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Toshiru | 05-20-11, 7:47 AM

NotSoWonderland | 03-26-11, 7:44 AM
heey, thanks for the friend invite!

and omg i just realized you read Wild Adapter *spazzes* THAT'S JUST MY FAVORITE MANGA <33

Pensak | 03-18-11, 9:00 AM
Thanks for the friend request, at first glance I assume it's for our reasonably high anime compatibility. No matter what the case it's a pleasure to meet you. . .^^

Safaridor | 03-11-11, 11:57 AM
it's cost effective at least (~_^)

oh yeah!!! but you told me at lest 3 posts ago, so it was hard for me to figure out what it was (^_^;)

really, i hate dense people, but some shows make the don't-know-I'm-in-love thing actually work, it's really cool when you find good ones.

really, i only saw it on my site since about december of '10. It seems to have a good plot, but i don't like that kind of artwork ( it matters to me)

That's why i like games based on eroge, the artwork is usually REALLy good. like h20, clannad, kanon, myself, etc.

gahx | 03-10-11, 6:24 PM
yea im getting better and dont feel half as weak as i did yesterday which is nice

Broken Earth is going ok i guess im on chap 8 really but you only read the first two chaps :P
they go on another journey which i wont explain at this time, its kinda a sub plot to the main plot thats going on

Safaridor | 03-10-11, 12:03 PM
not really, I have a lot of trouble getting the games in a timely fashion ( download = 6 hours min.) (=_=)

trip where?!! I forgot what i was talking about for a minute there, and i checked my last one and i don't see anything about a trip, did you want to tell me about it?

really, what was bad about the 1st one? i heard that the new show "fairy tail" is really similiar to one piece, same art at least (^_^)

gahx | 03-10-11, 9:57 AM
ouch..i hope u dont get it...that would b really sucky...i think im getting over it really cuz im not half as tired as i used to b but im still dripping >.< yuck

gahx | 03-09-11, 12:37 PM
i only got sick 2 days ago so im still pretty crummy feeling but i am eating more now which is a good sign (i think???)

gahx | 03-09-11, 11:35 AM
good to hear u had fun ^.^

well im up to ep 14 but i had to stop cuz i got sick and could concentrate too well >.< so im kinda holding off on it now that i got the whole thing on my external harddrive though i can quickly power though it on my dads comp (cuz its super awsome 4 core power :P)

gahx | 03-09-11, 11:24 AM
oh thats nice was it fun?

Yea thats how it was for me as well with Kiba wasnt sure if i would like it or not

gahx | 03-08-11, 6:17 AM
haven't heard from u lately how's it going?

Safaridor | 03-04-11, 11:51 AM
*scratches my cheek*
To be honest, most of the anime i watch is based on eroge

I still haven't gotten around to kimi ni todoke, and i don't like action that much. yumekui merry is okay, but i haven't gotten to that one too thanks to homework (ToT)

Safaridor | 03-04-11, 7:25 AM
i had to start the anime club to get it at my school ( so much work), and i id an anime screening ( we watched the entire first season of genshiken)

Go sick is cool, and i didn't know that!

I'm also keeping up with IS, but I'm taking the other time i have to watch school days

what about you?

Safaridor | 03-04-11, 2:56 AM
*crosses arms*
rub it in why don't you?!

the only thing i have going for me is running my school's anime club, getting to show people the okatu side of anime, like the new spring anime ( I'm showing gosick, tomorrow!!!)

well, i hope you have fun at your convention (-_-') and i would rather you call me safa-kun

Safaridor | 03-04-11, 12:00 AM
not... (^_^)

fine, guilt me why don't you, but if anyone else uses my real name, I'm coming after you, you little stalker!! my name is austin ( so plain (>.<) )

i wish, I'm a poor otaku, my otaku life is ran on a computer. i wanted to go to animecon in LA and cosplay as Marluxia, but i didn't have the money for the costume (ToT)

Safaridor | 03-03-11, 12:04 PM
I didn't need math, i wrote a script that shows the age on MAL underneath the birthday ( GO PROGRAMMING!!!)

My name is [classified], i live in the desert, I'm proud to be an otaku (>>) and if you are a stalker, i hope you have fun trying to find me, i use Tor!

then you would just use these ones:
(^_^) smile
(^o^) awesome!!
(^_^)y Peace!!
\(^o^\)(/^o^)/ DANCE PARTY!!!

Safaridor | 03-02-11, 12:11 PM
yellow!! well, i believe hyper * ahem* happy people like you would be welcomed gladly by people like me. I read your profile, and even though you did not have an "about me", you still got your personality across from the way you used your words.

This is my reply, I am replying right now. This thing had to say something about me, but since you already read about me ( STALKER!!!), I'm sure that really isn't that necassary.

I see you are also a beginner user of vertical emoticons, these are some of mine:
*(^o^)* joyful
(ToT) crying
(._.) "I messed up"
(^_^;) "sorry, my bad"
(<>_<>) ALIEN!!!
(>.<) WOHH!!!!

gahx | 02-27-11, 1:47 PM
lol his story more interests me maybe cuz hes not as reckless as Zed (the other main character)

idk lol imma keep watching

gahx | 02-27-11, 1:10 PM
haha yea 51 eps -.- im only on ep 7 though so far lol its not bad i like the music and the story is pretty good so ill continue watching it...i find the 2nd main character noah's story a bit more interesting then the first main character Zen but we will see how it works out....:D

lol look at me formulating a review already lol ill stop now :P

gahx | 02-27-11, 12:33 PM
Two guys get taken to another world one becomes a warrior called a shard caster the other im not sure im still watching the ep that explains his background :P Thats not too bad for a laptop

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