat dinner before i go to work. Not really had many normal hour jobs so it feels weird hearing the idea of eating dinner when i get home.

Yeah i added you on steam little while back i think, at least i think that is you. I tried Valkyria Chronicles though and its...Okay... I mean its kinda fun but there is almost to much story which is fine but i saw the Anime so i already know all of it.

Yeah i can understand that, its like i have 3 pictures of me in between ages 10-20 because i never took any pictures. I have almost eliminated half my youth through not giving a crap ¬_¬

Siion | 11-09-14, 7:25 PM
Never had that issue *Shakes head* it all makes sense in a total nonsense kinda way *Laughs* and Grisaia no Kajitsu i am really enjoying, next to Fate/Stay (new one) it might be my most looked forward to each week, i have no idea what that series is going for but i like it *Thumbs up*

Silly Alfyan, its minimum wage you just tend to have more hours so you earn more but i just started with them so need to convince them i am somewhat worth a higher paid position. At the moment i am just managing trailers being picked up and dropped off and making sure they aren't stolen (and watching Anime during work hours). I don't finish till 1am though and you get some strange people walk up to you at weird times in the morning and since i am on my own it makes it doubly as strange *Laughs*

Yeah its hard to get out of a sleeping routine but you should try to get more then 5/6 but then again I've seen people work perfectly fine on less. I know a guy that gets 3-4 hours and is just kinda fine with that, its weird what you can get used to.

Agreed, its far to much effort *Laughs* i would rather always have someone cook for me.

Looks not great for a PS3 game visually. Atm I'm looking forward to Valkyria Chronicles (Port) that's coming to Steam in a few days, i just love that type of turn based strategy game.

I'm the same, i love the idea of taking photo's but in practice its just a huge pain in the ass and it kinda ruins a day to spend 90% of it documenting how much fun your supposed to be having.

Estarlia | 11-08-14, 7:38 PM
Well it happens~

Yeah, I guess that works.. Studying and gaming, yeahhh right :P. Could do both at the same time though~

Ah yeah I agree.. I'm gonna have to fill out more forms really soon as well :/ It's such a hassle. I can imagine.. I'll have to go to campus next term so no more sleeping in/staying up late for me, heh ._. I've been buying a lot of clothes with my money :P. Better than spending on games at least lol.

Yeahh haha, it seems to be the longest time of my life.. I still feel like a teenager kind of -__-' I only have a lame Gamecube :( I don't even touch that anymore.. Dust is slowly building up on it :P. I have computer games as well, but I've had to restore my laptop a couple times, and too lazy to reinstall them lol... They take up a lot of space too :|

Ah well you can become stronger from it at least! :D

I can't remember how cider tastes, but I don't recall ever liking it @_@; my family might take me out drinking on my birthday though... Well more so my sister and all them, but not my mom lol. My mom doesn't want me to drink and I don't really either tbh haha xD. You should be open to trying other things though :o Do you like eggnog?

SirJoker | 11-01-14, 7:37 AM
Better later than never

FireHeart | 10-30-14, 10:00 PM

Siion | 10-28-14, 7:55 PM
The Monogatari series is well written, i would class that as a harem. That new show Grisaia no Kajitsu seems really promising for some weird reason, i mean its a weird show but just the way its portrayed and even though its a harem its really enjoyable. I mean wanting every show to be well written is well naive but they can at least try harder O_O ... Its the same with games as well, if i don't really want to play it then don't play it. None of this "Oh that game looks okay-ish, guess I'll check it out" and same with TV shows and movies, since i have so many hobbies at this point if i just condense them all down to their best i still have to much to do *Laughs*

Haha my new job (which i started 2 days ago) is pretty much me on my own 95% of the time (So i can take my laptop in tomorrow) and the other 5% of the time i don't consider any of them human because they aren't attractive or interesting *Proudly nods* I'm a terrible human being ^_^ but I've only been on for 2 days now and on the first day i had to kick two people off site ¬_¬ ... How much sleep do you get? I used to need like 9 hours but now I'm at 7ish.

Well baking like cooking is easy as well really, i mean people love to make a big deal out of cooking but if you just pull up a recipe and follow it your fine. Mostly unless your really creative people being able to say they can cook is like saying "I can follow simple instructions, pat me on the head ^_^"

All i know about it is its console wars the game right? I'm guessing they just have wacky adventures o_o

Oh i definitely wouldn't consider myself normal but not due to any hobby in particular just generally i have a stupid personality *Thumbs up* ... *Nods* Did you take pictures of said Cosplay or did you just burn them into your brain with your eyes?

Estarlia | 10-21-14, 3:55 AM
LOL surprised you even took notice of that haha.

Well, as long as you did your work and passed :'). I don't study excessively.. It's too boring.

But with myself T/T lol. That sucks.. xD I don't think I would like being under constant watch, feels stalker-ish and too much pressure.. Ah it's cause I get financial aid, they give whatever is leftover to me :) I didn't even know about that before but it rly made me happy~ It's the first time I've ever gotten money to myself :')

o_O RIP your eyes.. I became blind from staring at screen too much LOL. Not literally blind, but my eye sight is pretty bad XD. I can see why then you are closely watched~

Same here :'[ I don't even remember my life as a child, makes me feel like I didn't have one. I was just born into this world as a teenager lmao. Yeah.. Anime has really done a number on my imagination :P. Eh I haven't played in about 2 weeks. And before that I was off for like a month so yeah definitely playing less xD. Noo, not really.. I just suck at pvp stuff. Have to know the champs and the game really well :/ gotta have pretty quick response times and know when to use stuff, etc.. not my kind of game honestly.

Yeah.. those high expectations @_@ sounds tough..

LOL.. it's something xP

Siion | 10-19-14, 5:24 PM
I still love the idea of harems *Nods* but i just realized that 90% of harem Anime is really REALLY terribly written. I mean i always knew but now it just didn't become okay... *Laughs* So your taking the Anime over the social life? A gamer/anime fan has no right to a social life in the first place *Shakes head* give it up Alfyan, its just not possible to interact with human beings with our time limit *Pats on shoulder* 2D will never betray you! *Cries manly tears* although i say that after i got home at 4am last night from hanging out with friends and still managed to catch up on my weekly anime ¬_¬

What about baking? Is it any different if Alfyan is making a cookie?

I heard the game was not so good in a review but hey it might appeal more to our particular crowd as more of a niche game.

Hmmm is it weird I've never really considered myself an Otaku? I mean i don't feel the want to own merchandise or decorate my bedroom with stuff. I have so many hobbies that i don't really specialize in any one of them. I think i would like to go though, i like the idea of cons and they look like they have a cool atmosphere to them. Maybe stare at half dressed cosplay girls? or mentally damage myself at other types of half dressed cosplay girls?

Tsuyum | 10-19-14, 2:13 PM
Hey-ya man. I'm fine, doing fine.
And you? What's the story?

Estarlia | 10-13-14, 4:41 AM
Sure, sure :P.

Yeah, growing up too fast T_T.. Didn't even think I'd make it this far honestly xD. The only year that matters :'). Just kidding lol. You should always take it serious! D;

Worse than school? o_o; well hey at least you're getting paid right? haha, that's the difference b/w work and school @_@ although I still get money so it's kinda like school is my full time job too ;o Aww, what do you do exactly? did ya get started on your career? Weekend is not the best for me //depends really, but weekdays makes it hard to watch anime sometimes since I do the majority of my work then I have to catch up on the weekends, and as much as I enjoy anime, I don't really like watching so many episodes per day that much anymore. It gets tiring ~_~. Yeah, kind of. Doesn't hurt to hear the same message over and over, kinda get it through my thick skull! ;p //it's not really thick though, I promise~ haha yeah that's true, but I do enjoy my classes...

Oh no D; psh getting fantasy and reality mixed up lol. Their culture is different as well so summer classes might be a little different over there~ yeah they're about a couple months each, goes by pretty fast actually. Thanks ^^; I know right :/ and I suck at those kinds of games. I used to be really addicted to it but thank god I eased off a bit. Apparently I have 30 on my list but some are leftover lmao.

I guess I kind of do that too lol. Arghh I hate being compared to others D:

Oh jeez.. do you drink though? :P.

Hahah yeahh sure~~

Siion | 10-11-14, 5:09 PM
Siion had to change man *Shakes head* you will to eventually *Points at you* its this whole work thing, i was stubborn for a long time but even today i had to drop like 40 manga. I just don't have the time for basic anime anymore *Tears up* not if i wanna game and read also.

Tbh most of those things are worth forgetting but at least you'll always remember the useless information...

I try to cook things i can walk off from, just got an egg timer on my phone *Laughs* ... Yeah i think i would only live with a partner and even then...

Is she a loli type? 0_o and yeah girls can ride bikes. I mean after all proper bikes are heavy and your generally leaning to turn them most of the time so you don't need a huge amount of strength.

Its that good? What do they have there?

Estarlia | 10-06-14, 11:50 PM
It's gonna happen one dayy!!

Yeah lol. I've found myself keeping track of deadlines a lot more in college than I ever have before haha. I'm one that kinda loses track of the days too so I guess it's kinda good for me. At least I have something to fill my lonely, miserable life... Sometime after the spring I believe. No idea what I am doing yet.. I should know by winter I hope ><. Breaks are no good for me. I mean they are nice to have but the transitioning back and forth is so tedious. I'd rather finish as quickly as possible which is why I didn't take the summer off. I still got a break, but it's just shorter than what it would have been. That's okay though! I have to accept the fact that my life is not going to always be full of breaks so I should get used to occupying my time with something.

I just call it that lol. There's no special meaning to it. No different from when I say fall classes :p. It's just normally people take the summer off so people mistake it as I am going to summer school or making up for a failed credit, something like that lol. I'm just doing that so I can finish my degree earlier. I'm only finishing a quarter (what my college calls it, but I normally just go by seasons, since the term quarter confuses people lol) earlier but hey guess it's better than nothing. Ehh I was playing World of Warcraft and League.. kinda playing them less though.. Something personal happened and things have been kind of rough for me.. Even got sick because of it. Haha yeah.. I can only make time for one of the two. I'll get to anime eventually.

Lol I don't really study.. I mean I guess I kind of do? I do the study guides at least and probably review them at least once. If the material is common sense, there's nothing really to study, except vocab terms lol.

Hopefully my explanation up above helped xD. Trust me, it won't be long before you're turning 30 :( I mean it's almost the end of the year and by next year I'll be reaching drinking age ._.

Haha.. no one ever wants to talk to me that much, even if it's been that long lol. I will try my best to respond quickly. My average response time is 1-2months, so consider this a fast reply I suppose? :P

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