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shieldedarm | 09-07-14, 10:50 PM

Kpoints And Stuff., Lets be friends too XD

Sensei_Stein | 09-07-14, 8:43 PM
take care

AriaZero- | 09-07-14, 8:31 PM
Roberta is probably the 3rd strongest girl there after, Eda and Balalaika. It's because of the blood trail why i liked her. I even liked how the anime ending was different from the manga. The Omake? I remember Roberta being a magical girl there and gender swapping. Omakes are good for laughs but some people don't see that.

AriaZero- | 09-07-14, 6:05 PM
TBH... a not pervy kumo is no kumo for me. That's what makes you unique out of all the other members of the 20+ club, sure it's creepy and annoying but that's what makes you stand out. I mean that as a compliment.

AriaZero- | 09-07-14, 2:23 PM
I'd rather not. But thanks.

Sensei_Stein | 09-07-14, 1:27 PM
yeah that is pretty epic

Tonyuuh | 09-07-14, 12:37 PM
You're welcome :)

Tonyuuh | 09-07-14, 12:14 PM
Here you are :)

Sensei_Stein | 09-07-14, 11:35 AM
O.o *nose blood* holy shit

Sensei_Stein | 09-07-14, 11:10 AM
not really I am still fairly new to the genre. I like onii chan rebirth. it was good.

Sensei_Stein | 09-07-14, 11:03 AM
nice. what others have you watched?

Sensei_Stein | 09-07-14, 10:50 AM
thats true. Are you into Futunari?

Sensei_Stein | 09-07-14, 10:43 AM
*fist bump* heck yeah thats what I am talking about! Do you find Hentai better than regular porn?

Sensei_Stein | 09-07-14, 10:37 AM
Sorry for lack of thought on that. I think we all have individual triggers and Chemical reactions to situations, as a child I used to get hit alot out of discipline and I would laugh at it and now I am a S and M which is rather interesting. But I feel everything we do and stuff involves some sort of reaction, same with Chi I think if our chi is how it should be, things kinda go how they should

Tonyuuh | 09-07-14, 10:12 AM
oh thanks for the songs, I heard manegram and tiger tanaka just now. I didn't really like the first one but I enjoyed Aki. Are you aware of Rin'?
As for Kalafina their songs are really great. I enjoyed them in kara no kyoukai :)

Sensei_Stein | 09-07-14, 9:52 AM
No no your fine, I was just updating my anime list is all! No that is a similar affect. Its channeled differently but relatively the same

Sensei_Stein | 09-07-14, 8:27 AM
No that makes sense and I respect that. it is all interpreted different lol but i guess to put it in a more scientific thought, you are able to switch from a normal state to a adrenline-fied state of being. lol

Sensei_Stein | 09-07-14, 8:18 AM
it could be perceived as so yes. it can be taken as something completely different. But it has a similar concept

AriaZero- | 09-07-14, 7:53 AM
It's something else. Don't worry about it.

Sensei_Stein | 09-07-14, 7:47 AM
Sorta. Chi is considered energy that the world and humans have. Have you ever had a moment where out of no where you.had a little bit of extra energy help with something and you dont know It could be considered chi. For instance when using chi in kenpo you are able to hit someone with extra power with chi rather than a regular strike with muscle

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