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Sugar- | 8 hours ago

Phraze | 9 hours ago
Hi and happy birthday (even if it's a bit late) ^^

DmC1997 | Today, 7:47 AM

Sylths Card Shop

Sword Art Online Extra Edition Thread//Cards

SilentAirWalks Birthday Thread//Cards

Elkensteyns Birthday Thread//Cards

Please save and rehost within 14 days

Lyos18 | Yesterday, 6:28 PM

Sexy Card Club


If you don't like your name, color or if I make a

mistake I can change it.

For Sexy Card Kingdom

I Open it.
Sexy Claim September/Sexy Claim Ramdom

For A.C.E

I Open it.
Favorite Character Boy

Note: Some people have already some card for Kenzen Robo Daimidaler.
Note: Please save it.

linette | Yesterday, 5:47 PM
Happy Birthday ^^

Is not much, but I hope you like it. Thank that friend of yours for sending people to help in your celebration.


Hope you like it ^^'

Lyos18 | Yesterday, 5:02 PM
Your friend Panda informed me of your birthday.

Satsuyo | Yesterday, 4:15 PM
Happy Birthday!

Kouzaki | Yesterday, 4:06 PM
Hello hello
your friend Panda informed me of your birthday soooo...

-Tamaki- | Yesterday, 12:34 PM
Happy Birthday kawaii-mio!
Your friend Panda told me, that your birthday is today. So:

Have a nice day~

Half_Bl00d | Yesterday, 12:11 PM
Hi! Your friend panda asked me to make you a special gift card for your birthday :D
Happy Birthday kawaii-mio, and have a great day! ^^

DarkNighty | Yesterday, 12:06 PM

MystiX13 | Yesterday, 11:18 AM

Birthday Cards:

Hisagi-Chan | Yesterday, 11:03 AM

Lyfa | Yesterday, 9:41 AM
Happy Birthday :) please accept my gift ^^

MoonXArtemis | Yesterday, 9:33 AM
Happy Birthday Kawaii Mio!

nyancat2506 | Yesterday, 9:21 AM

Have a Blastfull and Blessed Birthday. xoxo

Kei34 | Yesterday, 7:44 AM
Hello~~ your friend Panda mention today is your birthday and asked me to create cards for you~
Happy Birthday kawaii~~ ^^ May all your wish come true and have a beautiful day on your birthday dear <3

I hope you like it ^^

Zheng1991 | Yesterday, 6:28 AM
happy birthday and have a nice day :3

fannyfantasy | Yesterday, 6:10 AM
Happy Birthday...!!! Have a excellent time in your special day..!!♡

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