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Persius | 01-29-11, 11:19 PM
Hi lengskiii ! ? Its bn a long long time since we last talked. My university exams r finally over .
Hw r u ? watching any new animes ? Any anime recomm for me , since i hv a lot of free time nw at my hand ?

ore | 11-11-10, 1:54 AM
nah no worries about that n_n
mine can get late too sometimes^^"
yes thats really a good thing^^ mine was broken some days too but not for a long time...still sucked tho >_<
oh and my day is pretty good because i have a vacation-day today xP start of carnival *_* <3
how about you? :]

freduy5 | 11-08-10, 3:24 PM
Oh, heheh, its okay ^_^
I've got a whole lot of animes that I love >.<
Well, right now, I dont have one -__-
I got focus on drawing anime and mangas, I didnt think of any animesXD
Well, right now I kinda like is Black Cat =3
So, how about yours? ~_~

mikana | 11-08-10, 10:48 AM
hey im good
welcome to mal:D

Persius | 11-07-10, 10:52 PM
I'm g8 ! Nw busy with my university exams, How abt u ?

Soundtrack | 11-07-10, 6:38 PM
Oh it's alllll good. I'm great! Just busy with school and everything else, what about you?

kuro55590 | 11-07-10, 3:14 PM
it's okay :D. so what's up?

Soundtrack | 10-25-10, 3:31 PM
Sup, thanks for the friend request. Just make sure we keep chatting :)

Colin | 10-25-10, 1:03 PM
hey hey :)
mugi hehehe XD

o.o u like ef - a tales of melodies more than memories :o?

kuro55590 | 10-25-10, 12:06 PM
Hi! lengskiii thanks for request. u seen aishiteruze baby yet?

mikana | 10-25-10, 9:58 AM
thank you for the friend request:D

ore | 10-25-10, 5:15 AM
thanks i'm good how about you? ^.^
oh and thanks for the friends request *smiles*
but im really confused everytime i get on your profile oO
because the animestats say watching 0 animes completed 0 animes dropped 0 animes...everything is zero....but when i click on it i see that you DID watch some actually and wow...never had that before @___@ xDDD
is it only for me like this?? o.o

Yonatay | 10-25-10, 4:59 AM
Welcome to Mal!

Persius | 10-24-10, 11:34 PM
konnichiwa ! paulene .Welcome to MAL.
I m too nt japanese just trying to learn ^_^
seems we both joined on the same day here.

freduy5 | 10-24-10, 9:14 PM
^^ Good ^^ How about you? How do you like MAL so far. ;D

freduy5 | 10-24-10, 12:12 PM
Hey saw your welcome form thing just wanna to stop by and say HI!

ore | 10-24-10, 10:25 AM
hey there
i see we both like modoki mokona xD
anyways, welcome to MAL n_n

lengskiii | 10-24-10, 6:32 AM
Thank you. :D Kumusta?

Yukari-chan12 | 10-24-10, 5:14 AM
wazzup...? nice pic by the way.

Yukari-chan12 | 10-24-10, 4:52 AM

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