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Serrated_Messiah | 05-15-14, 11:20 PM
Haha what a fucking asshole! I actually saw him in new orleans not too long ago [probably the same tour].Apparently it's his favorite city as he was going on and on about it like it was the fucking garden of eden or some shit..
Anyways, hope your doing alright man. Should be picking up a new ps3 here in a week or two so lets play some games bro!

Serrated_Messiah | 01-11-14, 3:44 PM
Right on man. A good game of hockey will always clear up a hangover that's for sure. Yeah I know, Im hoping to buy myself a ps3 at the end of the month since there super cheap right now. What games have you been playing lately?

Serrated_Messiah | 01-05-14, 6:27 PM
Happy new years man! Hope you had a good one !

Serrated_Messiah | 09-28-13, 9:57 AM
Hey what's up man. How you been? Sorry i vanished from psn, I gave my little brother my ps3 because I moved to New Orleans for a job. You preorder a ps4 yet? Hope everything has been alright, talk soon.

OrlahEhontas | 05-24-12, 7:51 PM
Having recieved the following "Club messaging has been disabled for now. This will likely return in the future." every time I try to message all club members. And after spending about an hour trying to find out if they even have an ETA on the return, I decided I have to do this the old fashioned way.

Time to nominate your favorite anime!

Rules are simple, nominate a single anime or second one that someone else has nominated.

You may nominate something you have nominated before, but not a previous winner.

Any finished anime series, movie, or finished OAV is eligible. Any anime series currently airing is not.

Please include a url link to the anime that you are nominating as occasionally the name is repeated, but the series are completely different (i.e. Macross).

This thread will remain open until 3 June 2012 and is located here.

Serrated_Messiah | 04-05-12, 12:18 PM
Hehe thank you for that. Everyone here is OBSESSED with him, sick of hearing about it all day. Everyone is depressed now that he got traded, good riddance is what I say. It doesn't take a football expert to tell the guy can't throw, as you said he gets credit where its not deserved. A bit like Obama..he could be one of the nicest guys and all, but if he can't do his job properly then whats the fucking point? Anyways they're testing air raid sirens out here right now, it sounds like a nuclear holocaust between the local airport and all the construction going on. Better keep an eye out for any of those damn raiders and marauders, later.

Serrated_Messiah | 03-29-12, 7:37 PM
Haha its nothing like that, I just decided to make a new psn account with one of my music projects names. No paparazzi here lol. I never seem to have the time to play though..hopefully I will be on this weekend if all goes well. Btw i dont follow football or sports in general, but what is your opinion on this tebow guy that everyone seems to be talking about? I am curious.

Serrated_Messiah | 12-28-11, 9:54 AM
Damn right. Ain't nothing better than a good hockey game. I'm going trying figure out how jerry-rig my usb headset on the ps3 here soon btw. Let's play some borderlands co-op son!

Serrated_Messiah | 12-27-11, 4:07 PM
Very nice! What more could you want right? I got a couple giftcards and some wool socks as well, wasn't fortunate enough to get any underwear though. Also going with the fam to go see a Colorado Avalanche game on the 29th, super stoked on that! Haven't been to a good hockey in what feels like forever.

Serrated_Messiah | 12-26-11, 8:13 PM
Hey merry christmas to you as well man! Hope you had a goodtime withthe fam. Naw unfortunately someone beat me to it. Doing some temporary work for the time being. You get anything cool for xmas this year? xD

Jusenkyo_Guide | 12-24-11, 9:58 AM

Tape | 12-02-11, 6:21 PM

Serrated_Messiah | 11-12-11, 7:34 PM
Haha nice! Mutant League Football kicks ass! Ive heard alot of good things about the Phantasy Star games. Makes me wanna get a master system or a power base converter so I can play the first one! I just finished Earthworm Jim, probably my new favorite game.Starting Lunar Silver Star Story for the sega cd. Should be pretty sick.

Serrated_Messiah | 11-06-11, 10:03 AM
Sounds awesome! I think i might actually pick that up here pretty soon then. Hopefully if all goes well, i'll be working over at a nearby hospital pretty soon. So i'll finally have a good amount of extra spending money to get a ton of new multiplayer games :) Hows the school treatin' ya? Still got massive homework or what?

Serrated_Messiah | 11-05-11, 8:12 PM
Sweet dude I need to get on that deal! Especially since there's a Target about 5min away from my place.Rage any good?

Serrated_Messiah | 11-05-11, 12:58 PM
Hey whats up man! Haha ive actually been trying to catch up on some older games. I got a genesis,a saturn and a sega cd not too long ago and been playing the hell out of them.How about you? Any awesome games i need to hear of that have been consuming your life lately?

Jusenkyo_Guide | 10-31-11, 8:10 AM

Antalk | 10-25-11, 8:49 PM
Chrome is in Netflix

Antalk | 10-25-11, 8:44 PM
Two recommendations for you: Chrome Shelled Regios and Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom.

Antalk | 10-25-11, 8:43 PM
I am going to get Claire's emblem tattooed on my left calf. Currently reading the manga. The manga and anime are the same up till ~vol 6 when the two split.

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