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girlyman | 05-11-14, 2:36 PM
Monster and strobe edge are probably the only other completed manga that maintain the status quo

cintopaz | 02-01-14, 9:30 PM
love your reviews!
keep up the good work

MilesEdgeworth | 10-05-13, 2:04 PM
Ah, well that's good to hear then. Truth be told I haven't watched a whole lot of older anime so Berserk seems a bit harder for me to approach, but if it adapts the manga material well then I'm sure I'll still enjoy it all the same. Hopefully we'll get to see post-Golden Age arcs animated in the near future as well, that'd be a treat.

MilesEdgeworth | 09-28-13, 1:16 PM
I get what you mean, it's a bit disappointing that after all this time, the post-Golden Age arcs still haven't been adapted. I for one would love to see Serpico awesomeness in anime form so I do hope that they animate more of the series. And it seems like it'd really be limited contentwise since there are only three movies to tell the entire Golden Age story, which doesn't seem like enough to me at all.

Ah yes, I've heard quite a bit about the CG in the Berserk movies. It seems like people were really bugged by the first movie's in particular, though I think people have said it improves a bit in the other two.

Well that's good at least, if nothing else I suppose the movies could get new fans to try the manga out so at least more people could find the series and really enjoy it. One of these days I do want to watch through both the old TV anime and the movies just to see how they are.

MilesEdgeworth | 09-21-13, 10:26 PM
Ah, that certainly sounds like an intriguing series. I'm definitely all for stories with great character development, so if Eden is that way I'm sure I'll enjoy it. And a re-read would definitely be good, hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as your first time reading it. I had an experience like that rewatching Gurren Lagann, and sure enough the rewatch was as fantastic as my initial watch.

Oh and a while back I noticed you watched through the Berserk movie trilogy, which I still haven't gotten around to seeing. How well do you think it adapted the manga's story?

Jeycopp | 09-18-13, 1:20 PM
I guess I pretty much understand whats going on atm ;)

MilesEdgeworth | 09-14-13, 3:50 PM
Ah yes, that's definitely one I want to check out sometime. I've heard it's supposed to be really good but I don't know a whole lot about it, I think only a couple of MAL friends have actually read it and I don't talk to them regularly. What kind of story is it?

Jeycopp | 09-13-13, 4:23 PM
I've read your review about Eden: It's an Endless World.

I am at 9 volume atm, I still find some things pretty confusing becouse I still dont understand everything well. But I guess its normal about this manga and I have to just keep on reading to get everything. From sci-fi aspect it is very good one! I am not sure if I should reread first volumes so I dont miss anything :x.

What do you think? Is it natural to see some things confusing at start in this manga?

Like what is Nomad, what is Propater, etc.; Who are those guys that Elijah meets in first volume and what are their motives, or what is overall direction of the plot. Will I find out answers for my questions if I keep reading?

Hope I will recive your reply soon thank you :)

MilesEdgeworth | 09-08-13, 2:08 AM
Hey, just came across your profile and I noticed we had amazingly high manga compatibility. Thought that was pretty cool since I only know a few other people with manga compatibility that high (especially since it seems a lot don't have any manga compatibility to begin with).

Nice to see Berserk and Monster in your favorites, both of those are great series.

Vehkis | 07-26-13, 7:45 PM
I like your list. So much stuff i can steal :3

Xenograft | 05-15-13, 4:48 AM
Excellent Aria review. I started watching it based just on your comments ...

Griffith-kun | 01-22-13, 1:50 PM
Raki as a favorite character? I lol'd. ;P

AeriSha | 01-03-13, 6:54 AM
Thanks.. ^_^

AeriSha | 01-02-13, 12:24 AM

I hope you get everything you wanted and may your all dreams come true in this year..
Also wishing you a year of health, wealth, happiness luck warmth.. And loads of love of your dear ones..

starshinesMonet | 01-01-13, 3:32 AM
Great list! ^_^

starshinesMonet | 01-01-13, 3:26 AM
Great list! ^_^

jericu | 08-29-12, 4:35 AM
Cool review on Kemonozume. I'll give it a go.

Wildcat17 | 03-15-12, 3:51 PM
Hey, I read you usually read the mangas before you watch the anime. That's cool! I did/do that with some manganimes (yeah, my word xD). It depends of the manganime we are talking about - there are those I want to watch the anime first, and there are the ones I want to read the manga first. So... That's it xD

roriconfan | 10-24-11, 11:28 AM
Which is better, Bakemonogatari or Tatami Galaxy?

nasserjs | 09-30-11, 2:13 PM
Yeah I was wondering why he had an LP XDXDXD thought it was a music show like Beck or something XD

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