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Sassymacha | 04-11-14, 3:25 PM
Miya and Sensei are best Sketchs

Aryaragi | 04-08-14, 7:13 AM
awesome nami picture =w=

Vudis | 03-26-14, 6:05 AM

Vudis | 03-25-14, 8:38 AM
That profile pic.

Sassymacha | 03-23-14, 9:31 PM
Not that Gundam's really about world building, but it's there in the background. But Gundam X, like Turn A, really incorporates the story around it. I think it would be a good high note to end on. You're basically getting something along the lines of ZZ, but it's a more solid package.

And the irony about not remembering anything about Gundam Wing is that I've sat down and watched it twice since the Canadian equivalent of the "Toonami days", and I still don't really remember anything from it. It's not bad, but apparently it's literally forgettable.

Sassymacha | 03-23-14, 7:19 PM
EG just released the Wing BD batch. I have it downloaded, but yet to rewatch it as well; 00 is a lot of canon homolust, Wing is just implied because they're the "boy band"; and AF Gundam X is more for people who actually like Gundam, it's not going to convince anyone to like Gundam or get into Gundam. If you like Gundam and the UC universe, then yes, I'd say watch it. It has the second most world building, next to Turn A, and I'd say that's mostly the series' focus, so that made it really interesting. It also has a really goods cast of characters.

Sassymacha | 03-23-14, 6:59 PM
Oh, and watch Victory last. Your Gundam watch can RIP in pieces forever if you don't. It will have the same effect CCA did. Just imagine if CCA was 17 hours long.

Sassymacha | 03-23-14, 6:01 PM
F91 is a lot better, but you have to forgive the pacing because it was supposed to be a full series. I think its potential and what it could have been make it pretty good, at least.

Sassymacha | 03-23-14, 3:02 PM

They also made Amuro looks like a huge slut by having yet another arbitrary love interest. I believe in the novels he was still with Beltorchika and she was either pregnant or they already had a kid together.

But at least the mobile suits were cool.

Sassymacha | 03-23-14, 2:17 AM
>Resident Evil Damnation

>mfw people legitimately like CCA
I don't actually have a face for that level of shit taste.

HMS_Lolibutt | 03-15-14, 9:09 PM
Sorry about that.

Hias | 03-01-14, 10:11 PM
Same thing happened to me, thankfully it was only a few so it wasn't an issue deleting them.

Still, fukken puush.

Hias | 03-01-14, 9:35 PM
Dog, your extended faves list, the images got messed up.

Kino_no_Tabi | 02-26-14, 4:56 PM
Actually, my PTW list are a mix of two things: anime I own (downloaded, dvds, etc.), and anime I have watched a few episodes and decided that some day I'll finish it. Basically, I got tired of putting many anime on-hold after 5-6 episodes, especially when I decide to finally finish one I'll just restart it from the beginning.

Sassymacha | 02-24-14, 7:23 PM
Eu is best imouto and mahou shoujo

Wickelkind | 02-21-14, 10:46 AM
Ganz ansehnliches Favoritenraster.

Sassymacha | 02-09-14, 9:43 PM

Sassymacha | 02-09-14, 8:12 PM
Gundam was just a ruse.

LolitaDecay | 02-04-14, 2:18 AM
Adélie is best alien

ZombiePsycho | 02-03-14, 9:25 PM
2nd best body in Milf fighters.

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