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Chyeah | 12-29-13, 12:43 PM
It was certainly a disappointment. The premise is kind of unique (for the wrong reasons apparently) and I enjoy psychological/horror shit.

I guess I might watch an episode or two of the anime. I don't know.

When does it air again? I know it was supposed to air last season, but for whatever reason it didn't.

Lockensocke | 11-13-13, 12:13 PM
Because it IS suprisingly accurate. But thanks for your reply^^

Karhu | 11-11-13, 11:31 AM
I came up with various replies. You can choose the one which pleases you the most.

1. Enough ironic shit reviews. Does that mean that my review filled the quota of ironic shit reviews or that it was already filled and you're now doing your job as preventing any overflow?

2. Sarcasm is my only weapon against stuff I dislike. D: And violence. It can't be helped.

3. Can't we agree that every anime deserves at least one ironic shit review?

4. I don't care, therefore you suck.


6. Did you read my other ironic shit reviews? I'm sure at least one of those makes you so goddamn happy that you might even break a smile.

7. Heyy sorry bout that. xD I like touhou music!! :)9))D):D:D.d


SakurasouBusters | 10-06-13, 7:08 PM
lol :)

NeoRinTinTin | 11-28-12, 8:45 AM
First off, the main continuity of Type-Moon works is often referred to as the Nasuverse, They share the same concepts behind magic and have the same major organizations working in the background. Tsukihime, Fate/Stay Night, and their many sequels and spin-offs make up the bulk of the Nasuverse.

Kara no Kyoukai is stated to exist in an alternate universe to the main continuity of the Nasuverse by Nasu himself because of a few major discrepancies in concepts and character motivations.

Tsukihime's main protagonist, Shiki Tohno, not only shares Kara no Kyoukai's Shiki Ryougi's namesake, but also a weaker version of her mystic eyes of death perception and a murderous second personality. He also has a striking resemblance to Mikiya Kokutou along with an incestuous sister.

One string that links them all together is that in the true ending of the Heaven's Feel route in the Fate/Stay Night visual novel it was alluded that Shirou's new puppet body was created by Kara no Kyoukai's Touko Aozaki who is the sister to Tsukihime's Aoko Aozaki who gave Shiki Tohno his magic glasses.

Bambooman | 08-08-12, 1:01 AM
I think there are far worse offenders out there though. Hating a show because it's the one that "made it popular" doesn't really make sense to me. You can't hold it responsible for making other companies want to copy it. Look at it for what it is.

Looking past all the bad stuff, K-on at its core is still something very enjoyable as long as you want to enjoy it. That's more than what can be said about certain other anime. Yet I see nothing but praise for the likes of Clannad. That to me, makes absolutely no sense.

Skadummy | 04-29-12, 12:27 AM
i guess its just me, IMO I would have love to understand the story first before any type of killing happen, there was so many blanks in "NI" well thats just how i saw it, I am going to re-watch NI to see if i get a better understanding, but i guess i am that type of person that needs to know the story =) lol im difficult =)

jaredross | 04-14-12, 9:35 AM
i'm not trolling i'm basing it off that i watched 26 episodes of the FIRST season, and those are my thoughts. I might watch season two later and see if my perspective changes.

D2Synua | 04-03-12, 9:54 AM
haha guess i'll watch it when i'm done with the 2nd season of shikabane hime

D2Synua | 04-02-12, 2:48 PM
haha thanks! But you gotta admit, dead girls in miniskirts killing dead shit with submachine guns are pretty darn cool!

Jeffrey-sama | 11-16-11, 5:44 PM
like i stated a few times in my review, i was quite generous in scoring it. yes, i realize that some people may consider that a bad thing because it makes the review inaccurate. however, if i were to consider only the good aspects of the show, it would end up with the 7 that i gave it. with that being said, you're right, it probably deserves lower; something like a 5 or 6. anyways, thank you for your criticism. i'll try to remember this in my future reviews.

Rarufudesu | 09-24-11, 9:56 PM
It's Ralph btw :D - Mhm. Well I didn't want it to look official at first since I did it while I was sitting through a lecture at school. I re-edited to my standards. Thanks for the advice.

Inushinde | 09-20-11, 9:33 PM
I did that last night. I just copy/pasted that from my site, where more people are aware of the goings on in the show, so I completely spaced the spoiler until it was pointed out to me by a friend.
Anyway, glad you liked it!

Nasty001 | 07-30-11, 12:39 PM
You're welcome.

Nasty001 | 07-29-11, 10:20 AM
Not bad for recommending " Kannagi" with "Shinryaku! Ika Musume."

Nasty001 | 06-23-11, 1:01 PM
not bad for recommending "DearS" and "Kannagi."

Barion-Zara | 03-01-11, 7:31 AM
Yo, if u want to, come vote here and if possible spread the news as well, I wont to have the largest number of votes possible:)

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