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Gauchorino | 08-20-14, 12:59 PM
Mostly busy doing nothing. I'll send you an email, soon.

Gauchorino | 10-01-13, 10:18 PM
Sorry for checking out on you for over a year. Busy, busy, busy, and excuses, excuses, etc. Erryting good?

SVDDXNLY | 09-06-12, 8:13 AM
Dat Nana.

claydol | 08-27-12, 3:41 PM
Yes good

SVDDXNLY | 08-12-12, 5:01 AM
Yeah, you have to be a die hard sci-fi fan to enjoy it. The show is heavily dialogue and character driven, mixed in with a lot of politics and the usual strategical space battles throughout the various arcs. The show really starts to shine after the first 20 episodes. Not sure if you would have the patience to watch that much before making a decision on dropping it.

WickedFrey | 08-11-12, 8:03 PM
night :) sleep well.

WickedFrey | 08-11-12, 7:33 PM
no need to say your sorry friend :P, I'm good really tired tho just went on another long ass wak with my friend in 100 degree weather :(

WickedFrey | 08-11-12, 2:20 PM
ahhh, so whats ga-rei zero about?

WickedFrey | 08-10-12, 8:56 PM
Ga-rei:zero? not that I know? an sorry for the late reply, eating some pizza :P

WickedFrey | 08-10-12, 8:01 PM
Hey! how are you xD?

WickedFrey | 08-10-12, 7:22 PM
Ello friend!

SVDDXNLY | 08-05-12, 5:05 PM
Ah, seems fair enough. I think I'll give it another go then.

SVDDXNLY | 08-05-12, 4:37 PM
How much does the patch cover? Is it actually playable now?

SVDDXNLY | 08-05-12, 4:34 PM
Yeah, I've been thinking of redownloading PSO2 ever since the english patch came out. But shit, ~20GB... I need to delete some cartoons to make some room.

Gauchorino | 08-04-12, 2:54 AM
YES! Detective Conan! You're...growing up so fast! *sniffle*

Cratex | 07-31-12, 2:09 PM
Ah! No problem there - we've all got different interests. I've got a pile of stuff on my 'hold' list that I watched a few episodes of simply because I was initially curious and then lost interest for one reason or another after a few episodes, wondering if I'll ever get back to them. Far to many shows to choose from to spend to much time on something you don't like!

Cratex | 07-31-12, 9:45 AM
Fair enough. Sagara (Monkey) continues to occasionally say and do inappropriate things towards a couple of the women, particularly Katsuie Shibata, but overall up through ep 4 there is just not much 'fanservice', at least not enough to be distracting. A lot of the 'guys' in the forums are very disappointed this is not acting like a 'typical' nonsense harem themed show, but there are a few of us that are happy about that. In particular, Sagara may occasionally overstep his bounds (and then Oda gives him the smack down he deserves), but it's very apparent that he and Oda are developing a very strong bond. Right now I have high hopes for this show even though it has a few elements that detract.

Cratex | 07-30-12, 5:45 PM
LOL - boredom is a dangerous thing ;)

Cratex | 07-30-12, 4:39 PM
Just saw your comment about Oda Nobuna no Yabou episode 1 - try giving it just one more episode. It's occasionally a little silly but not nearly as much as the first episode implies it might be.

RebornYoshi | 07-21-12, 7:54 AM
Oh alright thanks! Im Really thinking about picking up that anime up because i heard it was good. have you seen it yet?

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