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SokkaMushroom | 05-09-11, 6:13 PM
Hitman Reborn? I thought that anime was supposed to be really really good! :O

SokkaMushroom | 05-08-11, 12:39 PM
Really? :D What show? ^^

SokkaMushroom | 05-06-11, 6:11 PM
Hm. That where I might have to disagree with you. Watch the "bad" ones too. and there's ALWAYS good anime out there. There's no way you've watched ALL the good ones! :D

suzaku123 | 05-06-11, 5:52 AM
Hello there ^_^

SokkaMushroom | 05-03-11, 3:15 PM
Oh. my. batman. If sweets ruled the world, i'd be in heaven. *0* Haha. I didn't think it was wordy. xD

SokkaMushroom | 05-02-11, 4:20 PM
xDD I know, right? That's okay! ^^ There's plenty of anime I'm not going to watch, so I see where you're coming from. But..When it comes to sweets, I really have no self control. >.< THEY'RE JUST SO DARN GOOD!

Kannei | 05-02-11, 12:37 PM
thx for the invite :)

SokkaMushroom | 05-01-11, 4:15 PM
Oh. xDD I just realized, i'm totally peer pressuring you right now.

SokkaMushroom | 05-01-11, 4:15 PM
Why wont you watch it then?? :OO IT LOOKS AMAZING!!! >.<

SokkaMushroom | 04-30-11, 12:13 PM
Whoa. It sent my comment before i was finished. xD I'm still gonna watch D. Grayman though. It's just too hard for me to pass up a show like that...>.< Besides...It isn't THAT bad..Is it?? o.0 I know what it's about, but it doesn't sound to be something I shouldn't watch...Well, it's not exactly something I SHOULD watch, but no anime is. xDD

SokkaMushroom | 04-30-11, 12:10 PM
Haha. Really? Thanks. :3 I REALLY wanna watch D. Grayman...O: I know how you feel....

SokkaMushroom | 04-29-11, 3:10 PM
Really? That's cool.
Hmmm...I'ma have to pass on that one. After watching Kuro, I swore to myself to never watch anything that will damage my conscience again. Sorry. ):

SokkaMushroom | 04-28-11, 3:16 PM
Ikr? It's very hard and rare to find animes that don't have anything to do with the Occult, but i know 1 or two. :) Ooooh. I've heard of that anime. I was just wondering because I liked the pic. ^^ I like it now too though. :D

SokkaMushroom | 04-26-11, 9:49 PM
I was just curious, who is your profile pic of? ^^ Name and anime?

SokkaMushroom | 04-26-11, 9:40 PM
Yeah, that's what I thought....I really wish they had an epilogue or something in the anime though, so we know what happens after the very last ep...Like, I wanna know the first person who signs a contract wiff Ciel! :O
'In secret' because i'm forbade from watching any anime whatsoever. Mostly because a lot of animes out there have to do with the Occult, which goes against my religion....I felt really bad for watching Kuro...BUT IT WAS SO GOOD!!! Dx

SokkaMushroom | 04-25-11, 4:07 PM
xD Me too, me too.
I've read the first book, but there's only the first two in my bookstore. :O But I'm going to read it when i finish Death Note. ^^ It takes me a long time to finish series and books though because I have to do it in secret. x3

SokkaMushroom | 04-24-11, 12:58 PM
xDD Bishie coffee. Only $1.75
It's like, "Ciel in a box! Only 19.99!" x3

SokkaMushroom | 04-22-11, 3:06 PM
xD Really? I was thinking of putting ALL my dislikes on there, but it would take up too much room. O.O (bishounens are pretty awesome xD)

SokkaMushroom | 04-22-11, 9:05 AM
Hi. :) Thanks for the friend request. ^^

strldrp | 02-20-11, 6:13 PM
I'll be sure to check it out. Thanks! :D

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