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Lwaxana | 10-25-13, 7:39 AM
Love your profile picture :) Where is she from?

lame-desu | 11-01-10, 7:49 AM
i enjoy your touhouness

Nirax | 09-09-10, 10:57 AM
Hey China x3

x3mslayer | 08-20-10, 3:17 PM
I just want to say thanks for the review you did on Oniisama e.. anime. I'm interested in watching it atm and your review contributed in a positive way.
(and i'm grateful for no direct spoilers)

Aarana | 05-05-10, 6:33 PM
Even though we haven't seen you in a while, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

algelic | 02-09-10, 1:58 PM
Hi! =) Long time no chat!

I'll probably visit London with my boyfriend, around Easter!

Shiroth | 01-12-10, 1:43 PM
Not happy with the new layout at all, i mean the top banner is taking up far to much space. It's horrible. D:

New season is pretty good, especially with the winning hit Durarara, easily the best show of the season. Been waiting for it since July and wow it did not disappoint. It blew my expectations away, and i'm happy as hell with it.

Apart from that there's the winning hit Hanamaru Kindergarten, along with the return of the one and only Hidamari Sketch.

Shiroth | 01-03-10, 7:19 AM
Heh, Hidamari Sketch at the pace of PaniPoni Dash is quite possibly the best way to sum up the series :3. Glad you're liking it though, and i really should start reading the manga soon.

Shiroth | 01-02-10, 3:26 PM
Durararararararararararara~ is gonna be awesome, and then we have Nodame Finale!

What do you think of the madness that is GA so far?

MistressRip | 01-01-10, 12:06 PM

Happy New Year to al my friends, May all your dreams come true in 2010!

hyoga11 | 12-30-09, 12:22 PM
hmm Thanks so much ! >! i wanted too mucch to know as the end was..! XD

but the conman don't kiss her, or kiss ??

make a long time that did u read that manga ? XD

hyoga11 | 12-22-09, 3:21 PM
u recall where did u rean One Pound Gospel ?

please i want to know so much about what happes in the end ??

MintAluka | 12-20-09, 4:05 PM
Morning training too much for you Meiling?

MintAluka | 12-20-09, 2:06 PM
Thats a good gatekeeper.....who I hope is awake

MintAluka | 12-19-09, 9:54 PM
Moe gatekeeper~

GenuineSorceress | 12-18-09, 8:37 PM
Glass Mask up to Volume 31!!! English Translated and Scanned!!!

Spread the word!

Shiroth | 11-18-09, 4:40 AM
Ah nice, that's good to hear it's a while away.

In other news, Gintama tomorrow morning. Can't wait.

Shiroth | 11-16-09, 8:27 AM
Haha, that has got to be one of the best cosplay's i've seen. =D

When is Kitacon? I wouldn't mind going to a con next year, and it's best to sort out early.

Shiroth | 11-15-09, 12:29 PM
For you:

& i'd so cosplay Pochi.

Shiroth | 11-14-09, 3:12 AM
Use this as an excuse to watch He Is My Master, because it's a great show. :3

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