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AiCon | 01-15-13, 10:45 PM
I'd still love to go to Japan and have sex with a cute Japanese girl. Just remember to keep your hands high above your head when you're riding a train so the cameras can see them. A girl can't report you if there's proof that you didn't touch her.

I would cringe if she's 10 and under. I want a girl who has some tits - not someone who looks like a little boy.

This is making less and less sense the more I hear about it. I'm really starting to think that she's been making all this up.

Tsubaki13 | 01-15-13, 10:43 PM
Well for me its bullshit. ;p

Tsubaki13 | 01-15-13, 10:22 PM
Spare me from the bullshit already. I'm tired of it.

AiCon | 01-15-13, 10:17 PM
I LOL'd when I read the one about the guy being hunted because he was in the same train platform as 3 schoolgirls or the one where a guy simply asked for directions. Those were just retarded to me.

Or she'll flash you on Skype when you least expect it so you won't be able to save them. She's gonna be so pissed when she reads this. LOL

I think that he might be one of those people who get off at watching their girls do it with other people.

Tsubaki13 | 01-15-13, 10:01 PM
Ooo look at those things you were saying. I knew it. You are completely a retard.

AiCon | 01-15-13, 9:53 PM
SankakuComplex is full of those stories of people being hunted by the police for doing innocent things. Did you see the one about the man who rode past a girl on her bike?

I can't wait for you to tell me that ShintakoInari is sending you neked pics so I can laugh about it - though those would be bad since she's underage. She wants you Onii-chan. LOL

That girl's boyfriend is creepy. I'm starting to think that she's lying about him. No guy can be that cool with his girl talking perverted things on the internet in front of him.

ShintakoInari | 01-15-13, 12:57 PM
i never called you mean, sibyl-shan. :c

i just called you a creepy, disgusting, expired gallon of sprite.

and not just sessy bois, but sessy gurls too.

AiCon | 01-15-13, 12:39 AM
She's Japanese girl so that's no surprise. Japanese are known for being shy and girls more so. At least she likes your perverted comments and isn't typing angry comments to you like ShintakoInari.

She's only called me that once and it was to prevent me from catching you STD's. LOL She's called you Sibyl-san a few times already.

You mean that she's replying back to you in front of her boyfriend? That's a bit weird with all the shit you two have been talking about.

Got jury duty in a few hours so I have to leave.

AiCon | 01-14-13, 11:40 PM
Speaking of affecting people, looks like your girlfriend has started to become bored with you. Guess you're losing your charm. LOL

Nah. You found her first. You can loosen her up for me so I can have my fun without her being in pain. Besides, I know she likes you since she refers to you as Sibyl-san.

WHAT?! That girl is definitely a keeper! Remember not to fuck it up so she'll send you pics of her and her sister doing strange things.

Mihoko-chan | 01-14-13, 9:59 PM
When did this turn into such a serious conversation anyways? :x

You've barely written anything perverted since yesterday.

Maybe...You're not as perverted as you consider yourself to be?

Mihoko-chan | 01-14-13, 9:48 PM
Literally. And don't think you're the only one...It's just because of my kind nature! And no I don't want that, I'd end up being grumpy and tired for the whole day that way.

Erm...Let's just drop this, don't even know why we went this deep in my personal life. And don't want to be rude but I don't like others butting into it :x

Well I'm quite sure that something is wrong there. And hell no, I'm not 30, wuddabuck >.> Indeed I've no intention to ask for anything like that. I'm just trying to have fun, and don't really need your personal information for that.

Lol, huge time difference for you.

Err...Ok, no comment.

AiCon | 01-14-13, 7:00 PM
It's true that you can never really know unless you actually see and talk to them in real time. I also know that so could be letting loose since it's the internet and she knows that you can't do anything to affect her real life.

ShintakoInari has told me not to let you infect me with your STD's. I'll let you have ShintakoInari first and have her tell me if you're safe to tag team with.

It's because they're girls and guys thing it's kinda hot watching two girls feel each other.

ShintakoInari | 01-14-13, 4:31 PM

Mihoko-chan | 01-14-13, 3:42 PM
Dunno. Why would you badmouth him? >.>

And really now, no reply until the morning. It's almost 1 a.m. , need my sleep :x

Mihoko-chan | 01-14-13, 3:41 PM
uuu let me sleep. Your comment appears right before I want to log out, and then I just can't get myself not to repy. Well I'll keep it sort anyways otherwise I'll fall asleep in front of the pc.

Well, don't know about that. I'll just go along with the flow for now >.>

I noticed that you always misspell "to". Or am I wrong?

Could you, by any chance, send me the link in a pm? It really made me curious. And it's just weird.

Err...Do the calculations yourself. (GMT+1) I usually go to sleep at midnight. Get up at 6. Then I'm either here in the morning, and leave for the afternoon, or the other way around. But I'm always almost back at home by 8 in the evening.

Mihoko-chan | 01-14-13, 3:23 PM
Ssssh didn't mean it like that. Complain? Why would he complain. Don't badmouth him like that :x

Errr...Nope, I live in a flat.

Now it's really time to sleep.

Mihoko-chan | 01-14-13, 3:07 PM
Maybe you came back after I woke up. . .Dunno, really.

Well...I'm not as perverted as I look like. I guess. Or...Maybe I am. But just a bit.

Flirting? . . . *awkward moments of silence* I'm just trying to go along with your style. Because you seemed to be an interesting person. I could as well just be normal wouldn't be entertaining that way, would it be? And it's not like I'm actually trying to make a move on your or anything like that. . .Hmmm. If he didn't care about me, why would he spend most of his time with me? I'm sure he'd mind it if I were flirting with others IRL. But, it's just the internet, and I'm having fun. So where's the problem? He did say though that he'd punch your face after some of your comments. *wonders why*


Well. That's nice then.

You sounded just like some naive kid. But it's surely an interesting motivation.

Never said that you were insulting me. Really now? Never actually had a mobile that had timestamps in it. I think my camera has such an option but...Quite sure you can turn it off. 2002? More like 2012. Check it again :x I've no idea how you found something like that, as I made the picture less than a year ago.

Still can't really see the fun in it.

Sleeping is healthy. *That's why I'm going to bed now*

Too tired to post a normal comment. Will be back in 5-6 hours.

ShintakoInari | 01-14-13, 1:23 PM
. . .
*walks away calmly*

Mihoko-chan | 01-14-13, 7:15 AM
...No idea. Well, not like it really matters. And...I rarely have any dreams. Even when I do I'll most likely forget them right after I wake up.

Noticed. But I'm not sure whether you're actually this perverted or you're just acting like one. Me? Not so innocent? But my soul is as pure and white as the snow.

Nope that was a lie. Might reconsider it though when I'll be in the mood for the imouto mode again.

No I'm not. I've a boyfriend plus my sister, hrr hrr Stuff like what? You shouldn't have said that. Complimenting a girl is essential you know, so you shouldn't deny it. Totally ruins your image.

About your speculation about my age. And about your indecent decent manners.

You'll see once you met her. She's a special being who was created to counter such foes like gods or youkai.

...No it's just creepy. Thinking about my death freaks me out. So just drop this for now...And don't put weird things into my mouth while I'm sleeping :x

Isn't that how it usually goes on the first day you meet someone? Then a few days or a week later you won't even talk to the person anymore, lol. Gee. Probably.

GMT+1. It's 4:15 p.m. atm. Well...I'm from Europe and I guess you live in the states.

No need for that, he probably saw half of your comments since he's almost always lazing around in my flat. Well, not like I mind it.

Tsk tsk. Talking about me behind my back with AiCon. Hmph...Whatever. One certain sentence took my interest though... "so it's always possible that wasn't her and she is just using this photo of whoever this girl is as her own to fool people since well it is the Internet." What would be the point of that? Can't really see the fun in deceiving others. But well, it's up for you to decide whether you'll believe me or not.

Shit...Wall of text. Anyways, afternoon nap time. No I'm not lazy at all.

Tsubaki13 | 01-14-13, 2:31 AM
Big? Okay, I don't know what the hell you talking about but I'll rip that big thing if I see it.

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