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Nikko_ni_ni | 12-24-13, 4:33 AM
Yep, Merry Christmas to you too ^o^ /

SIeepwalker | 12-24-13, 3:54 AM

Aerbage | 12-24-13, 1:20 AM
Merry Chritstmas to you too!

GomuBlade | 12-24-13, 12:25 AM
Nah, no alcohol. Julmust all the way, even on new year's.

Zero009 | 12-23-13, 4:44 PM
Merry Christmas to you too!
And have fun with Daitoshokan. Speaking of that fan disk is only 3 months away. Might give it a try when it comes out.

GomuBlade | 12-23-13, 3:33 PM
Can't really argue with that. But who cares? It's friggin' delicious. :P

Oosran | 12-23-13, 3:29 PM
Has it really been that long? Damn, feels bad. I mean, it's so good, yet it's taking me this long щ(゚Д゚щ)
Anyway, I'll probably have a bit of time for it around new years. And then I've gotta study for exams, because the latest bright idea at Swedish universities is this, "hey let's have exams a month after the last lectures and after the winter holidays, bet the students want to study over the holidays!" .-.

Anyway, I'm off to sleep o/

Oosran | 12-23-13, 3:19 PM
Meh, I'll make do without that.
Instead, I'll try finally finishing Rewrite.

Aversa | 12-23-13, 2:56 PM
And almost fogot have a nice Christmas.

Oosran | 12-23-13, 2:46 PM
Well, I have no idea what we even have here and what was banned, so yeah. I've never really been much for playing with fireworks.

GomuBlade | 12-23-13, 2:44 PM
Looks a bit different from julmust, funny name though. Julebrus är inte mycket bättre.

Aversa | 12-23-13, 2:38 PM
It's not the first time i changed it but i have been using it for a long time changes my avatar as well for the first time in 2,5 years or so was time for something new.
Shame tho i received it from Yumekichi11 and he isn't around anymore.
I asked him to make a new one last year but he had other things to worry about.

GomuBlade | 12-23-13, 2:31 PM
True Christmas spirit. :P

I'm curious, do you have julmust over there on the other side of the border?

Oosran | 12-23-13, 2:23 PM
As long as you don't have long-range rockets that'll make it all the way to Stockholm, sure, fire away to your heart's content ( ¬‿¬)
Also, what, we still have some kind of rockets in Sweden? I thought we forbade all that stuff a couple years ago. The more you know, huh.

Oosran | 12-23-13, 2:14 PM
Huh, just a little bit early, isn't it?
Merry Christmas o/

GomuBlade | 12-23-13, 2:10 PM
Merry Christmas to you too. :)

Christmas music time

Zero009 | 12-23-13, 11:24 AM
Oh sorry for late reply. I thought I already replied, but seems like that wasn't the case...

Yes, Rewrite is actually a pretty good comparasion to Taiyou no Ko when looking at a work with multiple writers. Though I do hope Taiyou no Ko ends up being more consistent in quality.
And regarding Rewrite, I agree with what you said. Romeo's route's were the best for me too. Chihaya's route was just full on shonen and IMO pretty bad as far as developments go(though I liked Sakuya), Shizuru's was... I'm not even sure what it was supposed to be about(though the ending was nice I guess) and Lucia was typical Ryukishi with pretty overblown second half.

Oh, That's a shame. Though I can't really blame you since Mindeadblood is by far the "hardest" Visual novel I have completed. Even I remember making couple of mistakes even though I was following walkthrough.

Aversa | 12-22-13, 12:16 PM
Not yet confident but i have to see how it goes usually you start controlling the language better if your forced to talk it a lot, and i won't have much choice when i am in Germany.

TomoyoSakagami89 | 12-18-13, 10:37 AM
I'm still in the common route. I at least met most of the main girls.

TomoyoSakagami89 | 12-16-13, 12:55 PM
Nope, I actually resumed it a few days ago.

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