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iTom | 11-19-08, 9:47 AM
Just tired.

Eryx | 11-19-08, 9:20 AM
What's little kid?
Anyway, have you already finished watching inuyasha? How is it?

Masaaki | 11-19-08, 9:04 AM
Okay thank you

gswelcome | 11-19-08, 8:27 AM
that Matrix machine that downloads info to your brain in a few moments would be nice as well. put that on top of a photographic memory and i could just play anime in my head whenever i wanted!

Lightfoot | 11-19-08, 4:16 AM
Okay, I see.
Well if you ever want to upload something, you will know a site that can do that for you.

iTom | 11-19-08, 3:55 AM

kage-bunshin | 11-18-08, 10:42 PM
sorry about that, and no thanks, i was just asking b/c i just saw the 1st episode of fumoffu, and it was just hilarious!

gswelcome | 11-18-08, 9:59 PM
heh, too much good stuff to watch, sucks though that there is never enough time to do everything you want in a day.... *sigh*

gswelcome | 11-18-08, 9:52 PM
i've recently gotten back into the game and now i have the expansion so i got a whole new contintent to explore when i get tired of the Outlands :)

i'm going to reserve some time tomorrow though to watch some, never fear i haven't abandoned anime or anything!

iTom | 11-18-08, 7:30 PM
That's too bad. You all better?

Urr...just when you come back I have to leave and go to bed. Bye.

kage-bunshin | 11-18-08, 3:42 PM
have you been watching any of the fullmetal panic! series? they're awesome!

Eryx | 11-18-08, 12:01 PM
Then, I guess we'll just talk so that we could know each other..^_^
So you like action type of anime?

iTom | 11-18-08, 11:45 AM
Bye. Be safe~

iTom | 11-18-08, 11:41 AM
I never said I was going to kill you. I said your curiousity might get the best of you and kill you.

iTom | 11-18-08, 11:32 AM
No, just a warning.

iTom | 11-18-08, 11:18 AM
Yeah and that's how you might die one day.

iTom | 11-18-08, 11:13 AM
I have curiousity too. But you curiousity goes no bounds. That's how you get shot.

iTom | 11-18-08, 11:07 AM

iTom | 11-18-08, 11:06 AM
Srsly, why do you want to know so bad?

iTom | 11-18-08, 10:43 AM
Why don't I ask you that. Why the hell do you care?

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