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AironicallyHuman | 12-01-11, 3:56 PM
...Oh, and the part you're on is probably my favourite section. Mustang's plot to trick the homunculi to reveal themselves and the crazy-intense fights that follow got me pumped; even when I read it in the manga first.

AironicallyHuman | 12-01-11, 3:52 PM
...You know, I KNEW I'd forgotten to do something. Best go order that Live 3-monther and earphones after typing this. Sorry! I got too into my whole 'watch Blu-ray rips on 19" screen... even though, on such a small screen, there's no increase in quality' thing. Haven't even started Vesperia yet, though I do plan to tomorrow as I'm getting bored of cartoons.

(Just so I didn't forget again, I went and ordered them just now. Will let you know when they arrive.)

Not sure if I really want to play another Tales game. Symphonia I liked as a kid but have NEVER been able to replay it; always getting bored towards the end of the first disc. (The fast-as-heck paced OVAs are bloody good, mind, as they cut out all the crap.) Same deal with TotA... except I never managed to complete that before I got bored.

Not sure if it's worth watching the anime movie before or after playing the game, as it's a prequel that was made after the game came out. Confusing.

On the plus side, it'll make for a nice distraction from the love triangle suffering I've endured. 25 episodes + two 2-hour movies later, the romantic resolution came at THE VERY FUCKING END of the second movie--right before the lead vanished into thin air, in fact. It was SO worth enduring until the very end.

I felt little for Hughes' death in FMA:B, compared to the first anime, due to the massive pacing differences between the two versions. But the pay-off in FMA: B as Mustang does his finger-clicking thing makes it all tinglingly worthwhile. One of the best parts in the show is when he loses it; voiced by Willingham.

Aside from Mustang, the other best aspect of FMA: B is Ling, who gets introduced right after the first 13 episodes. He's one of those characters that alternates between comical and serious, depending on if his eyes are open or not. HE TOOK ON TWO HOMUNCULI, AS A HUMAN!!!!

I'll leave it there, for now. Here's a track from FMA: B sure to make you curious about Envy's true form; the anime version making Lupus rage-quit, or something:

PS: Haven't forgot about the manga message, just can't be arsed. Might respond tomorrow, should Vesperia fail to entertain.

AironicallyHuman | 11-29-11, 5:25 AM
Why would I tell you BEFORE you spent the best part of an hour tapping away at your keyboard? If I did that, you wouldn't have wasted your time, and I wouldn't get the satisfaction of knowing I annoyed you.

I'll probably reply when I'm done with MF and TotA. Watching two 26 episode series side-by-side over the course of a couple of days takes up more time than is good; even for someone like me.

For now:

Re-started TotA ' cause it looks pretty in HD and I never finished the game, mainly. Re-started MF 'cause there are two alternate version movies in existence; the second not long having come out on the net.

(Real reason #1:
Real reason #2:

I'll be sure to look into buying more smut if I ever finish Love Selection. As it stands, I can only use my dick during golden hour--the time between the effects fading and the taking of another pill. Not worth spending money on.

Good job I didn't go for the Emma sets, thanks to Axel, then, as I'd completely forgot. Maison Ikkoku cost $21 - the same as the other two sets set me back - so I'm safe with that... and lucky, 'cause I initially intended to order something else with it.

Btw, I'm going to order Lust for you, for christmas, and address it to your mother.

AironicallyHuman | 11-28-11, 6:46 PM

I don't like long messages, and I cba to read your wall of text. Would you mind giving me a one paragraph summary, please?

Putting that aside, since I'm watching TotA and own ToV (/£50), it'd be a good time to start ToV soonish. That said, it wouldn't be a bad time to give GoW another go as I've forgotten how to hold a 360 pad.

I happen to need some new headphones following me accidently removing one of the heads by treating my old pair like nunchuks. I'll get the £10 Live thing tomorrow, when I order a new pair. Get one yourself and we can activate them/come together.

AironicallyHuman | 11-27-11, 4:35 PM

Saw it when I was thinking about ordering the two series separate for $25 used each via SecondSpin. Axel even gave me an automatic £4-5 voucher discount; presumably for the Special A + Kenichi sets I ordered ages ago. It's meant to be a limited edition. Not bad!

PS: I only got Maison Ikkoku 2, from SS. Already own sets 1 & 3.

AironicallyHuman | 11-27-11, 9:29 AM
This link is rather useful. Might as well order it, I guess... even though I wasn't that hot on S2. It'll took an age for the manga to get to where the anime is at; especially since the fourth novel was skipped in the anime.

Here's something of interest to you, in return:

No idea why I've started reading the Mardock Scramble novel, after finally sorting my PC. Now, there's sod all I want to do on my PC.

I kinda want to play GoW3. Even got a neat W7 GoW3 theme from the Windows site. But the cost...

AironicallyHuman | 11-27-11, 6:57 AM
Don't understand Twiiter. I only see a page of comments made my the owner of the profile. Where messages sent to him?

Y'know, the Balls of Steel vids are DAMN funny. DAMN FUNNY. I re-watched a good few last night, after discovering a new channel where everything had been re-uploaded. It needs a new season.

Your way of finding love:

"The question is to what extent does one's understanding and enjoyment hinge on having seen at least the F/S-N anime, because that won't happen either."

...Didn't I explain this already? Can you not read, or think for yourself?

The title is "Zero" for a reason. And, according to what I've read, the novels weren't even written by the same author as FSN. Instead, the Saya no Uta author from Nitroplus handled them.

The only links they have are The Holy Grail War and three characters. That's it. The events depicted in Zero weren't dealt with in FSN, and it was created after it.

And why can't you watch FSN anyway? The UBW has some of the best fight sequences I've seen and overs one of the arcs in under two hours. It's even available in HD. I EVEN PLACED A FUCKING LINK ON YOUR PROFILE.

...Ugh, whatever: you annoy me. Just so we're crystal: you're judging a VN based on an anime adaptation of a series of novels, which weren't even written by the same fucking author. No wonder no-one else types to you. You're just lucky I'm so nice. (Tsukihime's got a good story, btw.)

I'm sure the Tsukihime and FSN VNs explore their universes in far too much detail than is good. But I'd also be willing to bet that the characters and story are far beter than your average smut referred to as a novel, where pathetic losers who should just die put themselves in the places of other, lesser losers in order to kid themselves into thinking they can get laid without lots of money. (Such people sicken me.)

I'm not too fussy about where you get Break Blade from, providing you get for me. S&WII, as well. I've yet to re-watch MY S1 DVDs due to the manga still being a volume away from concluding theevents of S1; the second of 17 novels. But I would like to re-watch SII with. The problem is, you've yet to send it to me...

I'd love for you to message me with an actual response. What are your Cigu and Arse Powa thoughts; what do you do other than stare at the PC screen with your mouth open like a retard, etc--these are the questions I want answering.

...Ah, yes: I remember now. The nurse was hiding behind a bush. There are numerous female faces worth cutting and making into avatars. I even intended to use the double-page where Chizuru pushed Rin away, after he touched her hand.

AironicallyHuman | 11-26-11, 5:43 PM
Just so you know, you're assuming you're right beyond any doubt - as ever - when judging a VN based on the first ten minutes of an anime adaptation of a series of novels. Do you try to make it easier for me to highlight the stupidity of your actions, or am I getting shaper, with age?... It's something to ponder, for sure.

Here's a shocker for you: I ACTUALLY HAD THE *EXACT* SAME THOUGHTS ABOUT ZERO'S FIRST, 47 MINUTE EPISODE! When two guys started walking in circles around Kirei for no apparent reason, after a good few minutes of talking with still frames/a lack of facial close-ups, I feared the worst. The first episode's exposition was actually necessary as it was required to introduce the characters and explain the rules, but the way it was handled was utterly unimaginative.

The same shit can be said of Kara Kyoukai's first 'movie'. You'd expect the start of a high-budget production to start out all guns blazing, but no: instead, I got people babbling about flying/floating, with the frames remaining still;zoomed away from the faces so that it was hard to even see the mouth flaps moving.

But it quickly improves. Not sure if the first episode had a different director or, but once the battle royale goodness you're already vastly experienced with gets going, it becomes clear why it has such a high rating. I'm close to 9/10ing it, myself. The action sequences are more in-line with OVA quality than TV, without repeated laziness, and it has Yuki Kaijura's music. And the characters are great; each having histories worth wiking and personalities worth remembering.

In episode 8, it took a turn for Darker than BLACK as an assassin of those with supernatural powers, with a weak ability of his own, uses human assassination skills to win.

FSN's anime is a clusterfuck of characters where nothing makes sense due to only one route getting focused on. It's more of a harem where girls move-in with the lead than a battle to the death. But, as an adaptation of a novel, it can only have one naturally flowing narrative, and a novel needs no otaku pandering bullshit. And ufotable are a FUCKING AWESOME animation studio when they're not forgetting to animate/show movement.

...I hope that clears up any misconception you had, as a result of quitting before trying.

(PS: Watching anime streamed is a dumbfuck thing to do. Buy a 19-22" monitor > download > watch. Simple.)

Why do you keep bringing up Sana as a retort; is your brain THAT lacking? Kodocha isn't pornographic, YOU IDIOT!... At least I don't go around recommending 'games' with child rape to my 'friends' on the internet. I have standards.

For me, Break Blade having an orchestra play in the background as robots made out of crystals smashed each other up elevated it to greater heights. I really should've been questioning why such an implausible 12yo was riding a robot and attacking an enemy nation, but I was willing to overlook that as she danced around destroying shit, with classical music playing.

...While I'm here, if you get the Blu-rays from TRS, get me the DVDs at the same time, if the pricing limit allows it. You haven't sent me anything of value for a considerable amount of time and there's no way for me to buy it.

What is your definition of a later, btw? Is it something along the lines of "If you send me a daily message, I'll tell you what I think about dis", by any chance?... Thought so.

You're up to where I read of Arse Powa, in English. Be sure to read v7 RAW since its 80% foreplay in a hotel room.
Cigu goes on a downhill descent towards nowhere, post-sex lulz. You might as well drop it before the infidelty/rape trolling and ending. (The gangster murdering attempt and hobo 'art' are great, though.)


Example of ufotable action:

Example of what I want to be, when I grow up:


AironicallyHuman | 11-25-11, 7:17 PM

This reminds me: aren't you meant to be one of those pervs that gets off over slime-lolis being raped in 'novels'? Why haven't you read Fate/stay night?

Y'see, I want to know what happens without 'playing' through a wall of text with a few alternating profile images. I also don't want to read walls of text on Wiki.

The solution is simple: you play through every route and explain everything. Simple, no? You are the one into that kinda shit...


AironicallyHuman | 11-25-11, 6:46 PM
Here's a little hint:

OTT soundtracks, created with the aid of an orchestra, just do it for me. They just do.

With my memory, I'll be able to enjoy reading HotD in full a fair bit, I imagine. It's been something like a year since I dropped the manga, and the anime was re-watched months ago. But I'm leaving it until after xmas.

Why on earth would you watch a video where a new book is shown? It took my awhile just to find the fucking videos, and they were crappy. You're stupid.

Pretty sure I've linked you to a AVGN video before at least once before. You were probably a cock and ignored the links. Same old story... usually.

I KNOW I placed this image on your profile, shortly before you DELETED EVERYTHING:

Ah, the memories...

I doubt the problems he had were down to a lack of skill when he's made an internet career out of making fun of ancient, awful games. The bat part would've got most people since it didn't look much different from the background.

In any event, I didn't link you to it for your views: I simply wanted to highlight that there's a character in existence, perfect for your internet persona. That's all.

The Dark Castle vid was watched AGES ago. I linked to it 'cause I remember laughing when Nerd pointed out the annoying as hell noise a creature made and looped it. No idea what swearing three times in a row has to do with everything--I think you're just desperate to match-up with my sword word aggression, or something.

Yes: it is the one in the middle. She has Yoko's '14' yo self beat. She even gets into a semi-lesbian relationship with Sigyn; living in her room and wearing very little as they talk on her bed. (There's also the suggestive gun-wrestling, too.0

What I meant was, "Tell me if the music reminds you of the work of another composer you bitched about, previously." t isn't my fault you the lack the brains to read between the lines, is it? Dumbfuck.

AironicallyHuman | 11-25-11, 11:32 AM

PS: My £23-24 HotD collection arrived today. Hard, huge and with protection. Looks like the best book in my collection.

AironicallyHuman | 11-25-11, 7:25 AM
Just found a game where YOU are the main character. Now, I have a mental image of you.

PS: Next year, when we do GoW3, I should get a new TV first. Then, I might be able to see more and survive longer. MIGHT.

AironicallyHuman | 11-25-11, 7:20 AM
Oooooo, that's cool. I figured they'd go with the Funimation/Manga strategy, instead of releasing everything together from the get-go. Too bad there wasn't a reasonably priced R1 Kara Kyoukai set, as well. 50-minute OVA-movies are alot of fun.

It goes without saying that you'll rate it highly for the artwwork alone. I watched it in 720p myself - my old clunker kindly allowing me to watch the lot without dying on me - and it looked great. Sigyn provides more than enough eye candy when the 'realistic mecha' (emoing, essentially) is being focused on, and there's even the most legal 12yo you'll ever see:

Perfect for wannabe child molestors such as yourself.

You totally misunderstood what I was asking: I was asking you to tell me what the track reminded you of; not the composer. I don't know any other composers by name, myself.

This is a better example, anyhow:

You're more of a dumbarse than I think already, if you're still clueless.

I had Adblock Plus installed. Removed it when I had to confirm ever sodding well video before I could watch them. Piece of shite.

...and you're a piece of shite for ignoring the music I CAREFULLY SELECTED, too. A YT comment on one claims the violins sound like they're crying, or something.

Yes: still working. And now that it is, I;m back to not really wanting to do anything with it. Even with W7, it loads FAST, so I haven't been giving Linux much time.

Can't you act like you're Daniel Antonio Rowletta and get my MAC code for me, instead? I spoke to AN ACTUAL GIRL on the phone, the other day, when phoning eBuyer to confirm if the Zooie payment had gone through. I criedtears of joy, afterwards.

The problem with my current 10MB>2MB connection is Xbox Live. Since the speed cutting only stops after 9MB, even with only two players on GoW before then would eventually result in the laggy hell I once experienced, while you were oblivious.

I think I'm done with buying smut, now. It's pointless when NOTHING FUCK WELL COMES OUT. If the anal-book artist had his work where older women attempted to seduce younger boys and found themselves broken by the 2D penises, it'd be different, but there's just not enough quality, disturbing shorts like Lust to go around.

I have received Strange, yeah. Not so keen on the art on closer inspection. I just ordered it 'cause it started with a train molestation scene, such is the in-depth research I do.

Couldn't be fucked to sit through a video moving at snails pace around a room. Nice Eva toy, mind.

PS: I'm happy I can now watch AVGN vids, now. In fact, I'll go watch one or two now.

AironicallyHuman | 11-24-11, 6:52 PM
Since you're too much of a cock to congratulate me on solving my long-standing PC woes, here are four tracks and two openings to take up space on your profile. You placed Xenosaber music on my profile, so it's fine.

Tell me if you can guess the Sinfonia track's composer, without checking. Go on. I thought of a comment you made in the past, when I first heard it, and...

(Meant to say this before: Sentai are releashing Break Blade next year. Unless they're suicidal, they're release three sets, containing two movies each. You're ignorant about mecha, it looks purrrty and has the Queen.)

You should also download Unlimited Blade Works. You rate movies 9/10 'cause they look pretty. Who cares if you don't understand it?

That's all.

PS: Why the hell would you rate something 9/10 and not want to read it?... YOU DON'T DO ANYTHING!

AironicallyHuman | 11-24-11, 9:56 AM
My new Zooie arrived at 10AM. It worked perfectly out of the box; it was worth paying £50 extra for lower stats but with W7 pre-installed. 720p files don't phase it at all, so I probably won't ever feel the need to upgrade it as I'm not a gamer. £260 well spent, by the looks!

It even came with the unexpected bonus of a new keyboard and mouse. Nothing to complain about--even the "noisy" fan is a hell of a lot quieter than my old one.

(My kinda-sorta dead PC was back to not working again, this morn. On the plus side, I GOT MY MANY GIGS OF SMUT + MUSIC ONTO MY EXTERNAL!!!!!)

I'm pretty sure my form result was down to me not writing from my own perspective, me having seen pill-giver for the majority of my life and the effort put into covering each of the psychological half. But at least it's done with... for 6-12 months, starting the 5th of Dec.

It's the MAC code bit that's a problem. WHAT IF THEY DON'T WANNA GIVE IT WHEN I DON'T WANT TO TALK!? They might bully me as I'm timid. :'(

...but, yeah: I seriously need a new ISP, if only to save £20+ per month. How much do you get charged for phone + BB?

Love Selection failed because, after my PC woes, I was quick to take my happy pill. It's a straight choice between suffering in bed until the pills are out of my system or not being able to get mini-babies out of my system. It's lose-lose. The withdrawal symptoms really are horrible, with the full range of nastiness.

That one you said you weren't interested in (Too Hot To Handle) is right up your alley, btw--it's non-stop anal sex. Even the back-cover mentioned the amount of "backdoor" activity. The story, characters and character design are sucky, and I don't like arses. Trust it to be the work of the artist I've liked the least...

I checked the full-version of Mardock, btw. It was just a few extra shots of boobs and a FEW seconds of action. Needless and nothing to fap over--it made me wonder why there are two versions in the first place. I'm content with the theatrical cut.

AironicallyHuman | 11-23-11, 2:18 PM
Btw, the Mardock version released is the theatrical cut. Four minutes of sex where the lead was 'raped' wasn't included. I didn't notice when watching since it isn't called Kite and the 15yo heroine was shown naked.

I think it's disgraceful and am downloading the 70 min uncut version to further investigate.

AironicallyHuman | 11-23-11, 2:10 PM
I don't know anyone: my nan does.

You see, on either side of my house is my nan's and Harry--some pigeon guy who drives my mom/me from A-to-B, when need be. Next-door to my nan's are two fat, ugly, 50+ lesbians (this could lead to pain if read, since I posted the last message on their PC...). The 50+ lesbians have a recentish computer that they never use and takes 5-10 mins to load because of all the bloated shit they have on it.

I told my mom to phone my nan. My nan phoned the lesbians. My nan then phoned my mom, telling me I could go around. I then proceeded to shave, spray shit under my arms to cover for my shower laziness and attempted to use water on my untidy, hasn't-been-given-a-military-cut-in-weeks hair. I then went around.

The fugly lesbian sat watching as I enter my CC details. This unnerved me. But I was brave and finished ordering; paying £10 for next-day delivery. (And, yes: W7 >> 500GB of needless space << 2GB Ram)

So, why am I on here now, you ask? Simple: I gave my PC one last pre-sleep (/nothing to do) try, and it actually worked. (....) On the plus side, MAYBE no PC woes tmoz. I don't feel too positive when the Dell I got a few years back died within a week, but maybe this one will like me more.

In other news, the form-people phoned today: I overheard the conversation when they rang and just sighed; knowing bad things come in 3's. But I was passed and need not do anything. THE NOVEL I WROTE HELPED!

Now, I'm going to try and have a wank. Earlier I tried, using Love Selection, and even though the art is fantastic, I was forced to resort to imagining myself violating you, inserted in the body of a cat-girl. It KINDA worked as I did manage to ejaculate, but it wasn't easy. At all.

Brotherhood: 13+ = new. 1-13 = rushed recap. Ling cool. Xingese.

What I need to do is figure out how to change my ISP and get a wireless for a laptop. Fuck Xenosaber. £40 for 10MB that gets cut to 2MB if I download anything isn't great, and I need a back-up internet source.

I don't want you to respond to my previous message. I hate people.

AironicallyHuman | 11-23-11, 6:36 AM
PC died. Power and nothing else. Took risk of using CC to buy PC on someone else's PC. Just so you know.

I go sleep now. Very sadface.

AironicallyHuman | 11-21-11, 5:04 PM
£400 cooker arrived today. Once it's fitted and out of the way, I'm planning on *FINALLY* ordering a PC. The amount of random restarting and Linux re-installing (again yesterday!) has pushed my sanity to its limits. My only concern is which PC to go for:

One one hand, there's the one with no OS, a 1TB HDD and 4GB of RAM for £200. On the other, there's the one for £250 with Win7, a 500GB HDD and 2GB of RAM. I'm leaning towards the latter because - unless YOU'VE corrupted my £50 external beyond repair - I have more space than I need and RAM is cheap. Windows isn't so cheap. I have that XP disc you sent me but XP is so old now that installing it on a new computer seems dumb.

I'll probably just use Linux, so Windows isn't vital, but a pre-installed Win7 would A) give me two OS options and B) allow me to install and use whatever Linux rejects. (Plus, isn't Linux Mint 11 out soon?)....

In other news: STILL no idea what's happening with those forms. STILL.

The mythical free PC, you ask? At first two different genders of people were on holiday and couldn't possibly format it. Then, I was told they can't delete the files and would have to remove the HDD. I've given up now and decided my credit card is the answer.

Aren't the people that released OreImo on DVD meant to be bad at their job? I recall seeing a review on for Katanag-whatever that ripped into the subtitle quality and over-pricing.

And you have a good memory for the useless, to remember the £50+ (+customs) I paid for my very first box set, which was purchased in affection after I watched it all on my 14" CRT piece of shit in one sitting.

About Lust: that was the only scat in the entire volume (3 chapters were missing). I can deal with one page when the artwork and story quality is so here. I was impressed with both the unusual subject matter dealt with and how women looked mature without looking like old ladies.

On a semi-related note, most of the older LARGE Ero Comix volumes either failed to get released beyond the first volume or had chapters removed/ignored. Bothersome.

Typing of fapping: I can't tell you how FRUSTRATING it was to read the tsundere hentai on my bed. With the pills in my system, sexy time explosion is hard at the best of times, and with the powers of gravity against me it's that much harder. The sex scenes only lasting for a few pages at a time helped matters not.

Owning some smut physically is nice and all, but it's MUCH better to use the free variety available on the internet, I find.

The whole 'best buds' thing is handled better in Cigu-whatever than F&B. Where as in F&B the friendship was only ever comical and had little substance (lost everything once he had surgery), in Cigu the loser + fatty broship, and the end to their friendship, was handled much better.

As for Cigu in general: its greatest flaw, early on, is how a stunner has any internet in letting a complete and utter loser screwing her. Her character was as unrealistic for her pure-love as Sakura was realistic for her behaviour. The differences with how the female characters were handled in the two seinens simply illustrates how wide the gap generally each between how females are represented in male works and how they're represented in male works. Male characters, amusingly enough, can be handled equally well by both genders.

Maison Ikkoku is another obvious example you know of where a seinen was created by a female, had a great loser of a lead and a bitch of heroine that was hard not to see as a person. Due to my experiences, I'm now naturally drawn towards seinen authored by females.

...Anyway, back to Cigu briefly: the bullying subplot is one of its strongest elements. Later on, the lead and the bully wind-up together in the back of a van; on their way to be buried in the woods by gangsters. And the lead even finds himself involved in a plot to kill the bully, after starting to get along with him.

Switching to Arse Power, you're referring to the cliche frequent in male-centric works where an impossibly hot 20+ woman has managed to avoid all contact with men and is still pure. In UxU, the heroine has cheating father issues and went to an all-girl school... and that was that for explanations. It's just one of those things you have to overlook when dealing with romances from a male perspective.

Sakuranbo handles its characters more realistically. The lead's woman is older than him and a superior at work, and she's no virgin.

As for Chizuru rejecting Rin: it's shown later that that was followed by her coming to his apartment to apologize and them having an argument; Rin pointing out that AN OBVIOUSLY EXPERIENCED WOMAN shouldn't make such a big deal over hand-touching. She responded by punching him. Then, their relationship returned to the normality you saw at the beginning.

"Don't gay me up?" sounds like a professional subbing job, does that.

...Ugh, typed all I can be arsed to.

Mardock is better than GitS because it's focused on explaining how its heroine found her soul housed in a super-powered body, rather than theatrics. The action only occurs towards the end. I enjoyed the first movie so much that I ordered the manga (2 out; 5 pre-ordered) and the 3-in-one complete novel. Good stuff.

Why on earth would you rate Eva 2.22 9/10 when A) the CG was far too noticeable and B) Asuka was simplified to the point she quickly started cooking din-dins for Shinji; becoming friends with everyone. Evangelion is all about characterisation, and the movies are more concerned with action and moe. AND I'M STILL NONE THE FUCKING WISER ABOUT WTF IS GOING ON. All I know is that the ship from The Matrix is the key.

AironicallyHuman | 11-20-11, 6:22 PM

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