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Tayau | 11-14-10, 2:56 PM
Where you been man?!

Tayau | 11-05-10, 10:52 AM
I'm in the UK, I'm on now man. Get on D:

Tayau | 11-05-10, 4:27 AM
Yo, I'll be on ALL night today. But I'll start from around 6pm my time, since I'm going shopping afterschool with a bud.

My name is Kermit. Invited you as a friend. Add Lynl and Hadex as well and introduce yourself to them. Don't mention that I call Lynl my sister =x She'll kill me.

Tayau | 11-04-10, 4:30 PM
Our guild has only 3 good players. Me, her and our friend. We help newbies ^.^

anorakblue | 11-04-10, 3:17 PM
More commonly mocks :)

Yes they are, you (used to) get your SATs at 3 periods, then you moved on to your GCSE's, then your A Levels are the final step before university, and I'm in the last year of A Levels :) .

I had to gather my own data, analyse it and pin point key language features, compare them against other features in different sections of analysis and also compare them up against other theorists then come up with my conclusions, theories etc :') . Aaah that sounds quite interesting, sounds like RE (Philosophy and Ethics) or human geography to me :)

That's true, I just went on the forums and looked at the discussions and suggestions page :) it was quite interesting ^__^ everyone knows such an extensive range of anime and manga and I'm just there like.. 'Naruto? Vampire Knight? Insert other bog standard mainstream anime/manga here?' :')

anorakblue | 11-04-10, 2:32 PM
Preliminaries, ones to see how you're doing progress wise, or mock exams :) .
Aaah I know the feeling, if I'm honest this year is my final exam year for university, I dread each day, it's just so... daunting thinking that each school day will decide what will happen for the rest of my life.

It does! :) and it was something boring, a language investigation, I had to look at Child Language Acquisition, errm I don't know what level you are up to in terms of education but... well this is the stuff designed for 18 year olds, if you get me? Obviously the type of qualification we get out of this is different :') A Levels.

I've already found a great bunch of people so far! ^_^ And I've discovered a lot of anime and manga that I may be interested in reading and watching :)

anorakblue | 11-04-10, 1:58 PM
That's good. And oo er that's not so good :s which exam is it? I'm doing quite well thank you, finished a major part of my coursework today so I feel all 'yaay' and breezy :') . I do like MAL :D everyone's been nice and I've been having some amazing conversations, thank you ^_^

anorakblue | 11-04-10, 1:23 PM
Hellooo!! And thank you :D how are you?

Tayau | 11-04-10, 9:36 AM
The mini girl under Oshino's care used to be a somewhat beautiful vampire that he saw bleeding out on the street, so he let her suck his blood. Then other things happened and she became little =3

When's exams over? Good luck and I can invite you to my guild, my onee-chan is on the server top 50, I'm somewhere on the top 250 as is our guildmaster.

Tayau | 11-03-10, 5:23 PM

Tayau | 10-30-10, 6:20 PM
What times do you play? =3

theESCAPIST | 10-29-10, 12:35 PM
thank you :) im happy to be of assistance! i think i change it like every other day so stop by and you'll probably find something new lol can you see my music mood changed XD

this was the song i just had up there a few days ago. if you like my current one check this out to and see :P

Tayau | 10-28-10, 7:05 AM
Give me your username.

Tayau | 10-26-10, 6:28 PM
I was in top 50 before summer.

You have
so much to do
It WILL last you

Tayau | 10-24-10, 4:22 PM
Yep! I can play mabinogi again~

Tayau | 10-23-10, 8:01 PM
Lost all of my shit except music...

theESCAPIST | 10-21-10, 2:59 PM
i havent started it yet either just figured i'd ask lol well actually im gonna go watch it right now. for once i have no homework :D

theESCAPIST | 10-20-10, 2:00 PM
now way, sequel to what?? haha are they going to do it backwards XD yea i heard he was a half vampire. that sucks you dont know why :/ speaking of vampires do you watch shiki?

i just heard their song booty call. wth haha definitely weirder lyrics lol

theESCAPIST | 10-19-10, 7:08 PM
thats cool i know what you mean. thought it was worth a shot lol no i havent but i really want to! and to be honest i actually ended up watching an episode of it last year without knowing it XD its was so weird i didnt get it at all haha

theESCAPIST | 10-18-10, 12:53 PM
do it XD lol

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