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Mastodynia | 06-09-14, 2:09 AM
congrats on graduating thats awesome! Hope you enjoy your summer :D

AkumaHomura | 06-09-14, 1:45 AM



I will give WA2 a try eventually... I've started taking more risks when it comes to genres as I've watched Evangelion (I hate mecha) and right now I'm watching Bakemonogatari (Romance) and I didn't mind at all. I dropped WA2 on the second or third episode back when it was an airing anime because I found it slightly boring, but I guess it goes on an emotional rolercoaster as it progresses? Definitely worth a try, yes.

About Clannad ~AS~, I wouldn't say it's a DEM ending at all because the build up, as you said, was there from the start, but it did feel a little bit rushed to me. I don't remember if I told you this, but I was spoiled about C~AS~'s ending,
I was very upset when I read that spoiler, because I was like, f*ck, I'm not gonna enjoy it now >_< (I have an issue with spoilers, I want to kill myself whenever I come across one) But when I finally watched the ending I was like... "thank God I read that spoiler", because I probably wouldn't understand exactly what happened. I think the execution was kinda poor on the wish part. That didn't affect the enjoyment I received from the series overall though. Especially the ending scene with
:') <333

I think Air is pretty shit from what people say, but I appreciate it because I acknowledge the fact that without Air, Kanon and Clannad obviously wouldn't be the same.

My brother watched Berserk and he absolutely loved it, he told me it's the best anime he has watched in a long time, and truthfully it looks amazing, but I read that the anime covers only certain arcs of the manga and it basically has no real ending, it just... stops. So IDK, that kinda makes me put it on hold for now. I hate it when anime don't have a satisfying ending and they just leave the rest to the viewer's imagination (and there are lots of anime like that, the producers are basically telling us "Wanna know what happens next? BUY THE MANGA" and I think that's rather hideous.

But I will watch it eventually. I will watch all of these popular anime...

one day...

Isshuukan Friends is amazing. I love the fact that it has romance undertones but it focuses more on the friendship rather than the romance. We'll see what happens at the end *crosses fingers for a kissing scene*
No Game No Life is the most clever anime I've seen in a long time and the animation is basically sex for the viwer's eye iris.
Mekakucity looked interesting but the episodes had like, zero relation, almost every episode was like watching a different show :S I didn't hate it but I didn't love it either. People say you have to read the manga first in order to "get" the anime and I started thining it might be true, so I chose to drop it.

ArisFilis | 06-09-14, 1:11 AM
First things first: Congratulations on your high school graduation, and again don't worry about replying late; I am currently having a summer course to collect credits and it has messed up my schedule a great deal, to the point of halting my anime-watching pace, among my other hobbies. (I did manage to finish Dark Souls II somehow, strangely.)
Actually, college is far more "free-spirited" than high-school (I'm sure you hear that from everyone) and I imagine you'll be a able to create a far more "engaging," if you will, anime schedule.
Since you mentioned it though, in my experience, the number of classes is not necessarily detrimental to how much time you invest in your various interests. The previous semester I had four courses and managed to watch far more anime than now, where I have only taken one; the bulk of the work involved certainly changes your schedule more than the number of courses you take.
All in all, I do hope you have a better time in college than high school, I know I did. (It helps that my high school was one with the worse reputations around but, sadly, the only one close enough to home.)

Now, to the anime at hand:

As far as Eva is concerned, I'm with you on the points you raised: When I first watched EoE, I had this feeling similar to my initial experience of watching a Lynch film, back in junior high (little did I know that upon reaching twenty, I'd have bought the complete box set and have Lynch marathons, haha.)
I'm being redundant by mentioning that EoE is confusing as hell yet again, but I know I can appreciate the artistic reasons behind this deliberate mind-bending aesthetic. Since you mentioned it, I have come across the same formula and subsequent feeling of confusion, if you like, in different art forms (El Topo from films, American Psycho from literature and Bioshock: Infinite from games, to name a few.)
You really have to delve deep (preferably using the Internet as you mentioned) to understand the complexity behind seemingly "nonsensical" scenes. In my opinion, that only adds to the experience and makes you think, which is what art is about, for the better part.

As far as the Rebuilds are concerned, I can only congratulate you on your patience; most people aren't that patient, especially when it comes to shows they hold dear, but yes, I think watching the quadrilogy as a whole will give a more "concrete" feeling and opinion (if there can be such a thing with Eva.)
Risking to sound self-centered, and since you mentioned the fandom backlash against 3.0, I don't really let myself be overcome with other's opinions on such matters; I'm very for individual critical thinking, and of course everyone likes different things and will appreciate each artistic endeavor differently, (or not at all, which is okay too.) I recall movies everyone loves but I personally can't stand watching again, and there have been others which have gotten horrible reviews but I enjoyed immensely (Event Horizon comes to mind, for us Warhammer fanboys.)
I say that so you don't let yourself be influenced by the general "hate" against 3.0 (or even my opinion towards it,) and approach it with a neutral state of mind. (Not that I'm saying you WILL be biased, apologies if it sounded that way.)
3.0 might very well end up being your favorite in the series, or you may feel it's the worst thing ever, who knows. There are no definite answers with films such as these, although I naturally hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.
I will be quite eager to hear your final opinions on the quadrilogy (it might not take long, I read somewhere, can't recall where, that the final movie might be released early 2015.)

Now, to discuss Madoka: I actually was aware of it since it came out -people were putting it in the same league as Eva, Narutaru, Serial Experiments Lain, Bokurano and Revolutionary Girl Utena, for all-around deconstructive anime, but only recently came around to watch it, after my brother's suggestion.
Madoka is a very peculiar series; it is a vicious deconstruction of the magical girl genre and actually explains things pretty clearly, which makes it more accessible than Eva and similar series, in my opinion (although I tend to like these series more, for some reason.)
At the same time, there were parts in the series run where I felt the pace of the plot was not handled correctly (I have the same opinion for Shiki, although I don't like it anywhere nearly as much as Madoka.)
All in all, it's an extremely interesting series, and being a fan of deconstruction as a "genre," I found myself fascinated by it.
In my opinion Rebellion is one of the better animated movies I had the pleasure of seeing in a long time. At parts the animation was mesmerizing, and I personally liked Homura's development.
I now consider Homura to be one of the better fleshed-out anime characters in recent memory; the way they handled her character was, for the tone of the show, very appropriate and, in my point of view, thought-provoking. (ie. Is evil a point of view? If we commit ourselves to "evil" means to a good end, does that take away from our otherwise noble goal?)
The morality theme was shown in a very "respectful," if you like, way, in that the series respected my intelligence enough to not force opinions down my throat.
Well, the parallels with Eva begin and end with the Christian imagery prevalent throughout (mainly the Devil, angels, crosses, etc.) as far as I can tell. That, and the fact they're both deconstructions of genres popular for boys and girls respectively.
EoE is more iconic, obviously, but Rebellion holds on its own rather well, I think.
I'll get around to watching the first two movies as well, even though they're mash-ups of the show, the way I heard it, with a better level of animation.

I wanted to ask you, since you'll be less pressed to reply, with high school off your back (no pressure, naturally) if you have any good anime to recommend for when I finish the current course (which will be this Friday, coincidentally.)
I already put two series on hold and plan to finish those on my watching list (which, in the case of Mushishi Zoku Shou and No Game No Life especially, sucks that I can't get around to them with everyday classes and all,) but after that I'd like a series similar to Berserk and Claymore, which, unexpectedly, I enjoyed a great deal, especially Berserk, which got me to the manga. (The only manga I have finished is Angel Sanctuary, I think, and that was back in high school.)

(Thankfully, I can read faster than most, and it helps me to cover material in a way much, much speedier than anime, which of course has a specific running time. In the likes of Berserk, which have been going on for twenty years, it is a rather helpful skill.)

Since you've seen way, way more anime than me, if you have ever came across one such series, do hit me up; it'll be fascinating to see the same military/medieval themes in a series that presents them well.
I also see that Lelouch is one of your favorite characters, and as you may have seen, I plan to watch the two seasons of Code Geass. My question is whether it's actually a well thought-out mind game, as one person told me, or a very good mecha series with no "intellectual" underlines.
I may sound pretentious as hell, but I'm more into the more thought-provoking parts of anime (and arts in general,) which is why I watch pure action series only every once in a while. Not that I consider them inferior (Hellsing Ultimate is, after all, in my favorites) it's just that they tire me, in a way, for some reason, unlike calmer anime like Mushishi which excite me way more; I must be getting spiritual in my old age.
I'd like to hear the opinion of someone who clearly enjoyed it; obviously it's an acclaimed series, I just feel that if it's too "action-y" it's just not for me at this point in time.
Not suggesting it's bad or anything, but it's the same with Highschool of the Dead, (boobies, yay) for which I can't quite find the need to watch more than an episode at a time.
(The relentless fanservice may have to do with that as well.)

Naturally, if you saw any of the anime of this season which you enjoyed, or any anime in general, which I'm not yet aware of, do feel free to make a recommendation, and I'll probably get around to watch it late next week, after finishing the current ones which I have "paused" -hopefully.
And once again, congratulations on your graduation and I look forward to hearing from you again.

animesthabomb | 06-08-14, 7:48 PM
I actually haven't looked at a lot of the spring anime. I'll be doing that soon.

I've been enjoying after-graduation life, ad my college starts tomorrow (summer college classes).

SalvatoreDoni | 06-07-14, 11:59 PM
Ah, I guess I can understand that. Though I've still yet to graduate, daydreaming about getting out of school is something I do often XD
It's definitely the people that make school worth going to, though, for me at least.
I hope you go well at college, though I'm sure you will!

Ah, I actually only managed to get a few visual novels working through wine, a program I'd forgotten that I had until fairly recently.
So far, I've loved fate/stay night, but I haven't been able to play it as much as I'd like with assignments, exams and just school in general. Sad to say, but, I'm still only just getting into the fate route, and have yet to play the others.

I'll look forward to it when you do! :-)
So far, the only ones I've given 10s are Katawa Shoujo and Osananajimi wa Daitouryou. Though there were some points where they could have improved, I tend to rate things by my personal enjoyment, rather than the quality itself, and although there's a direct correlation between my enjoyment and the quality, I'm probably willing to overlook some factors if I enjoy a visual novel enough. This probably means that I might rate them higher than they deserve.

Yeah, I loved the first 2 seasons of TWOGK, and although the 3rd season did disappoint me a little, I think it's better to watch all 3 seasons.
I see~ I'll have to check both of them out, along with Chuunibyou Ren.
Ah, it's true that there were mixed responses on D-Frag, but it's quite an enjoyable series. Although they don't develop the characters deeply, or have any sort of plot, it's a hilariously fun series to watch, and especially enjoyable in the fact that you have to think very little ;-)
Personally, I've been meaning to watch Issuukan Friends, but haven't gotten around to it. However, I've been loving No Game No Life :-D
I'd also recommend Kanajo ga Flagu wo Oraretara and Akuma no Riddle from this season. To be honest, I was quite hesitant with Akuma no Riddle as it is labeled a yuri series, and only watched it because I like Keizou Kusakawa and Diomedia, but so far it's been quite interesting with very limited yuri content.

I see, I guess that's the kind of feeling that comes as you reach various points in life. I don't think it's bad to make progress in life, though, and, once again wish you luck at college.

Hahaha~ I feel exactly the same way! Every so often, there are series that redefine the term "masterpiece" and Steins; Gate was definitely one of them.

Ah, it's good to hear that you've got some time to loosen up. I hope you have fun at Disneyland and once again, congratulations on graduation.
Oh~! You'll have to tell me about your trip when you get back from Japan! Although I've been to Japan before, it was just to stay with some family, and I haven't actually been to any anime expos. You'll have to tell me how that is too~
It's good to hear that you've got such an exciting summer ahead of you!

Hahaha~ It's actually winter down here in Australia, so my break is only a couple of weeks, unfortunately, so no big plans XD

Marimo- | 05-31-14, 12:03 PM
Hi, thanks for accepting me as a friend and i totally understand you so don't worry about replying back to me quickly.

My summer vacation started today so i have a lot of time to watch anime and do all kind of other stuff. Right now im watching the original Naruto series and im watching quite a lot of ongoing animes this season.

What's your favourite anime? And would you recommend any good animes for me to watch? You can check my anime list to see what kind of animes I like if you want :D

kyomi-san245 | 05-29-14, 10:07 AM

/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\


sanjithecook123 | 05-27-14, 4:04 PM
My Summer starts next Wednesday! Can't wait!

C.G R2's ending had almost in tears :'( Lelouch's sacrifice was a noble one. Made him one of my favorite characters of all time and I just love how strategic he is. Guy's a beast. I was thinking about re-watching Gurren this summer cause I absolutely love it!

Yeah there are a lot of anime that I've watched that take some time to unfold and get good so I'll definitely give it a chance! Probably over the summer as well. If it's anything like Homura's story then I'm sure I'll like it. Her story was sad and interesting!

I have to say I was extremely reluctant when it came to watching Madoka. I saw it with such a high score and I couldn't believe it. So after reading tons of reviews, I couldn't find one that said it was bad so I had to give it a shot. After the third episode when Mami died I knew it wasn't some random show for children. I'll probably watch the movies sometime later on. If I had to say one thing about this show, it'd be "Don't judge a book by it's cover" Perfectly describes this series.

Jojo 2012 is amazing! I really enjoyed watching it. I feel like I'll like S.C a lot more for some reason. It's been gripping me and I'm not too sure why lol. I really like the idea of Stands; makes way for a lot of interesting powers. The new "Jojo" is pretty badass and I like how they're tying in the second Jojo from Part 2. I feel like I'll really enjoy Part 3 and I hope all the other parts (I think there are 8 parts overall?) get animated as well.

I was actually thinking of starting Psycho-Pass; seems good. What'd you think of it? And how were the G.L movies? I've been thinking of watching them soon but I wanted to hear someone's opinion, if you don't mind.

Flume | 05-17-14, 6:43 AM
Yeah, Mahou Sensou did flop pretty badly. I had a bit of time so I went ahead and finished and it wasn’t as bad as I expected tbh. It’s just the standard magic school setup; it’s nothing creative but not terrible either. The last episode was shocking though. Yeah, No Game No Life is pretty good so far, The MC is great.

Ah. Before it aired I’ve seen people say it was a ‘monster of the week’ type plot and that seems to hold true. It’s still really enjoyable, David Productions seemed to have stepped the animation up a notch from the prequel. The stands are amazing; it blows my mind how this was written in the early 90’s. Considering that this part is quite long, it seems like this is paced a lot slower than the prequel. Should we expect 3 two-cour seasons for this entire part?

I guess I’ll stick to the anime and UBW movie then. The VN seems incredibly long and it looks a bit dated for my liking.

Seems like the new Black Butler anime won’t be a remake but they’ll animate the arc after where the first Black Butler anime left off. Pretty excited, I was going to pick up the manga from where the anime branched off from but I guess I can hold that off until I’ve watched the new adaption.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Hitagi End, I thought it was part of the Nadeko Medusa arc lol. I enjoyed it a lot, seeing Kaiki again and his interactions Senjougahara and Sengoku were definitely refreshing. I can’t really say much else because I can barely remember what happens aside from a few key events ._.

It’s kinda late to answer what I’m looking forward to so I’ll just list my favorites (sorry for the late response). Haikyuu is amazing so far, underdog stories always seem to get to me. The MC is great, the rare moments where he has the look of batshit insane in his eyes is always thrilling to watch. Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin is surprisingly good, it has an Indiana Jones adventure vibe to it. My favorite character in it would have to be hands down Tensai, who is a self-proclaimed Master detective and is very sharp and perceptive making her antics fun to watch. Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii is also a surprise. I’m a sucker for these heartwarming love stories.

I think the last series I completed in between the month of my reply is Dog Days lol. I recently finished season 1 and currently watching season 2. It’s amazing just how fun and light hearted the entire show is. I’ve never had more fun watching a show before; I’m really excited for season 3.

gabrieer | 05-16-14, 9:30 AM
Very High compatibily lol

SalvatoreDoni | 05-07-14, 3:03 AM
How's your senior year been since we last talked~?
Have you been up to much?
I recently managed to get some exe files working on my mac, so I'm playing through Fate/Stay Night now :-D

ZeCrusader | 05-04-14, 8:46 PM
yeah np :) im in the last year of school aswell :/ procrastination is helping me throw my future away...

ABHISHEKV | 05-01-14, 5:11 AM
Hey! man, sorry but I'll have to postpone my reply till mid-June as I have exams throughout this month. Hope you don't mind. I'll get back to you after June 15th.

TenYasha | 04-24-14, 10:44 AM
Hey, its been a while! Just stopping by to ask whats up :D

werewolfofusa | 04-22-14, 3:10 PM
One can complicate anything if they are motivated enough to do it. The Tenth Amendment essentially says powers not granted to the federal gov. in the Constitution are reserved for the States or people. Education is not found in the Constitution, therefore the US Department of Education(a federal bureaucracy) is unconstitutional. *shrugs and sighs*

I've watched Captain America 2 twice now. It's on the level of the Avengers, Batman and Dark Knight, so I really enjoyed that. I also recently saw Memento, which was even better than those. Tonari no Seki-kun was really enjoyable for what it is. I've also rather enjoyed Eyeshield 21, Hajime no Ippo, and Seitokai Yakuindomo.

animesthabomb | 04-19-14, 5:25 PM
It's been a while my friend. How's life/anime?

Did you see my last comment?

felipekorbes | 04-19-14, 5:12 PM
We've been talking about seasonal animes from this past year and recently I thought, what was the best anime of 2013 for you? I might guess it was White Album 2 since you gave it a 10, but what about the others?

From the winter season last year we definitely got nothing good from what I saw, so I don't have much to talk about it.
Spring season had Hatarakou Maou-sama which was very enjoyable and WATAMOTE that people didn't seemed to like much mostly because the idea was presented the wrong way I think. I don’t have internet here so I can’t remember other ones.
Summer season had Shingeki which for many was the best of 2013 but we also had Monogatari Season 2, which for me gets the title as the best of 2013. Other than that in the summer season I think now of Kami-sama no Inai and Blood Lad. Blood Lad wasn't an spectacular anime, but it was pretty funny to watch and Kami-sama brought some pretty interesting subjects that aren't so commonly found in anime.
This last fall season we had plenty of good animes like Nagi no Asukara, which you don't seem to have watched, but it was very interesting, the anime really surprised me, it turned out to be another thing that what I was expecting. Golden Time was another good drama anime, too bad it has too much drama IMO. I could also say Kill la Kill, but I would put it almost at the bottom of this list. And the last one, which was no surprise for me is Hajime no Ippo because I already knew it was going to be good.

Yeah, I agree with you, I now call Kouko the Queen of Drama, there's no better nickname for her. I kind of don't remember what happened recently, I'm about 4 episodes late because I didn't have time to watch. Anyway, I think I'll give Golden Time an 8.
Edit: I watched now the last four episodes and decided to give it a 7. I was expectiong more of the ending.

KLK was an interesting experience, tough I don't understand why it's so high rated. I gave it a 8 just because of the grandeur that the characters present, I love those big talks and superiority of the characters while they are talking and during the fighting. The OST was too repetitive, it played almost every episode, it was too predictable when that OST was going to be played that it was annoying. That is the first time I felt bothered by some OST, even though it good. The fights were nothing impressive as well, they were all repetitive too, just the last 3 episodes that got something interesting that the rest of the series didn't present until then. Not to mention that they were trying to put some TTGL feeling into the series, mostly at the end, too bad it wasn't very successful IMO.

I still don't think KLK deserves its position, I rarely say that because I think every series is in the position they deserve. Let's be honest here, if you see KLK critically, it's just so bad. The series has no sense from the beginning until the end and they didn't make a good job making the viewer forget or not to notice it, the main character has nothing impressive, any goal to achieve or anything. You could say that TTGL had no sense as well, but KLK failed to make the viewer think that way or accept it, it's hard to explain, but you know what I'm talking about.

Yeah, as a fan of astronomy I know all of that world line deal and theories very well. I know that it can have very different outcomes since it has an infinite number of world lines, but I still feel a bit uneasy when I think about it, you know, the movie just gives the impression that Kurisu was the one that had to help Okabe that it seems there's no other way he could have done that .

I do think that such logic can be applied to the Monogatari world because Araragi was an ordinary guy before all that happened, but given the fact that Araragi always proved to have an exceptional personality and to be a great character he has the capability to adapt to new situations and get used to them very fast. We can see this characteristic very clearly in the series only observing his interactions with everyone and how he dealt with every situation. It's pretty much like you said.
Also, there's the fact that different people think different and eventually they behave different. As for myself, I've never experienced such a tragic moment in my life where I lost someone close to me, so I don't have any idea how it feels, but I'm sure that it's not easy when you do and that you can stop being rational on these situations.
That scene was strange for me because Araragi always looked confident and strong minded enough to withstand every situation. Seeing him that way was kind of strange after all, it was a different Araragi as we see in the rest of the series.

I don't really have much to say about Little Busters anymore, so I'm going to skip it.

You know, the only reason I gave the first Chuunibyou season an 8 is because I really liked the psychological development they made with Rika and her Chuunibyou syndrome, other than that the series is just a bunch of moe scenes with some cool visual effects. This season is proving to be nothing more than that, we have the most annoying and naïve romance we can get in anime.
I know there are a lot of implications that affect the progress of the relationship between Rika and Yuta and I bet you know them very well, but lately I'm just getting annoyed with this, it's ridiculous. Some people may find it cute and such, but I can't stand it, you see this kind of romance too often in anime it bother you after some time. Also, what have Rika or even Yuta done on their entire lives? Haven't they watched any movie? Series? Read a book? Manga? Anything? I don't even need to explain the situation because you know what I'm talking about. Have they literally no idea of what to do in a relationship? Can someone be so naïve?

Good to know White Album 2 ended up being nice. I remember I watched episode 1 in the last fall season, but I couldn't start watching because that fall season was being very good, it had Nagi no Asukara, Golden Time, Kill la Kill, Hajime no Ippo, Monogatari was still airing and others. So, I decided not to watch White Album 2. I know it wasn't fair judging the series just for one episode, but I already decided to watch those animes mentioned above and White Album aired a little late than those, not to mention it didn't give me a good feeling. But now that I know it's good I'm definitely going to watch it, in fact, I already downloaded it.

NomenHicInserto | 04-16-14, 10:03 PM
Ah, sounds tough. Fortunately, you're in your last year, and there are only a few months left. (How many, to be exact?) I know what you're feeling very well, since I'm going through it myself right now. I myself would love my high school days to be over already, but I unfortunately have another year to go—and it's probably going to be a lot worse than my current grade. On the bright side, my finals are a little over two months away, so I'll finally get that long-awaited, much-deserved summer break.

True, but I'd much more prefer the deadlines and pressure affiliated with public schools, as it teaches more discipline. I can see why students of (many) public schools would prefer to be home-schooled, as work isn't so heavy and it's devoid of drama from other students, but both sides have their pros and cons. I think a person has more to learn from public schools, though, because besides education, it also exposes you to other people and helps you improve your social skills. There's also PE, and various extracurricular classes you can take.

Is that so? Isn't it possible, then, for you to take calculus classes at some center nearby instead of taking them online? Speaking of calculus, I actually had that subject this grade, but my dad had to replace it with trigonometry when I realized I needed basic knowledge of trig first (and I haven't had this subject before this grade). This is what I mean by bad planning and organization. To make matters worse, I don't understand most of what I'm learning in Trig, since the book doesn't explain things very well, and I have no teacher to further elaborate everything. My dad used to be a road surveyor, so he (probably still) knows trigonometry very well, but the problem is time. He's usually only available on the weekends, and he's not willing to dedicate much of his time to assist me. On top of that, despite being a real teacher, he's a terrible teacher when it comes to his own children.

That's true. Being a politician certainly can't be an easy job. Although with such a job one may obtain great power, there's also a lot of responsibility that comes with that power. There's no doubt in my mind that politicians make a number of selfish decisions, but the decisions they make are certainly not all selfish—they couldn't do that even if they wanted to. They may have more freedom than the ordinary citizen in some ways, but they are also equally more bound because of their job and position.

I see. Thank you for telling me your thoughts on Golden Time. A friend of mine told me he didn't like Golden Time, and he named a few reasons why, so I suppose I can only see for myself. People's opinions contrast so greatly sometimes.

Oh, so every installment is only 12 episodes long. That makes watching it a lot easier. Though I doubt I'll get to TWGOK anytime soon (seeing as I have other things I'd rather get to first), I may get to it sooner than I originally expected, now that I know one season is only 12 episodes long.

Is that so? That's good to hear. As I said before, I'll probably get to JoJo sometime after the whole series is completely adapted. I'll be sure to tell you my thoughts on it.

Ah, yes. I've noticed that. Although I don't see any need for a second season of Chuunibyou, I'll also be sure to check it out one of these days. So you weren't satisfied with the second season, I see. That's not too surprising. I didn't expect the sequel to be as good as the first season.

Oh, is that so? Well, I almost never view the full character list of an anime, so there was next to no chance of me looking at it. If that's what you were worried about, then a friend had already spoiled me beforehand. He had told me that Takano played a huge role in the second season. That didn't really matter much, though, since upon starting the second season, I forgot about that until much later—I remembered when Takano was revealed as evil.

Actually, I gave WA2 a 7.5/10 (I just rounded it off). I gave it a 6.5 for the first half and an 8.5 for the second half.
WA2 was an enjoyable watch. There were a number of things I didn't like (the spoilers in the first episode to name one), and I didn't like how the story was delivered. The first seven(?) episodes were mostly focused on the school festival (which we already knew how it would turn out) and the last three(?) episodes were mostly focused on Kazuka. Although I liked the second half a lot, it felt somewhat like a different series compared to the first half.
Another thing I didn't like was the built-up of the relationships. We clearly see development between Kazuka and Haruki, but not really with Haruki and Setsuna, and definitely not with Setsuna and Kazuka. Although we do see development between Haruki and Kazuka, I couldn't completely understand their relationship. Why? Because the start of their relationship was completely omitted until near the end of the series when it's shown to us as a series of flashbacks—I really disliked this. Although I did come to understand the extent of their relationship later, it was a bit too late, in my opinion. From my initial point of view, Kazuka was a classmate of Haruki—one he was merely acquainted with, but not close to—and she was also the mysterious piano player he bonded with while playing music together. This is exactly why I didn't understand why Haruki came to love her (more than Setsuna)—surely they bonded as they played music together in the past and as they were preparing for the festival, but that couldn't be enough, could it? Then I later learn that Kazuka and Haruki were actually close before the series even started.
Gripes aside, I really enjoyed the romance and character conflict. The romance (or should I say romantic drama?) is by far the best I've seen so far in anime (though I haven't watched many romance anime, so that doesn't hold much water), and the conflict each character faced was very well done and completely understandable. I can't say I liked the ending, but I didn't dislike it either. In any case, I prefer it to a happy-happy ending. On top of that, I was satisfied with Kazuka's choice.

As for Monster, it was very well written—namely the characters. There were several problems I had with the plot, but the characters were hands-down brilliant—most of them, anyway. I didn't enjoy watching Monster that much, however, because it's not really my kind of series—the length, the pace, and so on. There's also the ending I wasn't satisfied with. Putting aside the last episode for now, I didn't like how Tenma didn't make his decision to shoot Johan, since Johan was shot by another person before that. I'm willing to look over that, however, because we still see Tenma make an equally, if not more, important decision a bit later anyway, and that's whether to save Johan's life again. As for the last episode, I didn't like it at all. It wasn't at all what I expected, and it did not provide the closure I needed. I plan to read the manga of Monster in the future—perhaps I'll enjoy it more, even if the anime is practically identical to it.

Yes, you're right. Baccano is interesting. I'm done with it now, and I can say I enjoyed it quite a lot. I generally enjoy large casts, so Baccano was no exception. Despite being such a short series, though, the characterization was pretty well done. It also had an interesting narrative, which I always enjoy. I plan to read the novels sometime in the future.

Seen anything notable? Hmm... I watched Gankutsuou, which was quite interesting, and Aku no Hana, which definitely was pretty good, contrary to the many complaints I heard.

KerosCuriousity | 04-16-14, 9:11 AM
Better late than never kinda thing eh? Tbh you're schoolwork is understandably more important than Mal, considering I'm not going anywhere.

You think they have like a little notebook with arc summaries or just do a quick wiki? Well weekly/fornightly mangas I could see how bad stress level is. It's probably easier when you're going for a short series or like basing it from a light novel or something (though even then when the story is all there, anime to manga adaptations just like end up being given up).

I think there's like things to do that can up the rate anyway on it as it is but yeah just on the small gaming talk app I have, people posted so often about what shinies they have.

The more amusing thing on here is that some lists are only huge because the mass amount of specails or OVAs etc watched, not to mention some anime gets split into season that are separate on here. 200 on here doesn't mean 200 anime series but silly people forget that. Yeah no those kind of people probably assume Japan is anime mad and that everyone must like anime and heaven forbid they not enjoy it. I hate when people victimise others for not knowing certain terms, it's not hard just to teach/correct people.

I think it's where you can move over and look at things because you have to get the ammunition for like the court room and you have some weird mini mini game with Monokuma.

Even if an anime was being adapted from a manga no one expects it to be perfect. I do think fans forget the budget side of things etc a lot, they really need to not expect a masterpiece adaption in 26 episodes. If you walk into it taking things into consideration you seem to get less annoyed. See I don't see you as someone who even if you get back into Vns a hella lot becoming one of them peasants.

I probably will at some point but it'll only be at like the end of the Spring season if I did. When everything dies down it becomes easier for like the two weeks.

Aha I don't think I have any manga in the 10 and maybe the 2/3 anime in the 10s. But if I deeply enjoy and it has really good qualities it'll be a sure 8/9. I think my 5/6 are increasing a little. 6 is enojyable but weak than a standard series score. Anything I watch all the way through gets an autoamatic 5 tbh. Unless it's like a couple OVAs or a really bad movie I can't see why I'd put it below 5 unless I drop it, and if it's dropped it's clear it wasn't enjoyed. I do usually try and stick things out.

Idk I don't usually have too high expectations. People find what anime they think will be the seasons anime from week one and as good as I think they are I don't usually join the whole bandwagonness. I mean I liked Kill La Kill, but it's not own of my favourites if that makes sense. This season people seem to be one about the Korean MMORPG Blade and Soul, the one about aliens or something and Kagerou Days. I do usually somehow manage to watch a large amount of ongoing series reasonably well though. I get why people marathon and stuff and if I wanted to review on my app then I'd wait but I'd rather keep my way now.
- Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei [People have gone on about this one but to me I can't see why it's getting as much fuss as it is].
- Mekakucity Actors [I don't know much about Kagerou Days cept its animated by the ones who did the Montagari (sorry spelling) series so I have to be wary of head tilts and pay full attention].
- Soul Eater Not! [read what's been scanned, the style is more cutesy, tbh I just want a Soul Eater reboot].
- Akuma No Riddle [a group of female assassins and it's yuri, so some are just watching because of that].
- Atalier Escha & Logy [I own one ps2 game from this series but I felt I could give it a try but obviously expect more indepth stuff from the game left out].
- Baby Steps [I don't really like the art/style on this, but I'm still manning it out].
- Black Bullet [based on a LN, I've read what's scanned on the manga side, one I was looking forward too].
- Blade and Soul.
- Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou [Not the genres I sort out but ongoing it may be relaxing and despite generic to a degree seems enjoyable].
- Bread Blade [never seen the movies].
- Fairy Tail [I haven't finished the anime but as I read the manga I know what's going on].
- Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun [It seems kinda 'bad' if I'm honest].
- Gokukoku no Brynhildr [The alien on I was on about, though yeah. People are saying this will be or if not one of the favourites this season. I seems it's going to get darker later on, it's still a bit cute for me].
- HaiKyuu!! [Volleyball anime, I've looked forward to this for ages as I loved the manga].
- Hitsugi no Chaika [I've seen the first episode but I can't remember what happened par blowing up a monster so...].
- Knights of Sidonia [I think this is like the blue steel one with a more 3Dish look].
- Kamigami no Asboi [Collection of different Gods eg Norse, Greek etc gods, in a reverse harem, probably will piss me off like more harems do but we will see].
- No Game No Life [I've known about this since last year and I really liked the idea so I have high hopes for this one, I think many others do too, well the ones who are watching it at least].
- Selector Infected WIXOSS [Another thing cutesy I'm hoping that gets darker].

^ There's some more maybe to air at some point but these are what I've picked up this season. I honestly can't put a time frame on how long we haven't spoken for so I've probably watched and read a lot since we last spoke. Though you may or may not have seen that I've finally picked up Berserk.

Mastodynia | 04-13-14, 1:24 AM
yeah this seasons anime are very good better than last ones we had i am enjoying alot of them specially the jojo and no game no life, and yeah seems like u had a very good time now if only i can get a week off of work lol

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