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ASimpleHollow | 11-03-13, 6:46 PM
1 person means you AND that person, right? xD

ASimpleHollow | 11-03-13, 5:06 PM
Lol yeah that sounds annoying. I usually like more than two people in my rps too.

ASimpleHollow | 11-03-13, 4:08 PM
Ah I usually find rp on omegle to be less than satisfying ><

ASimpleHollow | 11-03-13, 3:07 AM

ASimpleHollow | 11-02-13, 10:38 PM
Ah.... there's an rp for that!? Omg where?!

ASimpleHollow | 11-02-13, 9:18 PM
Do you RP? I do quite often so maybe you've seen me around.

LeShiro | 11-02-13, 7:03 PM
hey whats up it has been long :)
what was youre user name before? >_<

ASimpleHollow | 11-01-13, 6:35 PM
Nice to meet you then xD

WickedFrey | 10-31-13, 11:08 AM
You don't even know how bad it wallet hasn't stopped crying since then...schools not cheap...anyways happy Halloween

WickedFrey | 10-30-13, 11:09 AM

WickedFrey | 10-24-13, 6:21 PM
Lol perfect timing I have class in about 10 almost made me late xD!

WickedFrey | 10-24-13, 6:11 PM
Peace lol

WickedFrey | 10-24-13, 6:02 PM
Hahahaha you getting punked by someone younger then you lmfao jk, well at least you guys know who wears the pants in the relationship ppfffttt jk I'm sorry I couldn't help but say both of those lines I find it hilarious xD

Shit happens....I'll figure things out by Wednesday.....

WickedFrey | 10-24-13, 5:16 PM
Lol hahahaha xD, well your older so you better treat her well :), xD
It's a weakness I tell you! Screw love lol just like hugging! It's for the weak xD.....I'm a year older then the girl I like lol and it's torture....-.- get out of my damn head woman! It took me forever to work up the nerve to talk to her....especially since she's so quiet and I didn't know how to go about talking to her....especially since she didn't talk to no one! And I nearly got a heart attack asking her for her number xD and just to ask her to the movies....the bad part...was that I already had plans the day I was supposed to go with I told her and she said she was busy too and then bam I lose her number and I spend the rest of the summer in Reno with my family, and Sean, mostly getting high xD. I feel like a prick that day but I went to the movies with another girl....who asked me to move in with her last week xD -.- she crazy if she thinks that's happening.

WickedFrey | 10-24-13, 4:42 PM
Lol well we got breaks in between but yeah holy shit head was so fried after....and it was history for god sakes! Lol that's dope! Congrats Same age?
No xD but she did show me where she lived, I was gonna ask but decided to just wait...think it through...I already got another girl in mind...and I feel guilty for losing her number...especially after I was suppose to go with her to the movies but well..things came up for the both of us. Then I lost her damn number -.-. I saw her recently...but kind of ....well ran xD after yelling her name off course..I think she chased after me but I was gonna by then xD, next Wednesday ill go to her school and confront her xD, I just have to not over think it xD.

WickedFrey | 10-24-13, 4:20 PM
Lol yeah I just finished an exam myself yesterday it was brutal....6 hours....projects in what? Group projects? How long have you both known each other? Lol hahaha cold as shit then....then don't be walking around at night holo xD, I do it because I need to get home xD. I actually ran into this girl....well her dogs ran into me while she was walking them at like 10 o clock xD she got mad when I told her to go home and put a damn sweater on lol, funny part is I ran into the very next week and walked with her for a bit before realizing I was only half way to my house XD and needed to get home.

WickedFrey | 10-24-13, 3:52 PM
Lol hahaha what are your classes like? A girl from your school? Idk how cold it is there but by 10pm it gets pretty chilly here and I got to walk home....but it's cool you run into the craziest shit when it gets dark even got cursed out by some homeless chick while walking home last week xD.

WickedFrey | 10-24-13, 3:38 PM
Well that's school for you lol, how's life? And the weather? XD

WickedFrey | 10-24-13, 3:33 PM
How's school?

WickedFrey | 10-24-13, 3:32 PM
.....that timing though! Lol

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