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Rasti_m23 | 05-25-13, 7:16 AM
But yeah, more horrors and epicness-es await you.

Rasti_m23 | 05-24-13, 1:59 PM
That's not that much more gorier and creepier than before. did you forget when Uvogin bit off a guy's skull? That was in my opinion atleast much more disturbing. And how about when that guy was begging uvo to let him go and then he just crack his back and body?

Rasti_m23 | 05-19-13, 3:05 PM
Honestly, I liked and disliked this episode. Been watching Shingeki no Kyojin so I'm kinda used to brutal, gory scenes now, but was soooo no expecting Hunter x Hunter to go in this direction. I was a little disturbed watching this episode because the show's been kinda kiddy (not in a bad way at all) since the beginning. I've been noticing that the show has slowly increased the violence/blood but this was a huge jump in my opinion.

Since when was hxh ever 'kiddy' in the slightest. DId you forget the hundreds of deaths going on in the series or what?
Hxh is one of the most violent shounens of all time :P

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