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lpf | 04-20-14, 9:15 PM
Kuiper said:
Bakemonogatari in many ways subverts the harem anime formula, notably by having the protagonist get the girl before the harem shows up. In many ways, this allows it to execute on one of the things that harem anime are built around (a male protagonist developing many 1-on-1 relationships with a large cast of female characters) while avoiding a good deal of the insufferable fake drama that tends to be the standard for the genre--contrary to her claims, Senjougahara really isn't a tsundere, at least in the sense of a prototypical harem anime female lead.

I'm not reacting in the thread as I would stray too off-topic, but I totally agree! I have the exact same thoughts about Bakemonogatari. I like the posts that you made in the club; how did you find out about it? Also feel free to visit the IRC channel if you want, it's also a good place to discuss anime, some of the time.

nil- | 02-25-14, 9:19 PM
Hello, this is regarding your application for entry into Quiet Discourse. You've been accepted! Please be acquainted with the QD: Club Outline and QD: Club Policies if you aren't already. Also be sure to check out #qd on the Rizon IRC network for chat. We're happy to have you on board, and we're looking forward to seeing you contribute to QD.

That's a lot about robots! That was a fantastic read. You even convinced me to lower my score for TSR lol.

Performancev2 | 05-27-12, 5:14 PM
Hey. (:

IllegalCyrus | 05-27-12, 11:13 AM
I do because I hate OP shit due to that leads out originality in setups. MW2 was fun as fuck, same with MW3. Capcom is shit too. Bethsheda is getting there and Ubisoft/2K are bro as fuck. /opinion on publishers.

IllegalCyrus | 05-26-12, 11:41 AM
Who are you?

BO2 can either be the best CoD game or it will be the worst. The game has potential, but looking at the leaked perk list which is usually right 90% of the time. The perks look so fucking OP. This is something that can ruin the game completely. The weapon list on the other side actually looks pretty good. Dishonored is my dream game pretty much but being steampunk instead of cyberpunk.

zefiriss | 05-16-12, 8:49 PM
hello. thx for info :). I think maybe gonna watch it.
Btw I'm also playing with steam :). my id is zefiriss.
Wow, you've played a lot of games. The only games I played is actually Football Manager.

Rethardus | 01-07-11, 2:41 PM
Well, hello there. Thanks for the invitation and the explanation, I don't like to accept random friends.

I love to discuss with people about series, I'm glad to have you as a friend.

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