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Bheaze | 06-17-14, 6:29 PM
i like your mirai nikki forum dp :3

Misfy | 04-24-14, 4:48 PM

Romantic Comedy Anime Club


ZachM | 04-05-14, 7:12 PM
Great review on Gosick. I loved the last three episodes as a whole because they were just so excellent and they prove to you that you truly feel for these characters. The ending is one of my all time favorites.

giby1 | 12-15-13, 2:39 PM
But those who do have a favorite anime are the ones who should be pitied, because they don't truly understand what fills the void, what fills the void isn't the love one selfishly feels for 1 series, but the feelings that its creators put into that the audience feels, and thats what fills the void the feelings that the series creators has given to it's audience though their work, and a true fan will feel that about almost all series.

giby1 | 12-15-13, 2:36 PM
Lol that comment
But I pity those who feel that only 1 anime can stand above them all, each and every anime/manga has their own value and as long as it's creators put all they can into it, then the reader/watcher will feel it, and that is what fills the void, not the love that one selfishly feels for one series, but the feelings that people put into it, and a true fan will feel this way for about most series.

PsychoKitteh | 08-19-13, 12:55 AM

This is a newsletter sent to all the members once, if you'd like to continue receiving then please sign up here!

Rabbiac | 02-04-13, 7:50 AM

Here comes a one-time newsletter from Monster Girls <3

takarabako | 10-16-12, 11:37 PM
That's so like me. I used to hate reading, especially books, so manga (i.e. books with pictures) were out of the question as well, and one day the anime I loved was slow with episodes, and I SO WANTED TO know what's gonna happen next that I switched to manga (luckily it was a shounen manga but I don't remember which, not much complicated talk, mostly fights) so I completely changed my opinion about manga. They didn't require much reading (or so I thought) so I decided to pick up more, and eventually I got so hooked that right now even if the manga has text all over the page I still liked it, if the storyline's good.

Interesting thing is that manga made me like books again. I hated them, because there was too much text all over the page and my eyes got dizzy just staring at it, but from manga I moved through doujinshi, novels, then fanfictions and eventually books. It's amazing how in the past when I was a teenager, a book with one whole page full of words could scare me half to death, and now I actually enjoy reading more than watching. >(^-^)<

takarabako | 10-13-12, 8:06 PM
It's rare to see someone on MAL, who reads so much manga...

JunHijiri | 08-30-12, 11:17 PM
Monster Girls <3 Club Newsletter:
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xochandaox | 04-29-12, 8:14 AM
Mmm... Not so much.. Lol

xochandaox | 04-29-12, 7:13 AM
Oh my Sankarea <3 yea I'm liking this more than I thought I would..
I guess I am just missing the zombie stuff since the walking dead season is over.
I havnt watched the first kore wa zombie.. Is it good?

xochandaox | 04-27-12, 3:42 PM
Missing Gasai Yuno yet? haha
Any favorites so far this season?

vxsaadvx | 03-14-12, 9:01 AM
Hey there! thanks for joining Momoyo's FANS CLUB! :D

Kiur | 03-10-12, 10:55 PM
Ipod screen is small so how can u edit ur staff there etc?

Kiur | 03-10-12, 10:49 PM
Hmm, isnt it a bit small for that?

Kiur | 03-10-12, 10:45 PM
its pretty nice, a bit confuseing but nice :) U alright around site? Usieng MAL updater?

Kiur | 03-10-12, 10:42 PM
Ok cool :) im not much a romance fan myself but watching all airing ones and everything that has good plot :) Ur anime list looks very nice :) Wel what you upto?

Dont worry, i would never ask someones age like that -.-

Kiur | 03-10-12, 10:34 PM
Hahahha, asked how are :D So whatkind of animes you like?

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