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njasis | 06-04-09, 9:43 AM
Yes of course:) poor Ameri she deserves to be with Yuuri since she has known him for so long, but he will probably pick Mashiro anyways...damn just 3 more eps it better have a good ending:p

njasis | 06-03-09, 5:55 PM
neh lolis sucks:p

njasis | 06-02-09, 4:47 PM
lousy subbers and now next ep is out already, but anyways its not that bad to watch raw:p

njasis | 06-01-09, 5:59 PM
Hey just finished watching the latest ep of Tayutama, it's really good right?
Btw whats with Ameri and that man, is he turning her evil or what

njasis | 05-31-09, 8:56 AM
heh thats right:p like her ears though

njasis | 05-30-09, 7:56 PM
yeah well its more like I hate him for loving Ibuki, cause she's meant for Yoichi!
and why do u hate Ibuki, she's hot, nice and innocent right:p

njasis | 05-27-09, 5:06 PM
yeah me too:D

njasis | 05-27-09, 2:36 PM
thanks it's yourichi if you didn't notice!

njasis | 05-27-09, 2:21 PM
yeah finally!

njasis | 05-26-09, 7:14 AM
Yami heh no way but yeah Kotegawa maybe, she's nice sometimes:D Momo well how often does they end up with a loli, would be original though:p

njasis | 05-25-09, 1:01 PM
I know but still nice that she says it, so we know for sure:D
Well as long as Rito doesn't fall in love with Lala, that would be just so typical lol

njasis | 05-24-09, 5:57 PM
hey what happened to your manga it's too damn bright XD

btw to-love ru's is turning out very interesting now, Haruna actually admitted to Shizuchan that she loves Riko:O didn't expect that!

shiki14 | 10-21-08, 11:00 PM
eto... mmm... i like black 2nd to green ahaha ^^

i like pastel colors YAY!

i dont hate any colors.. but.. eto... am very picky in combining colors

shiki14 | 10-21-08, 9:58 AM
ahahahaha yah! its green!! my favorite color ^^

shiki14 | 10-20-08, 4:45 AM
ahahaha ... true i like shiki better =P

my name is richel but my friends call me ri or rich ^^

shiki14 | 10-20-08, 2:01 AM
lol duma ^^ at least you have something intresting to do hehehe

and shiki is short for shikimirekuta ( my japanese name i guess) hehehe ^_^V

shiki14 | 10-19-08, 10:36 PM
eto.. mmm everthing seems to be inorder... days are kinda booring... so am trying to keep myself busy >_< hahahaha

how bout you hows life?! =P

and yah i did draw those drawings ^^

shiki14 | 10-19-08, 8:50 AM
hi hi duma!! heheh

nice to meet you *bows*

3kY | 02-21-08, 3:06 PM
Yup. It's nice. ^_^
And Thanks.;D Guano Apes. *smirk* Geez. " Open your eyes" the best song.;D After it goes "You can't stop me", "Big in Japan" and "Quietly".xD
You've got a good taste .;DDD
Rlly. ^_^"

3kY | 02-21-08, 2:27 PM
Hi there. ^_^
haha , passed though by to say Hiis. xD
Aw. Btw, Nice to meet U. ^^

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