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Lomtad | 07-22-14, 12:08 AM
I didnt uninvite you, i uninvited osama bin laden... wait! Are you osama bin laden!? Oh my god i knew it!

i can't edit anything right now D:
My mom is trying to sell my computer (that has gimp, the shit i use to edit), to her friend that demanded a test run... but he's bee using it for like 3 weeks now, wth!?

dmoneyjohn | 07-21-14, 11:51 PM
It's one of my favorite anime. . . not like that's hard to guess xP

dmoneyjohn | 07-20-14, 9:45 PM
No game no life xP

Lomtad | 07-20-14, 9:40 PM
we first need to ask rozz-in-law if we can get strippers for the bachelorette, i need to get on her good graces, pronto

uhh... i don't know what pokémon she is, 'cause when i look at a woman i don't see her for what's outside, it's what's inside that counts :D

... well you see... i don't know that much people, that's why you and ocean are the only people on my list of guests

Ocean_Sea | 07-20-14, 6:34 PM
Lomtad's were the funniest. C:

dmoneyjohn | 07-20-14, 6:24 PM
Because why not xP

Lomtad | 07-20-14, 5:53 PM
of course i win in spamming competitions, is liek, no one even lieks, shares and subscribes like me

oh yeh. cc agreed to take me as her poké-hsuband :D
-happy pokémon- of course you're invited!
ocean is going to be the naked priest... and since he is going to be the priest, do you wanna be the best man, kaichou? please be part of my guest list... i only have liek 2 people in my list (and that's if you join my guest list)

Ocean_Sea | 07-20-14, 5:24 PM
Good, I would be disappointed if you chose me because I gave up way too soon.

CCtan | 07-20-14, 5:20 PM

i'll love u 5ever tho. Not like I don't already

CCtan | 07-20-14, 4:45 PM
Join my team pls

We have sxc people and u'd fit in juuuust fine

CCtan | 07-20-14, 4:44 PM

hisaki13 | 07-20-14, 3:39 AM

Lomtad | 07-18-14, 11:22 PM

kay enough spamming for today

Lomtad | 07-18-14, 11:21 PM

Lomtad | 07-18-14, 11:21 PM

Lomtad | 07-18-14, 11:20 PM

Lomtad | 07-18-14, 11:20 PM

Lomtad | 07-18-14, 11:19 PM

Lomtad | 07-18-14, 11:19 PM

Lomtad | 07-18-14, 11:18 PM

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