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Yami-Lary | 08-30-13, 3:47 AM
Ahh! Imi place! :3

EmoSakura | 08-29-13, 12:29 PM
That's a cute tale. ^^

What are your fears? o.o I know most guys are afraid of spiders. I'm afraid of frogs and zombies and mean people and failure and centipedes and pike (fish) and piranhas. xD But what makes you scared? o.o

Saya-Michaelis | 08-29-13, 10:13 AM
Nu pot sa-mi dau seama de unde ai atat de multa rabdare sa citesti toate alea. o.o

EmoSakura | 08-29-13, 7:58 AM
I thought you said you use both. o.o

xD I understand. It makes your confidence boost.

I knew that. But what does a spider or cloud book mean to you? Does it symbolize something you like? Does it symbolize your personality? Or just does it sound cool? xD

guga | 08-28-13, 11:15 AM
Daca zici tu:P..da numai ca pana atunci astea se numesc ''vrajeala'' :P
Yeah, I know your face ;)...De ce ti-ai sters facebook-ul? pai daca le stergi, ce rost mai are sa le faci?

charmecia5 | 08-28-13, 10:03 AM
you look really nice in the photo and i apologize about that one creep on my profile that made a comment about you. He's a total creep and he's mainly into sex and just a total jerk. how are you doing by the way?

Yami-Lary | 08-28-13, 5:01 AM
Esti manly!
Eu 3600 de poze...dintre care 10 sa ies bine! Stai ca 10 sunt multe! =))

EmoSakura | 08-27-13, 3:39 PM
Good evening. =D Sorry for not replying.
Why do you have two MALs? o.o I mean, I have two too. But it was because my ex wanted to watch my MAL so I had to make a new one over a year ago.
You look young. ^^ Really cool-looking. (Yea that's a compliment xD)
Why did you show me what you look like though? o.o I mean, most people (not me) like to keep their face hidden online. xD

Akane-Hana | 08-27-13, 1:31 PM
Merci. Uh, observ ca ai o lista destul de vazut ceva anime. :D (p.s.: should i've replied you in English? :D )

Exalda | 08-27-13, 1:17 PM
Hi ! Yes I'm French :p Yeah I can understand how much French is difficult when I learn Spanish. What songs do you like ? I don't really like french music xD

Sath | 08-27-13, 11:45 AM
why are you running away from the math lol math is everywhere you know :) it is very important part of our lives! Yea i like the complexity because it makes me think A LOT. But then again certain things re so complicated it overwhelms me lol I did tell you before I used to be a biology major right? because i was fascinated with how the body works and what the diseases do to our bodies. I wanted to be exactly the types of doctors you told me lol a radiologist or cardiologist or surgeon but i realized i am more passionate about math which is why i changed major. :) I'm at school right now taking a break :) Sitting in a classroom for so long tires me a bit .....

lol i seen your face before in facebook :) but you said you deleted that account right?

Anita_ | 08-27-13, 11:27 AM
salut..bine,pe acasa..tu?

Saya-Michaelis | 08-27-13, 9:43 AM
Interesanta legenda.
Esti dragut . :)

Sofi_sama | 08-27-13, 5:47 AM
Bietul account uitat...

Saya-Michaelis | 08-27-13, 12:56 AM
Ma refeream la " Kumokojiki " .

Saya-Michaelis | 08-26-13, 11:30 PM
Unde erai? o.o
Si de unde ti-a venit ideea cu numele?

Insanity- | 08-26-13, 9:45 PM
Now I feel too young for anime. ._. lol

guga | 08-26-13, 8:14 AM
Tu acum imi ceri mie parerea despre replici de agatzat?
In ceea ce ma priveste la mine nu merg niciuna din chestiile astea...sinceritatea e cea mai buna metoda ;)

Sofi_sama | 08-26-13, 4:49 AM
Da, e tare.

Sofi_sama | 08-26-13, 2:59 AM
Destul de bine editat AMVul. Vezi aici ce citesc si la ce ma uit.

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