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Detective | 12-19-12, 12:11 PM
I mainly use skype if I use anything. I've barely used my computer in the recent months.

Detective | 12-12-12, 7:58 PM
Nada mucho senior! Just finals week and what not. My brain is racked and I was taking a quick stop by the MAL before I made use of the internet.

You bro?

Detective | 12-19-11, 7:39 AM
sure dawg

didja add me already?

miathetiger | 11-25-11, 6:22 PM
Actually, there's one thing that I think I do wanna disagree on. I think that you could never put in too much effort into doing something. Anyway, a minor point to you it might be, but I just wish you hadn't said that. I wish I knew how to prove it being not true, but it's just an opinion.

miathetiger | 11-25-11, 6:02 PM
Apparently I looked like a fanboy, and I'm guessing that this wouldn't be a good thing since I'm not a boy to start with, so I guess it would help if I were to argue against some of the stuff you mentioned in your review. Sorry I couldn't help it :( I guess I'll just ignore Karhu's point that I've given 10s to all the shows I've seen, bc it has much more to do with my character personally than with my ability to judge an anime show from (imo) an objective point of view, so there, I hope you will ignore his/her point now that I've defended myself this way.

Anyway, here it is. Seeing the nit-picky nature of your review, I figured that I might as well just return the favor by the same nit-picky manner. Sorry if this bothers you, but I felt inclined to correct your review for w/e mistakes they had.

"For example, the opening of the FIRST EPISODE had a really soft ballad over a hectic chase scene with giant robots/explosions."

-"Sound" is not the only criterion that factors into musical choice. Consider "theme" as well. However, you're indeed right in that different people do have different musical tastes.

"As you can see, plot holes everywhere but I'll give this section the benefit of the doubt and hope it closes the plot holes at the end."

-Check out the novel (which just started serializing a few weeks ago that tells what happened before ep 1 took place). I take it that you're criticizing a show for it's plot. You haven't witnessed enough of its plot to give you enough right to be criticizing its story holistically. Imagine reading the 6th volume of Harry Potter w/o having read any other previous volumes beforehand. Will you be able to judge its story, and how well it is being executed?

"Instead we get this generic action setup where only a few people actually have useful 'voids', so only a few people are important."

-I didn't quite see your point there, but assuming that you're trying to say that "voids" were only included as an action scene element, but that some of those voids turned out to be un-useful, then I think that you might be a victim of "omgz i love action robots and flying stingray!" Maybe all voids are useful depending individual circumstances, but they just haven't gotten the chance to use them. A nice fur coat might keep you nice & warm in winter, but it might not be so useful during the summer would it? Well actually, I prefer to wear longs sleeves in summer anyway though.

"The MC in this show is probably the most unengaging MC that the writers could have possibly put into this show, Which is a shame, because he has moments which have almost entirely convinced me that his entire body is made of a strange kind of plasma substance because this guy is so far completely unharmed after standing near a fire and being only a few metres away from explosions (ears don't even ring!), which probably convinced me that the MC should be a tiny bit more confident than he is (wallows in self pity most of the time when not fighting). "

-It was stupid of me to have taken your review so serious until this point :( Not that I think it was wrong to.

"The other characters have potential, but character development seems extremely forced so far ("I don't like you even though you saved my life twice! I must obey Gai!)"

-Just to be clear, Inori doesn't really dislike Shu if that's what you're referring to. At this point, they're partners, whether or not they're friends with each other. And being partners you can't not get along with each other, even if you were having to fake it.

"("I don't want to appear weak in from of them! They trust me completely") - I cannot think of a situation where a leader would want to look weak, so the scene was pretty redundant."

-I don't think so. It just goes to show that Gai has become very attached to Inori - apparently due to some experiences he had in the past.

I'm sorry to have been so nit-picky, it's really not my thing, but I just had to seeing that your review was so popular despite the presence of so many errors (not disagreeable opinionis - but hands-down errors). I don't do this to all negative reviews I see, so I hope that you've gained something from my comment.

mike13531 | 11-25-11, 5:04 PM
Terrible review, clearly didn't watch all 7 episodes. My guess is that you dropped it by 2nd or 3rd episode.

Regardless, even for the biggest haters a 5 is a joke. You should look around at the top anime list, at what animes truly belongs at the 5 category. Half of your criticism is valid, but the over exaggeration on this pathetically low score is hilarious.

Your just an antagonistic fanboy. Seeing your little to no anime experience and your pretentious attitude is a good laugh.

Progeusz | 11-25-11, 4:09 PM
nice Guilty of fail Crown review. And there I was, expecting it to be one of better shows this season... At least I can drop it every week :)
also, XATU

NihonFalcom | 11-25-11, 2:21 PM

Nasty001 | 11-25-11, 9:08 AM
Nice "Guilty Crown" review.

Karhu | 11-25-11, 7:43 AM
LOL miathetiger is hc fanboy, don't listen them.

miathetiger | 11-25-11, 7:27 AM
Horrible review.

Detective | 08-01-11, 7:51 AM
Good review, good name, and good propic

honorary stud status you are a cool cat


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