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AiCon | 3 hours ago
Happy Birthday Alfyan! ^-^

LeFake | 6 hours ago
Happy Birthday, Alfyan!

SalvatoreDoni | 10 hours ago
Happy Birthday~!

Laelina | 01-19-15, 8:50 PM
Where would you have gone?

Well I'm sure you have to have a very decent income to keep up with it xDD Seems like such a hassle. I don't use phones that much, so I don't think I'll ever get a contract phone. It's actually a relief for me haha.

Oh sure, eating is always good anyway ;)

Siion | 01-15-15, 1:14 PM
Ah yes, the screen... between one person you say? *Laughs at the notion* ... Isnt that the perfect reason to steal it from him? I mean he plays more, at this rate he will become a better gamer, you must hinder his progress by taking his means to progress *Nods* ... I think that's a decent enough way to spend your birthday, i do nothing for mine, would be more enjoyable just relaxing with a friend playing games, sounds nice.

I think that's because the majority of people lie in interviews, so when someone asks what your weakness is then people generally think of a weakness that also makes them sound good like they are very ocd about getting things right or they tend to work to much *Laughs* i just go with honesty, i just say "Look, i am inexperienced in some things but i have no issues learning, i will get the job you need doing done and go home, i don't take sick days" etc etc since really they just want to know if your a failure as a human being or someone reliable. To be honest though you know you've got a crappy boss if he even asks you those types of questions you see on job websites *Laughs* ... I think on some levels if you bring in someone very qualified and your the one doing the interview there is a very likely chance that they could take your job and do it better but yeah its mostly bullshit but that's just how people are after all and work is just a big collection of stupid people trying to be professional >_<

Part time is good, i mean you can get experience and that will help you out, people are less likely to take you seriously with low job history because well its a bigger risk when you think about it... This is the first time in a very long time that i have been bored with my life, usually like you know since your a gamer and an anime fan on top of probably other things its just really hard to run out of things to do but now i don't have time to do them and the time i have left isn't enough to keep even my knowledge up to date ¬_¬

I dunno, you have to watch Anime at a very certain point in your life were your prepared to get into that mindset but even as a cartoon which it basically is, its just a cartoon that is aimed at more ages which is a rarity for our country so its confusing, i mean i can only think of like Archer? I wouldn't say Archer is all ages but its definitely a cartoon geared towards adults. Majority of Anime is weird though but that appeals to allot of us because its different then what we have and different is exciting and interesting. I wonder if we would still be as interested in Anime if we actually grew up with it, i mean i started at like 12-13? So it was an unknown thing in my eyes.

So your saying he is hard to kill? *Thinks* Might need two bullets then *Nods*

I'm sad, i actually wished for clothes this Christmas. If you try it out then tell me so i can grab it for my phone, FF10 was my first FF so i have no idea what Final Fantasy IV is like but if its out on Android it would be a great little game to take around on my phone.

Siion | 01-11-15, 1:59 PM
I forgot how that even works, do you have to... like... look at each other? Like physically... in the same room... with eye contact? *Tilts head* 0_o how do we steal this new console from him? I am not even on new gen at the moment. Why, what reason did they give you? "Your to awesome to work here" i do love when companies actually say to people "Your over qualified for this job" which i think is the dumbest comment on all of earth.

Your screwed, i have a job right now which requires me to almost do nothing and pays kinda nicely and i hate it because I'm bored. I get a job where i have to learn stuff and rules and i don't care because its stupid, i get a job with nothing to do and i am bored because it is stupid. Let us become rocks, rocks have no feelings, join me brother in becoming inanimate objects and quit this life of work O_O

Need some decent headphones, i mean if you get the sound canceling ones they can be pretty great because you can watch Anime at what feels like a decent volume. I would never say its Anime because then i have to explain what Anime is and why its not stupid when i know it is and there is way to much evidence that it is but yet it is not because of reasons that no one but an anime fan can understand... "Yes they are transforming into magic demon fighters... NO THAT ISN'T SILLY! IT HAS SERIOUS UNDERTONES! YES THAT MAN IS HITTING ON A LITTLE GIRL! YES THE REST OF THE CAST THAT IS HALF NAKED IS BASICALLY HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS... fuck O_O"

Then the uncle needs to go, perhaps through a series of frying accidents.

Well skip the mortgage, you would need a family and a very reliable job to do that, i mean its almost silly to think someone can maintain over 25 years of mortgage payments without loosing a job or going through financial difficulties, i find em to risky... Yeah relationships are... annoying ¬_¬

Didn't go to bad, i mean i was depressing but i managed to go out to a restaurant and get home and sleep a few hours before my next shift and celebrated Christmas for 4 hours, was still slightly enjoyable. Manage to do anything interesting or get anything interesting?

Laelina | 01-09-15, 10:52 AM
Lol well hopefully you can understand it a little bit better :D

Yes yes you are~ luck is on your side. Yeah and they update it so often, kinda sucks.. like every couple of years isn't it? I was asking my mom about contract phones and she told me after your contract ends, you have to upgrade it to another phone and your contract just goes on forever.. I'm like omg.. it never ends D:

Ohh so one day is for eating and the other is for opening gifts.. interesting xDD

Siion | 01-04-15, 2:24 AM
Sounds like an awesome day *Laughs* all my gaming buddy's have moved far away (probably due to my personality) but used to have a friend who lived next door to me, i forgot people could play games in the same house •_• ... Not really working out of dedication, more so that we just don't get those days off, i had to work all through Christmas and New Years even when everyone else had the days off... It was... Fun ¬_¬ ... Did it go well?

I turned down a job similar to that where allot of rules were applied and well i knew i didn't really care about the job at all or about enforcing any of the rules *Laughs* Tbh i don't know any job I've been in where i cared all that highly about the job, i mean i have done the job 100% but man do i not care, i don't care soooooooooo much >_<

I used to watch all Anime with headphones on to avoid embarrassment but i think i have finally started to care less, someone walks in and goes "whats that" then i can just tell them its porn and make them leave out of awkwardness... I am at the new place now, it sucks ¬_¬

*Puts hand on shoulder* Alfyan, you must become the best Chinese Restaurant person ever so Siion can get free food from you *Nods* but i mean at least if you don't find anything you can always fall back on your family and get a job doing that so gives you little amount of leeway to look at your leisure... Ah, so you get to be the asshole who makes jobs sound way worse then they are *Glares at you* ... Your screwed then if your like me, i get bored of my job very very very quickly, i haven't stuck the same job for more then 1 1/2 years. Drives me crazy, you learn a job in a couple of weeks then continuously repeat a task and it just kill you inside. I'm already bored of working Security *Laughs* its been 3 1/2 months ¬_¬

I think that stuffs allot easier then it looks, people just bitch about there responsibilities because people like to moan about stuff. I get the house stuff though but why the relationship part? *Laughs*

Haha thanks, Happy *Insert Holidays I Missed* ^_^

Laelina | 01-03-15, 8:35 PM
Well good luck with your job search :) Ahh right sorry about that. It's basically doing two programs, but one would be a lot more work than the other. Nonetheless, it's still taking two programs, instead of one.

Yeah that's what most people have ^^ Ikr, those lucky kids/teenagers >.>.

Oh really? So what do you do on Christmas day? Or is Boxing Day your Christmas day? xD

That's okay, I'm lazy too~

Aw thanks, you too! =)

FireHeart | 01-01-15, 12:05 AM

Wishing you a year that is filled with all the fragrance of roses,
illuminated with all the lights of the world
and be blessed with all the smiles on the planet.
Hope this year will be the year when all your dreams come true.

AiCon | 12-31-14, 11:25 PM
Happy New Year Alfyan!

Laelina | 12-27-14, 9:06 PM
Oh you still have to take a course? o-o No that's not it.. But their online program requires a minor or double major :/

The great Alfyan :< I know haha. Too poor too afford one. I don't work.

What is Boxing day ._. and that's okay :D

Been too long huh? >.>

FireHeart | 12-27-14, 1:12 PM
Thanks ^_^

Ramen | 12-25-14, 8:16 PM
Merry Christmas, Alfyan~! :D

Laelina | 12-25-14, 1:21 PM
Ah well yeah you don't need one now haha. Thanks! :D Though it's very unlikely I'll be going to that university. Regardless, I'm still happy about it xD.

If you're anything like me, it'd be a lot of marathoning~

Can't text and play games at the same time, correct? :P heh that's when apps come in handy huh. I've never had a smartphone or any kind of phone that has apps or really anything lol xD. I can't relate :x

How about on Christmas day then? :'DD Merry Christmas to you too!!

Can't be bothered to make another one? ;P

FireHeart | 12-25-14, 5:16 AM

AiCon | 12-24-14, 5:15 PM
Merry Christmas Alfyan! C:

Laelina | 12-23-14, 12:30 PM
All you gotta do is keep trying! :D I haven't got any either but I did receive a merit based on my academic performance. Good grades really does pay off.

It might just a little :P

That's when you should use your computer haha.

Are you now? Good to know :D

Laelina | 12-21-14, 12:38 PM
Lol don't say that. I'm sure you're smart enough to get one :)

Yes of course~ just make it so no time passes haha. I don't think it'd affect you too much if time stopped.

Ooh makes sense :p

That is a good thing I suppose haha xDD

Yes, indeed it does~ good for conversation too

Siion | 12-17-14, 6:59 PM
Don't you have to do pretend family stuff on Christmas? Unless you can gather the family around Fate/Zero *Laughs* ether way i shall be working *Nods*

That's every job, you have to learn allot of bullshit you really don't care about and you spend the next year or so finding new ways to fake it and make it look like your doing your job when really your not. The real job is not doing the job while looking professional *Nods* but i imagine more so then anything a bank would have a ton of rules attached to it o_o

I don't have headphones on, i just hope people don't walk in while cute anime girls are going "Kawaii ^_^ ☆♥" and if they do then i swiftly chase them down and figure out where to bury said body. Unfortunately that cool site is ending soon but hopefully i will find another cool place like that where i am left alone, then you can be my sub guard (i think that is a thing?). The place i am working at the moment though is just 12 hours of me trying not to kill myself since we don't get breaks.

Maybe not but perhaps your family does? Mostly get in through a friend of a friend of a friend *Laughs* ... and yeah its all stupidly boring, even websites and such make the jobs sound WAY harder then they are and WAY more technical then they are and its all stupidly stupid. Its worrying when we get to the point in our lives where we realize the thing we will have to do for the rest of our life is hugely flawed, boring and mostly fake *Laughs* ... Just do what i do, just jump around professions, maybe if you get that job as a recruiter you can recruit yourself some work or even get more of an insight into other jobs and find something you like, hell at the least you'll meet people who can get you jobs because it'll be your job to do that for other people. I dunno if i can be bothered to keep doing security, 12 hour shifts not doing anything at all slowly becomes the worse thing ever ¬_¬

Haha yeah but you'll always want another gap year, while your at home just try to find something temporary or part time, you only need something full time if you have responsibilities that need a full time wage, i say enjoy the freedom while you can. Should only ever live within your means anyway, its not like ya need a bigger house or a bigger car for a family so some small job will do right? o_o

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