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Akuto | 05-11-12, 9:21 PM

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basabeo | 05-02-12, 6:14 AM
I am going to be praying for you for the Ani Blog Tourney. I seriously hope you win. FIGHTO! :3

Moonlitasteria | 04-23-12, 5:51 AM
Thanks for the friend request. Sorry it took me awhile to accept ^^;

Josh- | 04-15-12, 8:50 PM
Yes, that indeed was me! No problem, and thanks :D.

Gotta fest it up!

Josh- | 04-13-12, 7:13 PM
I hope we can both agree as Canadians that the bear is the best character in Shirokuma Cafe, haha.

I've commented on your blog a handful of times, but probably not enough for you to recall. Anyway, your blog basically got me into watching anime on a regular basis and it's been a vastly enjoyable experience so far, so thanks!

ryeden | 04-05-12, 4:35 PM
Haha likewise!

Also, I see that you like Death Cab.
I love DCFC~

JuurinKensei | 04-05-12, 1:48 PM
Yo! ^^ Nice list, and profile. ^^

ryeden | 04-04-12, 5:35 PM
77.4% anime compatibility~

basabeo | 03-21-12, 6:23 AM
Thank you for writing your blog! It's wonderful and has taught me a lot about anime! Please keep doing what you do :3

Akuto | 03-15-12, 10:20 PM

We are looking for more people to join the Union that are wanting to start a blog, just started one or is already an experienced blogger! We want to create a place for resources, a place to meet other bloggers and general conversation! :c)

Slurpentine | 02-13-12, 1:24 AM
I know! I was thanking you.

Slurpentine | 02-12-12, 2:58 PM

thanks :D

Slurpentine | 02-11-12, 2:45 PM

the only issue

how do we prove something is overrated? this has caused me great mental distresss

Slurpentine | 02-11-12, 2:17 AM
overrated things really are a bother, huh

Oveneise | 02-01-12, 9:21 PM
Kanon was absolutely outstanding!

Threepwood | 01-10-12, 7:19 AM
Hello there, thanks for accepting my friend request! Nice to meet you :)

RemnantSoul | 01-06-12, 8:29 PM
How are you doing?

RemnantSoul | 12-23-11, 8:59 PM
Just finished making cookies^-^

Haha, I like them both almost the same, sometimes I just tend to lead to one or the othe.

Um, I am not a huge anime fan so I have to really want to watch not really.

RemnantSoul | 12-23-11, 5:39 PM
How are you?

RemnantSoul | 12-23-11, 12:09 AM
Sleep well I am going to bed 2 now.
Haha, Suzaku then Lelouch followed by Lloyd and Clovis.

Gothic Metal, lot's if a song's good I like it...


Thank You so much I read it for school and well, I guess I felt it.

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