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Kitix | 12-25-14, 9:48 PM

Hyack | 12-24-14, 7:32 AM
☆MERIKURISUMASU☆<-- it's a link

ABHISHEKV | 12-22-14, 2:25 AM
You're Welcome :D

ABHISHEKV | 11-27-14, 3:55 AM
Wish You a Very Happy Birthday :D

seany94 | 10-12-14, 12:12 AM
Haha! I am will be waiting for the day :D

With cookies? That is rather interesting! Looking forward to that :}

Kougyokuz | 10-11-14, 9:27 AM
Ikr shoujo is awesome. I love it too! <3

Steinstwo | 10-09-14, 7:58 AM
Sorry, it's confidential perhaps in Mp.

Hyack | 10-08-14, 11:23 PM
Aub zijn maten:

SmartCookie | 10-08-14, 5:22 PM
Hmm ... Any job as long at it's about computers, networks or developing I guess ... What kind of studies are you doing ? :o

Haha no I'm a man, that's the name we took with a girlfriend of mine while playing MMORPGs, and since everybody knew me by that name, I decided to keep it. But yeah it's a girl's name so people tends to confuse xD
This is what I found by searching a bit, I don't know any of these schools but they are teaching Dutch in the north of France. You might find something by contacting the guy at the bottom, looks like he is the "boss" of the Dutch teachers here in France (well since it's from two years ago it might have changed ... ).

Hyack | 10-08-14, 3:13 PM
Jesus.. das wel heel erg ver weg.. :c
Maar is goed, zou het dan zaterdag kunnen laten weten of je het kan vinden? Mijn vriend vindt het niet erg dat het dan verzonden wordt en betaald dan gewoon de verzendkosten bovenop. Hoe wil je eigenlijk dat hij je betaald? Gewoon via de bankrekening overschrijving of paypal.. of??

<maten komen eraan vriend is erg sloom met meten>

Oh cool, ik heb zojuist de foto gezien. Volgende keer als ik je tegenkom herken ik je vast wel en dan zeg ik wel ff hoi^^. Wat ben je van plan om te cosplayen? En nog plannen voor andere anime conventies te bezoeken?

Hyack | 10-07-14, 7:14 AM
Ik heb geen idee waar je woont, dus uhm mijn vriend woont in Helmond(naast Eindhoven ligt dat).. ophalen/versturen? Wat je liever wilt. Hij zou het graag willen hebben voor 15 november (zodat hij het kan gebruiken op Nishicon 15-16 nov). Zou dat lukken of heb je meer tijd nodig? :o En zijn budget is €50 (hij zei graag minder als het kan xD)

Yup! Ik ging naar Tomofair als Shintaro Kisaragi (met 8 andere vrienden), maar volgens mij heb ik jou ook niet gezien anders had ik je wel aangesproken haha. Ging je verkleed of gwn casual? ;o

SmartCookie | 10-07-14, 5:42 AM
Yep :D

I'm going to college now, for at least 3 years and then I'll (finally) be able to work x)
21yo in high school would be kinda creepy ... :p

Yoroshiku~ o/ Oh and call me Emiko ! SmartCookie is just a random alias I took because Emiko was already taken T.T

Well, it would be easier if you were speaking German, there aren't a lot of school in France that study Dutch. My middle school only had Spanish as a second langage (they now have German too) and my high school ... iirc it was German / Spanish / Italian.
Sorry that I can't be of any help to you :(

Steinstwo | 10-07-14, 2:43 AM
ya i'm really french hihi.

Hyack | 10-07-14, 2:08 AM
Hoi hoi!~ Mayte stuurde me hierheen voor uhm de cosplay dingens^^

Steins02 | 10-02-14, 9:18 AM
Oy, you're welcome !
Nice to meet too, ihihi. Call me "Steins" Asap.

Kougyokuz | 09-17-14, 4:29 PM
Ohh hi >u< My name is paolaa <3
nice to meet you too ewe
And thank you for accept!
it seems like you like shoujo manga!!!!!!!!! <3 omgg i love shoujo so much

seany94 | 09-11-14, 5:09 AM
Oh! That was kind of harsh :O I cant imagine me not having internet for that long^^ I guess the event was over by nw :X My slow reply :(

Maybe u came back during the time bbcode was enabled. I hope u will be back soon :D

seany94 | 08-13-14, 2:12 AM
Hi Miya! Been a long time and I feel bad not replying to ur comment for so long :( I went on a long ass hiatus.

Finally I am back not long ago and realized most of my mal friends are gone :( How's life for u? I realized u are pretty inactive on mal as well.

littleally28 | 07-03-14, 11:20 AM

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