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darkserge | 07-16-10, 7:59 PM
yay \o\

Aizewa | 05-13-10, 12:11 PM
New "Arakawa Under the Bridge" is just great xDD And what about Kimi ni todoke? :D It is just another Scary-nodle-chan xD And maybe Bakemonogatari. I dont know >...<

Aizewa | 05-12-10, 9:49 AM
Oh, Im fine somehow ^^
Well, no wonder you are in your 20s already! xD But i cant understand it... While some college studens have much more time for watching anime than theyve had i high school, others dont have it at all... xD
Ymm... real otakus dont have "social life" :P

Hym... But what kind of anime? something short or the length doesnt matter?
You too of course!

Aizewa | 05-11-10, 9:32 AM
Waah, its been a while... Whats up? :)

Aizewa | 02-14-09, 12:45 AM

Aizewa | 02-13-09, 6:30 AM
łaaah *... X but... but... but. Okej, im psycho xDD

my verdict, omg, how it sounds xDDD

Aizewa | 02-12-09, 10:35 AM
łaaah *___* Higurashi is amazing, surprising, wonderful and even better xD The dash is horrible, but I like it after all x3 thats cause storyline is fantastic and... I just like all anime with THAT clime x33
Come on, watch it, Higurashi cant bite you xDD

so, you use "o/" to say welcome and good-bye? ^^"

im glad that you like it ^^ To be perfectly honest, I can say nothing, because I havent seen TotA yet xDD I'll do it soon. I think I can say you my verdict on.... Sunday? xD im going to watch it then.

So.. What do you think about Azumanga? :D

Aizewa | 02-12-09, 8:27 AM
Thats right ^^" But, js is like Higurashi or for example... Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge?
my av isn't from anime ^^" I mean, I think that it istn xD
em, its stupid, but... What does "o/" mean? XD its emoticon, istn it? :P

Aizewa | 02-11-09, 9:58 AM
okeeej ^w^
what's up? :>
What do u think about Jigoku Shoujo? I want to watch it, but... em... I dont know ^^"

Aizewa | 02-11-09, 6:22 AM
Haha xD Noodle-chaaaan ~
Sooorry, i just love ur av x3

Fox-kun | 01-04-09, 9:28 AM
Hello Madokita...It's me Mario Fox

Yuacchi | 12-29-08, 5:26 PM

leo-kusanagi | 11-07-08, 1:06 PM
Lista de Watching da Madoka cresce a cada dia... daqui a pouco tá me passando e ai o vício será ainda maior... Huahahahaha

Fantasma | 11-04-08, 6:04 PM
Sim \o\ me empolguei, depois queria colocar umas imagens e detalhar meu about, mas as imagens não estão indo T_T

Fantasma | 11-03-08, 9:08 PM
Coloque seu cosplay de Rinoa. O que não falta é fanboy de Final Fantasy. E c ainda é japa, vai chover add's

Fantasma | 11-03-08, 7:17 PM
Pronto, diferente =x

Fantasma | 10-25-08, 12:50 PM
uhahuahuahuahuahau xD mas o meu é maior e tem contador =x

engrey | 08-29-08, 10:07 PM
Eu nom tenho paciência pra ver anime... só em dvd, na tv. No pc eu nom gosto =P
Brigado por ler o blog ;)

engrey | 08-27-08, 12:49 AM
Ahwahahahaha, besta. XD Oq achou do blog? o.o Vai continuar lendo? Vai postar comentários? XDD
Me empolgo com meu blog, desculpa x.x
Ah... minha lista tem mais (muito mais) manga. Não vejo anime u.u

engrey | 08-26-08, 2:52 AM
Siiim~ sou eu!
Thx pelo add.
Vc lê meu blog? o.o

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