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Gunbladewarrior | 04-08-11, 9:56 AM
Hello there.

Raisone | 03-07-10, 1:12 AM
Hello =D
just dropping by to say I loved your Koi Kaze review <3 and...
wondering if you read the manga :3 because you said you might..
<wants spoilers> ;w; I'm not really satisfied with the simple ending xD wanted something more dramatic..=\ suicide or mutant kids that would have made it more fun x]

Kanda | 12-24-09, 7:51 PM

Hope you have a good christmas.:)

Gunbladewarrior | 06-25-09, 4:26 AM

or this kind o cake.>.>

Hope you have a good day yo.(>'.')>

CuteAnimeCreator | 06-21-09, 5:32 AM
I Love your Profile Picture. <3
please accept me as a friend

Gunbladewarrior | 06-07-09, 2:27 PM
Took over 2 weeks to say that? RUDE!!

Gunbladewarrior | 05-19-09, 11:32 PM


Notturnos | 05-14-09, 6:28 PM
Just dropping by to note that your profile and picture are really cute x3

Saorin | 05-10-09, 3:08 PM
Gee, I love your profile so much.
and you love Tokikage.
AND you live in the UK.

Please, I need to add you!! XD I NEED!

Please! =3

Hope, you have a lovely day! ♥

timi | 04-22-09, 12:54 PM
Thanks for the welcome.

sakura_r0se | 04-08-09, 9:24 AM
Here's your ID card! Hope you like it 'cuz I couldn't really find much good pics for Haon Airen.

Talu | 03-29-09, 9:22 AM
I love your Byakuya signature :DDD
Byakuya ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Gunbladewarrior | 03-26-09, 3:06 PM

Gunbladewarrior | 03-23-09, 12:39 PM

Gunbladewarrior | 03-22-09, 6:59 PM

Gunbladewarrior | 03-22-09, 2:14 PM

Gunbladewarrior | 03-22-09, 12:44 PM

Gunbladewarrior | 03-22-09, 9:55 AM

Pixeleen | 03-15-09, 3:11 PM
And it obviously get worse with age...or maybe that's just me. *headdesk*

A time-making elf! Man, if one of those existed I'd sure run him down. I can't do half the things I want to anymore, even the fun goof-off stuff. That's just sad. Of course, if I did find more time, I'd probably just pick up more things to do... *sigh* So, any new news on the driving front?

I'm not giving up on a domestic release of Real Drive, either. I love having sci fi shows like this in English, helps me retain a lot more if I can hear it in addition to reading it (watching it twice, I mean).

I hope you are well...

misuzu-chan | 03-13-09, 10:33 AM

Hello there
sorry if u think that iam spaming
anyway if u wanna talk just replay to meh^O^

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