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sonozaki_desu | 01-01-10, 7:55 AM
I was in the middle of replying when my laptop shutted shown on its own. I'm so annoyed D:

Thank you so much for the wishes, Yo-san! Tina also wishes you a happy happy and one more time happy New Year~

My only wish is to have more free time. Or wait, overally more time would be the best, although we can't have a day lasting 48 hours, can we? =| How about you, Yo? Any special wishes?

Nevermind the old cap, I bought a new one. It's quite nice although I miss my old one. I get attached to the things easily.

You can repair 1 if it's a bigger test. But if it's the one teacher does surprisingly or if it's a homework, you can't repair it unless the teacher is nice and let you to do so. Oh, if you get 1 because of cheating, it's also unrepairable. Even if it's a big exam. If you fail it because you didn't know something, you still can write it again but if you cheated, you can't. Is that the same in Romania?

Why did you search for the alternatives? I think if pretty much good.

At my home, we will blow it up :D


barajou | 01-01-10, 3:17 AM
-hugs- Faptul ca uit sa sun lumea DX
Cosplay, er...'prieteni',

NekoHeart | 12-31-09, 4:07 PM

DarkShines | 12-31-09, 12:48 PM
O-okay, if milady says so.

Never mind cards, words are more important anyway :) I'm quite sad this year is over, hopefully the next one will be good.

Sounds nice! All the same I guess, I'm here with the family, there's something stupid on TV and mom is already asleep, I wonder if I should wake her up soon.

DarkShines | 12-31-09, 7:45 AM
It isn't nearly as good as yours, but I'm glad you like it <3

Also, Happy New Year, dear milady! ~ I didn't have enough time to make a card so you'll only get words from me ;__; Any special plans?

Farethy | 12-29-09, 9:57 AM
Ma bucur ca ti-am facut o bucurie ♥
Pai, o fost fain, am mancat atat de mult de pana si acum mai mi-e rau :'D
Si cum o fost la tine? Am auzit ca nu prea era zapada D:

NekoHeart | 12-24-09, 3:18 PM

Sii_Kei | 12-24-09, 2:42 PM

Craciun fericit, Yoyo!

DarkShines | 12-24-09, 5:44 AM
There you go, keeping it Aria~

Officially Merry X-mas ♥

lianayuki | 12-24-09, 3:14 AM

Farethy | 12-23-09, 9:11 AM

Aici e! Sper ca iti place. Merry Christmas ♥

DarkShines | 12-22-09, 7:52 AM
Yeah, that must be it. Actually this is the only time of the year I can get sick, I'm usually ok.
I see it, and I suggest getting it included in the dictionary as a synonym of total pwnage! My head's asleep and I can't think of rhymuns right now though, and that's sad. And bad.
Ah yes, Fever Ray. The singer has a unique voice, doesn't she? I don't know, I really such music videos.. but I see what you mean xD

Ah yes, this is our second Christmas on MAL! Funny how time flies.. Okay milady dear, I wish you a wonderful time and hope you have fun wherever you are (my guess is... on a ski trip in the beautiful snowy Romanian mountains?)
And thanks for the lovely card, I love Santa Alice and Aria the reindeer <3 I'll start making cards tomorrow, I'll post yours later! :]

Farethy | 12-20-09, 9:21 AM
Ah, fain. Ma bucur. Have fun! ♥

Na, pai trebuie, nu? O sa primesti si tu ceva, sigur. :D

Farethy | 12-20-09, 9:15 AM
Ah, deci nu esti acasa de Craciun? Pai unde esti, draga mea?

AMG. It's Yin. Multumesc frumos, madame. ♥ A mea o sa vina un pic mai tarziu. Deci n-am o clipa libera cu toate ce mai am de facut. Probabil o sa vezi cardul numai cand te intorci. Whatever ♥

barajou | 12-20-09, 9:05 AM

Am acum nr de Orange xD(nush pt cat timp). Daca e am sa te sun de Craciun xD

hinotoriii | 12-20-09, 8:57 AM
Aww thank you!!! I love it lmao, now I want to carry on watching Aria rotfl xDD
Woah seriously? Where you going for your christmas vacation :D Lmao, good job I made your christmas gift earlier on today lol xD

Have a great christmas :D

DarkShines | 12-18-09, 12:43 PM
Thanks Yousei-tan, I'm feeling better now I guess. That's how I spent last Christmas ;__;

Both RHYMES and PUNS are awesome. The tree didn't stick around this year to celebrate, so a new one has to be bought to commemorate (was that two in one? or failure times two xD)
Aw lawd, we should come up with more expressions just like that one!!

DarkShines | 12-16-09, 5:49 AM
That's just what's going to happen to our window. What we need is X-mas lights, we're supposed to put them soon but I'm sick this week so I think I'll miss that.
Ha sure, let's just say that the boys were quite bored and that the incident involved playing catch, and the Christmas tree... xD
And later they used it as a broom. I think I even have a video of that on my phone.. I don't know whether to facepalm or applaud their creativity, I don't know, I just don't know.

Two of them still managed to stick around though, their arms and legs are stuck on the "o" and "z" (an even lamer pun is lame(r)?)

Farethy | 12-13-09, 3:04 AM
Multumesc. Pai sper ca nu e rheumatism ca oricum sunt inca tanara si as avea-o toate viata. That would suck royally. D:

sonozaki_desu | 12-12-09, 1:56 AM

It is, especially since I loved this... okay, that rhyme is a fail too. It doesn't make any sense.

If it was only your country's history, I guess it wasn't that bad. It's kinda easier to remember such things since you hear things about the history of your country more than the other countries. Although with Hetalia... we have to reconsider such thinking.
We actually have grades from 1 to 6. But the 6 is for the REALLY awesome things, like taking a part in a competition (and sometimes winning it; depends on a teacher - one give 6 for participation, others only when you win it), solving an uber hard problem (on Math, for example) or something. So for the normal student, 5 is the highest grade possible and 1 is the worst. You can pass to the next class only if you haven't got any 1s at the end of the year.

Nope, although I've heard that without a subscription you can only listen to a limited amount or artists. Dunno if it's true though, it just doesn't make sense. I've never heard about Grooveshark tbh. Or maybe once or twice. Or maybe I just fail OTL

It helped you in History!

We shall throw a party, you know. So many good things happening.

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