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Janaa | 10-08-14, 7:11 AM
Hey imouto-chaaaan (✿◠‿◠)

YamamotoSensei | 08-29-14, 3:10 PM
Hi! I've seen you are in ''The Drawing Club'', but it has been innactive for a very long time, so maybe you would like to have a look at this other club: Mangaka Desu!

linette | 06-14-14, 7:13 AM

Hello members~

I have seen that the club seems a little down even if we are still active.
So I'm sending this newsletter to bump you up and invite you to pass by the club~
(He misses you ^.^)
There is gonna be a new change. It consist on opening a card theme ever WEEK. So go and pass by to ask for the card and not lose the change to collect it.
There is also the Creation Card Contest (C.C.C.), remember that if you win first or second place you are able to ask all the cards of an edition from linette (me ^^').
That's all, have a great summer and we wait for you in our club~

KazukiJurai | 04-01-14, 8:15 PM

I ended up finding it a few minutes after I posted that, it's an original work. Thanks, though.

KazukiJurai | 03-28-14, 11:00 PM
Out of curiosity, is your profile picture from an anime or manga? Or did you just get it off Pixiv or something?

SkyFade | 03-26-14, 9:40 PM
Those moments when you wish someone a late Happy Birthday, well hope you enjoyed it.

Nara-Sama | 03-26-14, 9:57 AM
Your welcome :)

Kannei | 03-24-14, 3:01 PM
your very welcome :D

Nara-Sama | 03-23-14, 8:22 PM
Happy Birthday!!!

Nara-Sama | 03-14-14, 10:30 PM
I'm looking at either computer animation or storyboard/concept drawing.

Nara-Sama | 03-01-14, 2:03 PM
OK I see now. I'm all done with school but getting a job in video games is a lot harder than you think.

Nara-Sama | 02-20-14, 1:12 AM
Nice, I'll be looking forward to it. Are you studying to be to get in the gaming industry then?

Nara-Sama | 02-16-14, 12:18 AM
Cool, if you do get it online I would like to see it sometime. What else has you been doing?

Nara-Sama | 02-14-14, 9:39 AM
Cool cool. How's your comic coming along?

Nara-Sama | 02-07-14, 7:12 PM
Hi, not much just cold at the moment. How are you?

SkyFade | 01-13-14, 3:08 PM
Same here getting over a cold, I rarely get sick but when I do it hit me like a truck. School is back and I am a TA (teacher assistant), hope no drama with the other students. Plus am waiting for Jump to start again, want to read One Piece badly, it ended on such a high note before the break.

SkyFade | 01-09-14, 3:44 PM
How has the new year treated you so far?

Jets | 12-25-13, 9:39 PM
Thanks! Happy Holidays!!

SkyFade | 11-29-13, 12:43 PM
Writing what? Like I want to assume scripts, novels, plays etc. But since this is MAL, maybe manga lol.

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