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iTom | 11-21-08, 10:42 AM
If I'm offline for about 6 hours and 30 min, that means I'm offline and not chating.

Hedgie-chan | 11-21-08, 10:24 AM
Oh. As soon as Shonen Jump gets past Thriller Bark, come back and comment, ok?

Yggdrasil | 11-21-08, 10:07 AM
i am feeling so happy today, a new month just started and i can start downloading again. >.<

Hedgie-chan | 11-21-08, 10:01 AM
Did I mention that I'm doing a X-over with South Park?

Hedgie-chan | 11-21-08, 9:54 AM
BTW, go to so you can read past what Shonen Jump is at.

Hedgie-chan | 11-21-08, 9:52 AM
Oh. As soon as you get past Thiller Bark. come back and read my blog. I'm not gonna say what's in it but I will have a few spoilers for the manga and anime. I'll put in a few ideas I got from so come back as soon as you can.

Hedgie-chan | 11-21-08, 9:46 AM
Read my blog and comment, ok? I have the ninth adventure up.

Hedgie-chan | 11-21-08, 9:44 AM
That's cool!

Hedgie-chan | 11-21-08, 9:41 AM
September 22 is my b-day

Hedgie-chan | 11-21-08, 9:40 AM
I'm 14. I turned 14 in September

Hedgie-chan | 11-21-08, 9:38 AM
I'm 14

Hedgie-chan | 11-21-08, 9:35 AM

Hedgie-chan | 11-21-08, 9:25 AM
Wanna be friends?

Lightfoot | 11-21-08, 4:58 AM
Kicking a door while it is wide open means stating something clearly obvious.
Perhaps I'd said that English saying a bit wrong.

Wishy | 11-20-08, 5:06 PM
@Seiya: I won't go to a library to read manga, beside I hate reading, I hate even more to do it in public places sorrounded with people.

Is it beside or besides? :P

Wishy | 11-20-08, 3:40 PM
@Seiya: It isn't that, I don't want to spend money on that.

@HOLiC: That's for sure. :P

Wishy | 11-20-08, 3:25 PM
@Seiya, I don't enjoy reading manga, I would try it if I could get it in books, paper, like, not on-screen. But that's expensive as hell and I'm lazy to go and buy them.

@xxxHOLiC, I see. :P

Wishy | 11-20-08, 3:11 PM
@Saint Seiya, only anime, no manga. I haven't even watched the OVAs.

@xxxHOLiC, there is a sequel called xxxHOLiC Kei, you got to watch that too. :P

Wishy | 11-20-08, 2:18 PM
Woah I see you are watching xxxHOLiC, the original voice actor of the main character of that series (the one who is being attacked by evil spirits) is the same than Lelouch's. :P

That anime is really, REALLY awesome.

Wishy | 11-20-08, 2:09 PM
Haha. thanks then, I created that blog yesterday, and well... I'll use it to practice my english and burn time. :P

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